PetSmart Free Vet Visit

PetSmart is offering a free veterinary exam to new clients. This offer is valid for one pet and one owner per household, with no purchase required. The offer is valid only at Banfield Pet Hospital locations in the United States. Call 877-656-7146 to schedule your appointment or visit to find a location near you.

How much does a vet visit cost at PetSmart?

The cost of a vet visit can vary widely depending on where you live and the type of pet you have. But what are the average costs of a vet visit for a dog or cat?

An average dog or cat health check-up will cost between $50–$100. This is for an annual visit in which your vet will examine your pet from head to toe, checking everything from their teeth and ears to their heart and lungs. Annual checkups are recommended every year or every 6 months if your pet has any pre-existing health problems.

Their vaccinations will also need to be updated at this time, so make sure you factor this into the total cost. Pet vaccinations can cost anywhere between $20–$50 per vaccination, depending on the type of vaccine required. Some pets will even require semi-annual vaccinations, and these costs can quickly add up.

Takeaway: The cost of the visit will depend on the vet clinic and what services are involved. Therefore if you have a sick pet you may have to pay more. If you have an older pet you may also have to pay more due to the fact that older pets are more likely to develop health problems than younger pets.

What is the name of the vet inside PetSmart?

Banfield Pet Hospital: Veterinary Health Clinic

PetSmart is a company that offers grooming, pet supplies, and veterinary care in their stores. They have more than 1,200 locations in the United States. PetSmart offers health insurance for pets and has a network of veterinarians who can provide care for them in-store.

The veterinarians at PetSmart are employed by Banfield Pet Hospital, which is owned by Mars, Inc. and provides veterinary services in PetSmart stores around the country. Their goal is to help ensure that your pet stays healthy, so you don’t have to worry about additional medical expenses.

Is Banfield owned by PetSmart?

No, Banfield Pet Hospitals are not owned by PetSmart.

Some people have said that Banfield is owned by PetSmart, but that actually isn’t true. PetSmart does not actually own any veterinary practices. Banfield does operate as its own business entity and services several locations under the PetSmart brand, though.

How many hospitals does Banfield own?

Banfield Pet Hospital is a national chain of veterinary clinics that offers quality medical care for dogs and cats. Today, Banfield has more than 1,000 hospitals in neighborhoods across the country and Puerto Rico.

Can you walk into Banfield?

Customers can schedule an appointment online or call ahead to schedule an appointment at any of their vet clinic locations. If you need immediate assistance to help your pet, please come in right away.

PetSmart vet prices

Check the tables below to see the vet clinic prices at PetSmart.

Office visits

Vet visit Vet visit (add additional pet)
$49.95 $38.95


Vaccine Estimated prices
Bordetella $29.18
Distemper Parvo DAPP $34.11
H3N2 and H3N8 influenza $46.19
Leptospirosis $20.88
Lyme Disease $37.47
Rabies $24.24

Anesthetic procedures

Procedure package Estimated prices
Professional dental cleaning $311.95
Neuter package (over 6 months) $416.95
Neuter package (under 6 months) $357.95
Spay package (over 6 months or over 50 lbs) $503.95
Spay package (over 6 months or under 50 lbs) $439.95
Spay package (under 6 months) $381.95

End of life services

Euthanasia procedure $124.95

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