Blue Buffalo Cat Food Making Cats Sick?

Blue Buffalo pet food has been hitting the news recently and making some customers really unhappy. Some pet owners said their pets got sick after eating Blue Buffalo. The company gave several statements on why this happened. This can be confusing for pet owners who want to know if a certain brand of food could make their cats sick.

Blue Buffalo Cat Food Making Cats Sick

Does Blue Buffalo make cats sick?

Blue Buffalo Cat Food is one of the most popular brands on the market. It has many varieties like indoor and dry cat food. Many pet owners trust this brand to provide quality cat food with nutritious ingredients, but recent news exposes a serious problem. Some cats became ill after eating Blue Buffalo brand cat foods, and even died.

A cat owner says she believes Blue Buffalo cat food made her three cats sick.

Melissa Barton of Maryland said she bought Blue Buffalo cat food because she trusted the company, but within a month of feeding her cats the product, they became ill.

Another consumer wrote on “I will never give my pets this brand of food again. I will be filing a complaint with the FDA and the Better Business Bureau.”

“I am so upset. I lost my baby of 10 years last night,” wrote one cat owner on Truth about Pet Food’s Facebook page. “She was perfectly normal until she ate her dinner.”

Another wrote, “I have been feeding this food for years and have a cat die from kidney failure.”

Other complaints reported vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and lethargy in cats who ate the product. The reports come from all over the country, with many of them noting that they had fed the products to their cats for several years before they became ill.

What is wrong with Blue Buffalo cat food?

It’s not just the food being recalled because of potential mold. It’s not just the complaints on their Facebook page, or the lawsuits that claim their ingredients are mislabeled. It’s not just all the cats who got sick or died after eating it.

It seems overpriced for the quality, in my opinion.

Blue Buffalo was one of the first pet food companies to come out with a grain-free product line. The company markets itself as “better” than competitors because they use “real meat” and do not use grains, which they say cause allergies in pets.

However, recent studies have shown that grain-free diets can actually be linked to heart disease in dogs, so the fact that Blue Buffalo is grain-free may not be such a good thing after all.

Positive reviews

A large number of positive reviews from both experts and pet owners alike point to this being one of the best dry cat food options on the market today. However, there are still some negative reviews relating to poor customer service and poor quality control in regard to product recalls.

“Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is the only food my cat will eat, and she loves it. It smells good to me too, which is unusual for cat food. I have tried many brands of dry cat food, and this is the only one that has never made her throw up. She is a very healthy cat, and I attribute this to the quality of Blue Buffalo.”

“This is my happy place. I am sitting on my sofa, with the sun shining through the window. But most importantly, I am with my cat, Biscuit. He’s got a habit of giving me an absolute beating when I wake up each morning. He paws at my face, bites me, and attacks me. I love it. He’s just so full of energy and life. We feed him Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food and he loves it!”

“My cat loved this food but it seemed to make her drool excessively. I had just taken her to the vet and she was perfectly healthy, so I don’t think it was a health issue.”

“My cats have been eating Blue Buffalo for years. I switched to it when the cat food recall occurred. I have never had any problems with this food, and my cats love it! I highly recommend this product.”

“I have 3 cats, one of which has kidney disease. We have had a tough time finding the right wet food for him. Blue Buffalo Wilderness is the ONLY wet food he will eat and keep down. Other brands make him sick and not want to eat at all, but this brand is great for him! He loves it!”

“I have tried many different kinds of cat food ranging from inexpensive to expensive and every brand in between. My cats always seemed to like the food as long as they were hungry enough but they never seemed 100% satisfied with their bowls at mealtime. They would always rush over to see if there was anything better in another bowl or if someone else’s bowl smelled better than theirs. I tried Blue Buffalo and now they are happy with what they get in their own bowl – no more searching the kitchen floor and counters for something better!! They love Blue Buffalo!! Thank you so much!!”

Conclusion of Blue Buffalo for cats

Blue Buffalo is committed to providing safe, quality foods for pets and their people. We are seeing an increase in claims that our products are making pets sick, which has prompted us to do some digging.

We’re currently conducting a thorough investigation into the question of whether or not there is a link between Blue Buffalo Cat Foods and cats becoming ill. We’ve hired an independent research firm and have gathered information from over 2,000 consumers who claim their cats became ill after eating Blue Buffalo Cat Food. We’re also examining the ingredients of other cat foods on the market, including other popular brands.

In addition to the investigation, we’ve started with our product ingredients and research firm, we’re also working closely with regulatory agencies and veterinary groups such as the FDA and American Veterinary Medical Association to determine if there is any basis for these claims or possible causes for this sudden onset of illnesses in felines consuming Blue Buffalo Cat Food.

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