Is Meow Mix Safe for Cats?

Meow Mix has been around for a long time. One of the most well-recognized names in cat food, you would think that it is one product you can trust. However, there are many people that feel as though Meow Mix may be making their cat sick. In fact, if you search for Meow Mix on the internet, you will find hundreds of reviews from customers saying that their cat became ill after eating this cat food. Are these customers telling the truth? Are cats really getting sick from eating this brand? You’ll want to read our article so you can hear both sides of this controversial issue before jumping to any conclusions.

Meow Mix Killed My Cat

“A cat owner reported that her cat died after eating Meow Mix brand dry food. She reported that the veterinarian found no cause of death, but she observed that the cat had eaten Meow Mix and stopped eating it three days before he died.”

“It is with a heavy heart that I write this, but it appears that Meow Mix, the dry cat food that my parents have been feeding their cats for the last 5 years, may have killed my cat. The cause of death is not yet known. But it’s possible that the food may have killed my beloved cat.”

“I bought this for my cat because I thought it was a good deal and it had a lot of food in it. I wish I would have read the reviews first. My cat is a picky eater and she did not like this brand at all. The food looked old and stale to me too. I would not recommend buying this product if you are trying to stay on a budget or looking for quality pet food.”

Can Meow Mix put a cat to sleep?

That would be highly unlikely. The most common complaint is that it gives cats an upset stomach. But, if a cat has an allergic reaction to the ingredients in Meow Mix, it can lead to vomiting and diarrhea, causing dehydration and possibly death.

Some cats are sensitive to one ingredient or another. It could be chicken by-products, wheat gluten, or corn.

A more plausible explanation is that your cat has an upset stomach or irritable bowel syndrome. This can be caused by a number of things, including parasites and food allergies.

If you suspect your cat has an upset stomach or irritable bowel syndrome, take her to the vet right away.

Does Meow Mix make cats sick?

“I have a cat who is about 3 years old and just started eating Meow Mix Cat Food. Now she is having watery stools and throwing up. Can this really happen from Meow Mix? I am returning the food tomorrow and will not be buying it again.”

“My cat, Mooch, is 7 years old. He’s been in perfect health up until this past week. We’ve been feeding him Meow Mix for his entire life and have never had any problems with it.

Monday night we noticed he wasn’t acting like himself and was lethargic and vomiting at night. His gums were pale and his heart rate was high. We took him to the vet first thing Tuesday morning and they tested his blood and did an X-ray, but nothing showed up as wrong with him. They said he was dehydrated so they gave him fluids and sent us home with some meds for nausea and antibiotics since he had a fever.

We got him home and he seemed better for a few hours but then started throwing up again Wednesday night at 2 AM so I rushed him back to the vet where they admitted him for 24 hours of monitoring, hydration, nutrition, etc.”

Meow Mix is a popular dry cat food among cat owners. It has many different flavors, and it comes in both small and large bags. For most cats, Meow Mix is a good food to offer. However, some cats have had adverse reactions to it.

There are many factors that can contribute to a cat’s illness after eating Meow Mix, including a sensitive stomach.

The bottom line is that if your cat is having a problem with Meow Mix, you should consider switching him to another brand of cat food.

Positive reviews

“It’s a good product. I have been using it for years and will continue to use it. The price is good, the product is great, I see no reason to change.”

“I have been buying Meow Mix for about 4 years now, and my cats are still very healthy. They love all of the flavors, especially the Meow Mix Seafood Medley Dry Cat Food.”

“I decided to try Meow Mix and my cat loves it! He used to vomit on a daily basis before we switched foods. He never vomits with this food, even after eating grass or drinking water too fast! This is a great value and quality brand in my opinion!”

“I got the Meow Mix wet food for my cats today and they love it! It’s good quality cat food and a very good price. I’m definitely going to make this a regular addition to their diet.”

“My cat loves this cat food. I have been buying this for her for a long time and she never turns it down. She loves the taste. She is very picky when it comes to food. If she doesn’t like it she won’t eat it even if she is starving. This is one of the few foods that she will eat. This is one of my favorite cat foods because she likes it and I know that it’s good for her.”


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