Purina Naturals Cat Food: An In-Depth Review

When it comes to choosing the perfect diet for our feline friends, cat owners are often inundated with a plethora of options. One brand that frequently pops up in conversations and store shelves alike is Purina Naturals Cat Food. But with so many mixed reviews and information available, it’s crucial to delve deeper to understand whether this product is a worthy choice for your pet.

Key Takeaways:

  • Purina Naturals offers affordable, accessible cat food with a decent nutritional profile.
  • Potential allergens and grains are present, so it may not suit all cats.
  • Consulting with a veterinarian before switching your cat’s food is imperative.
  • Alternative brands with higher-quality ingredients are available for consideration.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Purina Naturals Cat Food, a product of Nestlé Purina PetCare, aims to offer balanced and wholesome nutrition for cats. But like any product, it has its share of supporters and detractors. In this review, we cut through the noise to provide an objective analysis.

Ingredients and Nutritional Profile


  • Real Chicken or Turkey: Serves as the primary source of protein.
  • Rice and Corn Gluten Meal: Provide carbohydrates and additional protein.
  • Natural Fiber: Aids in digestion and hairball control.

Nutritional Profile:

  • Protein: ≥32%
  • Fat: ≥13%
  • Fiber: ≤5%

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
✔️ Affordable ❌ Contains grain fillers
✔️ High protein content ❌ Potential allergens (corn, wheat)
✔️ Added vitamins and minerals ❌ May not suit all cats
✔️ Readily available ❌ Some variants have artificial flavors/colors

Price and Availability

Purina Naturals Cat Food is competitively priced and widely available in pet stores, supermarkets, and online platforms. The price may vary based on the product line and package size.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

With a plethora of reviews available online, Purina Naturals has a mixed reputation. Some cat owners swear by it, highlighting improvements in their cats’ coat and energy levels. Others express concerns about the ingredient quality and potential for allergic reactions.

Veterinarian Opinions

Veterinary opinions on Purina Naturals vary. Some appreciate its affordability and balanced nutrition, while others suggest opting for brands with higher-quality ingredients and fewer potential allergens.

Alternatives to Consider

If Purina Naturals doesn’t meet your cat’s specific needs, consider brands like Blue Buffalo, Wellness, or Hill’s Science Diet, known for their high-quality ingredients and comprehensive nutritional profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Purina Naturals Different from Other Purina Cat Food Lines?

Purina Naturals stands out in the Purina product range due to its emphasis on natural ingredients. The brand endeavors to provide a diet closer to a cat’s natural dietary needs, featuring real chicken or turkey as the primary protein source. It also includes natural fiber sources to aid in digestion and minimize hairballs.

How Does Purina Naturals Address Hairball Issues in Cats?

The inclusion of natural fibers in Purina Naturals assists in creating a smoother digestive process, helping to move hair through the cat’s digestive tract more efficiently. This can result in fewer hairballs and a more comfortable cat.

Is Purina Naturals Suitable for Cats with Sensitive Stomachs?

While Purina Naturals does include natural fibers aimed at aiding digestion, it also contains grains and potential allergens such as corn and wheat. For cats with sensitive stomachs or food allergies, these ingredients could potentially cause issues. Always consult a veterinarian if your cat has a history of dietary sensitivities.

Can Purina Naturals Support a Cat’s Overall Health and Well-being?

Purina Naturals is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, aiming to support a cat’s overall health. The high protein content supports lean muscle mass, while the addition of antioxidants promotes a healthy immune system. However, the ultimate impact on a cat’s health will depend on the individual cat’s specific needs and any potential sensitivities to the product’s ingredients.

How Does the Price of Purina Naturals Compare to Other Premium Cat Foods?

Purina Naturals is generally more affordable than many premium cat food brands. However, it is important to note that the lower price point may also reflect differences in ingredient quality and sourcing. When choosing a cat food, it’s crucial to consider both your budget and your cat’s specific nutritional needs.

Is There a Variety of Flavors and Formulas Available Within the Purina Naturals Line?

Yes, Purina Naturals offers a variety of flavors and formulas to cater to different preferences and dietary needs. This includes specific options for kittens, indoor cats, and those requiring a grain-free diet. However, it’s essential to carefully read the product labels to ensure the specific variant meets your cat’s dietary requirements.

How Transparent is Purina Regarding the Sourcing of Ingredients for Purina Naturals?

Purina provides information on their commitment to quality and safety on their official website. They also provide a customer service line for direct inquiries. However, like many large pet food manufacturers, specific details on ingredient sourcing may not be as readily available as with some smaller or more premium brands.

Are There Any Clinical Studies or Research Supporting the Benefits of Purina Naturals?

Purina conducts extensive research and has numerous veterinarians and pet nutrition experts on staff. However, as with most commercial pet foods, specific clinical studies on the benefits of Purina Naturals may not be readily available to the public. It’s advisable to discuss with a veterinarian for evidence-based recommendations tailored to your cat’s needs.

What Steps Does Purina Take to Ensure the Safety and Quality of Purina Naturals?

Purina emphasizes their commitment to quality and safety, conducting numerous checks and quality assurance tests throughout the manufacturing process. They adhere to AAFCO standards, ensuring that their products meet the minimum nutritional requirements for cats.

How Should Purina Naturals Be Transitioned Into a Cat’s Diet?

If you decide to switch to Purina Naturals, it’s crucial to do so gradually over a period of 7–10 days. Slowly mix increasing amounts of Purina Naturals with the current food each day, allowing your cat’s digestive system to adjust. Always monitor your cat for any signs of digestive upset or food sensitivities during this transition.

What is the Shelf Life of Purina Naturals Cat Food, and How Should It Be Stored?

Purina Naturals dry cat food typically has a shelf life of 12 months when stored properly in a cool, dry place. Ensure the bag is sealed tightly after each use to maintain freshness and protect it from pests. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity as these conditions can cause the food to degrade faster.

How Does Purina Naturals Support Specific Life Stages of Cats?

Purina Naturals offers formulas tailored to various life stages, including kittens, adults, and senior cats. The kitten formula provides enhanced protein and nutrient levels required for growth and development. Adult formulas aim for balanced nutrition, while senior options address the specific needs of older cats, such as joint health and maintaining lean muscle mass.

Can Purina Naturals Cat Food Be Fed to Cats with Kidney Issues?

If your cat has kidney issues, it’s vital to consult your veterinarian before choosing a diet. Purina Naturals, like many commercial diets, has a specific mineral balance that may not be suitable for cats with kidney problems. Prescription diets formulated for kidney support typically have adjusted phosphorus and sodium levels to reduce strain on the kidneys.

Does Purina Naturals Offer Wet Cat Food Options?

Purina offers a wide range of wet cat food options across its various product lines. However, as of my last training data in September 2021, Purina Naturals primarily focuses on dry cat food. If you’re interested in incorporating wet food into your cat’s diet, you might need to explore other Purina lines or brands.

How Does Purina Naturals Compare Nutritionally to Other Purina Product Lines?

Purina Naturals emphasizes natural ingredients and provides a high protein content comparable to other Purina lines. However, it might include grains and other ingredients not found in their premium or prescription lines. Each Purina product line has its unique features, targeting different health considerations and price points.

Is Purina Naturals Cat Food Involved in Any Sustainability or Ethical Practices?

Purina is committed to sustainability, and this extends to its Naturals line. They aim to responsibly source ingredients and use eco-friendly practices throughout manufacturing and distribution. However, specifics on the Naturals line’s involvement in these practices may require direct inquiry to the company.

Can Purina Naturals Cat Food Help in Weight Management for Overweight Cats?

Purina Naturals does not specifically target weight management. Overweight cats may require a specialized diet with adjusted calorie and fat content, coupled with increased activity. If weight management is a concern, it’s recommended to consult with a veterinarian for a tailored diet and exercise plan.

Are There Artificial Additives in Purina Naturals Cat Food?

Purina Naturals aims to minimize artificial additives, focusing on natural ingredients. However, as with any commercial pet food, it is crucial to read the ingredient list carefully to ensure it meets your and your cat’s preferences and requirements.

How Can I Determine the Right Portion Size of Purina Naturals for My Cat?

Portion sizes will depend on your cat’s age, weight, and activity level. Purina provides feeding guidelines on the packaging, but these are general recommendations. For a more tailored feeding plan, consult with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate portion size based on your cat’s specific needs.

What Are Common Customer Feedback and Reviews for Purina Naturals Cat Food?

Customer reviews for Purina Naturals are generally positive, with many pet owners noting improvements in coat condition and overall health. However, some customers have reported that their cats did not find the food palatable, and there are occasional concerns about ingredient quality. Always consider a range of reviews and consult with your veterinarian when choosing a cat food brand.

Can Purina Naturals Cat Food Be Purchased Online, and Are There Any Discounts Available?

Yes, Purina Naturals is widely available for purchase online through various retailers. Prices may vary, and it’s worth comparing different outlets to find the best deal. Additionally, keep an eye out for manufacturer coupons, promotions, and loyalty programs that can provide further savings.

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