Is Advantix Safe for Dogs?

Advantix is a popular flea and tick treatment. But there are a lot of stories online that scare pet owners into thinking the ingredients in Advantix are dangerous to dogs. This report goes over the safety of Advantix, what ingredients Advantix has, and if it can kill a dog.

Advantix Killed My Dog

“I purchased Advantix and applied it to my dog as directed. I noticed that he began scratching immediately, and his fur was falling out in clumps. He developed a rash (which is not listed as a side effect). The next morning, I woke up to find him dead in the backyard.”

“We had a very bad experience with Advantix. Our vet recommended it so we thought we were ok to use it. We have used Frontline in the past and had no problems with it.

Our dog started getting lethargic and not eating, which was not like her. She has always been full of energy. After a couple of days, she could barely move and still wouldn’t eat. The next day she started having seizures and we rushed her to the animal hospital where she died in my arms, just as the doctor walked into the room. My heart is broken over this.”

“I purchased Advantix for my dog from PetSmart. The instructions were followed precisely and the dosage was spot on. A few days later my dog began having seizures, which I had never experienced before with any of my dogs. The dog immediately went to a vet who indicated he had been poisoned and gave him an injection right away to counteract the effects of the poison. He also received a shot of steroids as well as prednisone pills.

The neurologist came in, examined him, and said he would be OK but they kept him overnight. For 3 weeks after that, he was unable to walk, stand or do anything for himself. I had to carry him outside to go potty, then carry him back in the house and place him where I wanted him. He could not even eat and drink without assistance or take a bone or toy he wanted to play with.

He is doing better now but still has some balance problems and his hind legs seem weak at times. He seems confused at times too like he cannot remember where things are located around the house that he has used daily all his life, such as his bed or water bowl.”

Advantix killed my dog?

Advantix is a medication for dogs that kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests. Some of the active ingredients in Advantix can be dangerous to pets if used incorrectly. In addition, some dogs are allergic or otherwise sensitive to the chemicals in Advantix, so read all of the precautions and warnings on the label before using the product on your pet.

A dog owner who lost his beloved pet to an adverse reaction to Advantix wrote on Consumer Affairs, “Our dog died after we used Advantix. He was vomiting, diarrhea, panting, shaking, and seemed confused. It happened right away.”

While Advantix does not have the same effect on dogs as it does on cats, it can still cause serious side effects in dogs. If your dog ingests this product or has prolonged skin contact with it (such as if he licks himself after application), he could be poisoned by the chemical permethrin, which is toxic to dogs when ingested or absorbed through the skin in high doses.

Dogs can be allergic to any compound that enters their bloodstream. An allergic reaction includes excessive itching of the skin, hives, or swelling of the face, lips, or tongue. If your dog experiences these symptoms after applying Advantix, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Advantix should not be used in dogs that have had a bad reaction to it in the past. It should not be used in cats or on dogs that live with cats. It is not recommended for sick, small, or underweight pets. Dogs with heart, liver, or kidney disease should not use Advantix.

There have been reports of serious adverse reactions in dogs who have had direct contact with another dog who was recently treated with Advantix. These include seizures, tremors, and other neurological symptoms. Some dogs have died as a result of these reactions. Since these incidents usually happen within 2 hours of exposure to another dog who was recently treated with Advantix, Bayer recommends not letting your dog play with or sleep near other dogs for 48 hours after treatment.

What are the side effects of Advantix for dogs?

The most common side effects of Advantix for dogs include:

  • skin irritation
  • hair loss
  • itching
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • excessive drooling
  • lethargy

To minimize these side effects, avoid contact between the product and your dog’s eyes or mouth. You should also wash your hands immediately after applying Advantix to your dog.

In rare cases, Advantix may cause an allergic reaction in dogs. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include hives and difficulty breathing. If your dog has a severe allergic reaction following the application of Advantix, call your vet immediately.

Do not use Advantix on cats or other animals. It can be fatal if eaten by cats or used on them topically.

How do I remove Advantix from my dog?

The vet will advise you to use a gentle dish detergent to remove the Advantix from the pet’s skin. Apply the dish detergent directly to the dog’s skin, and use a soft washcloth and water to wash it off. This will help prevent further irritation. You should keep rinsing your dog with water until all of the Advantix has been washed away. As you are doing this, make sure that you do not scrub or agitate the skin too much as this can cause further irritation.

You may find that you have removed most of the product but there is still some residue left on your dog’s fur. If this is the case, then you will need to shave your dog again so that all of the residues can be removed.

Advantix reviews from dog owners

Advantix reviewers say this is the best product for dog owners who are looking for a strong flea, tick, and mosquito treatment. This product is available in different packages depending on your dog’s weight.

Some reviewers say Advantix for dogs is a highly effective flea and tick repellant that works even in rainy weather. Many owners note that the product repels ticks and fleas almost immediately after application. Some reviewers report that the treatment discourages mosquitoes from biting or landing on their dogs for approximately a week after application.

One reviewer notes that Advantix for dogs has helped her dog avoid heartworm disease, even though she lives in an area where it is endemic. Other reviewers report that the repellent has helped their dogs avoid Lyme disease as well.

Some reviewers caution that applying Advantix to cats can be fatal, so care should be taken not to apply it to pets other than those listed on the package. Reviewers also warn not to apply it to puppies under 7 weeks old because of its toxicity to young animals.

Advantix reviewers say it is easy to apply to dogs by squeezing it along their backs between the shoulder blades. The liquid forms a protective barrier on your dog’s skin that lasts up to 30 days with one application.

“It works great, no side effects! I use it once a month on my dogs and they don’t seem to mind it at all.”

“I have a 6-year-old dog that has had Advantix since she was a puppy. I have never seen any fleas on her and I have never seen any ticks on her even though we live in the woods in a farming community where ticks and fleas are definitely prevalent. I love this product and will use it forever.”

“I have been using Advantix for a couple of years now, it is the best for my dogs. I use it once a month, it kills fleas, ticks & mosquitoes. My dogs are outside a lot because we live in the country & we have lots of woods where there are a lot of ticks. I would recommend this product to anyone who has problems with ticks or fleas.”

Conclusion of Advantix for dogs

Advantix is safe for dogs over seven weeks old. It’s only intended for use on canines and shouldn’t be used on cats. Small dogs should be given a lower dose of Advantix as recommended by their veterinarians.

Advantix is a good product if used properly. However, it can be dangerous and even deadly if used on the wrong pet. Always read the label carefully and follow the application instructions. If your pet is extra sensitive to any of the ingredients in this product, consult your veterinarian before use.

Advantix is waterproof after 24 hours, which means your dog can get wet after that time without compromising the efficacy of the medication.

Overall, Advantix for dogs is a very effective, easy-to-use product that can be used on a monthly basis. The topical application is convenient, and most dogs do not have an issue with it. It works great to repel fleas and ticks and will kill them if they are able to attach themselves to your dog.

If you live in an area where fleas and ticks are common, this may be the best product for you. This product is available at most pet stores or online at a reasonable price.

If you are still not sure about Advantix and want to know more about this product, consult your veterinarian for more information.

Dog nearly dies after flea treatment
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  1. It killed our 2-year-old boy, Leo. Healthy and young Catahoula leopard dog. He had fleas so my husband ordered Advantix from Amazon. We gave it to him last Tuesday. By Thursday night he was shaking and had a fever. Brought him to the vet and spent $600 we can’t afford to have tests done. They said if he were allergic to the Advantix it would have shown up immediately. Apparently not true at all. They sent him home with anti-fever meds and antibiotics. He progressively got worse. Within 2 days he was pacing and drooling and itching constantly. Called the vet again and they recommended Benadryl. Useless. The next day he died of a massive seizure in my husband’s arms. This drug needs to be made illegal. We lost our precious Leo needlessly! He was the light in our lives and we deeply miss him.

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