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As a pet parent, maintaining your furry friend’s dental hygiene is as important as their regular health check-ups and a balanced diet. Enter the world of dental chews – treats designed not just to satisfy your canine’s chewing instinct, but also to aid in plaque and tartar control. Among the many options available, Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews have taken center stage, especially for frequent Costco shoppers.

The Importance of Dental Chews

Dental chews provide multiple benefits for your dog’s oral health. Beyond just freshening their breath, they can help control plaque, reduce tartar build-up, and stimulate gums for overall oral health. Regular use of dental chews can significantly contribute to your pet’s oral hygiene routine.

Understanding Greenies

Greenies, a well-known brand in the pet world, offers dental chews designed in a toothbrush-like shape to help clean teeth and gums effectively. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, they offer more than just a dental benefit. However, they are premium-priced, which may not be accessible for all pet parents.

Kirkland Dental Chews: The Costco Alternative

Costco’s own brand, Kirkland, offers dental chews that are often compared to Greenies due to their similar design and purpose. They are cost-effective and generally well-received by dogs. While they may not contain the same level of vitamins and minerals as Greenies, they do a commendable job of maintaining your dog’s oral health.

Comparing Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews

Both Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews are effective for maintaining oral hygiene. However, Greenies tend to contain more enriching ingredients, which could offer additional health benefits. On the other hand, Kirkland Dental Chews are more budget-friendly, making them a popular choice among cost-conscious pet parents.

Key Considerations for Choosing Dental Chews

The choice between Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews, or any dental chew for that matter, should ideally depend on your pet’s specific needs. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Dietary Restrictions: Check the ingredients to ensure they do not include anything that your dog is allergic to.
  • Size of the Chew: Dental chews come in various sizes. Pick the one that’s right for your dog’s breed and size.
  • Palatability: Some dogs may prefer the taste of one brand over another. It’s often a case of trial and error.
  • Budget: The cost can be a significant factor. Greenies tend to be more expensive, while Kirkland provides a budget-friendly alternative.

The Final Word

Whether you choose Greenies or Kirkland Dental Chews, the end goal should be maintaining your dog’s oral hygiene. As with any pet product, remember to introduce new items gradually and monitor your pet for any adverse reactions. While dental chews are a great addition to oral health routines, they do not replace the need for regular vet check-ups.


Q1: What Ingredients are in Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews?

Greenies dental chews contain natural ingredients like gelatin and wheat flour. They’re also fortified with vitamins and minerals such as niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine, which support overall dog health.

Kirkland Dental Chews, on the other hand, use potato flour as their primary ingredient, with gelatin, glycerin, and natural poultry flavor. These ingredients contribute to the chew’s hardness, helping scrape off plaque and tartar.

Q2: How Often Should I Give My Dog Dental Chews?

Dental chews are not meant to replace meals; they’re a supplement to regular dog food. One chew per day is generally recommended, but you should always consult your vet, as individual needs may vary depending on your dog’s size, weight, and overall health.

Q3: Can Dental Chews Replace Brushing My Dog’s Teeth?

While dental chews can help in plaque control and freshening breath, they are not a substitute for brushing your dog’s teeth. Regular brushing with canine-safe toothpaste is still the most effective way to maintain good oral hygiene. Consider dental chews as a supplement to your pet’s dental routine.

Q4: Are Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews Safe for All Dogs?

Both Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews are generally safe for all dogs, but it’s essential to choose the correct size based on your pet’s weight and eating habits. However, dogs with certain health conditions or allergies might need specific types of chews. Always consult with your vet before introducing any new dental chews.

Q5: Have There Been Any Recalls on Greenies or Kirkland Dental Chews?

There haven’t been any recalls on either Greenies or Kirkland Dental Chews. However, pet parents should always keep themselves updated by regularly checking the FDA’s pet food recall website or subscribing to recall alerts.

Q6: Are Kirkland Dental Chews Vet-Approved?

While I cannot definitively confirm whether Kirkland Dental Chews are vet-approved, it’s crucial to understand that “vet-approved” does not necessarily guarantee a product is suitable for every dog. Always consult your own veterinarian when introducing a new product into your pet’s routine.

Q7: Can My Puppy Chew on Greenies or Kirkland Dental Chews?

Both Greenies and Kirkland offer dental chews specifically designed for puppies. However, it’s important to wait until your puppy has all their adult teeth (around six months) before introducing dental chews. Always choose the appropriate size and hardness for your puppy’s breed and size.

Q8: How Do Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews Help with Bad Breath?

Both Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews are designed to promote fresh breath in dogs. Their unique textures help to reduce plaque and tartar buildup, which can lead to bad breath. However, persistent bad breath could be a sign of other health issues, and it’s recommended to consult a veterinarian if your dog’s breath does not improve with regular use of dental chews.

Q9: Can Greenies or Kirkland Dental Chews Cause Digestive Issues?

Typically, both Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews are made to be easily digestible. However, every dog is unique, and some may experience digestive issues when first introduced to a new type of chew. If your pet shows signs of gastrointestinal distress after consuming these chews, stop feeding them and consult with your vet immediately.

Q10: Are there Specific Age Requirements for Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews?

Generally, it’s recommended to wait until a dog is at least six months old before introducing dental chews. Both Greenies and Kirkland offer products that cater to different age groups and sizes to ensure safety and effectiveness. Always follow the age and weight guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Q11: Can Dental Chews be a Choking Hazard?

Any chewable item can pose a choking risk if not appropriately monitored. Therefore, always supervise your dog while they enjoy their dental chews, regardless of the brand. If the chew becomes small enough to swallow whole, it’s best to take it away and dispose of it.

Q12: How Long Do Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews Last Once Opened?

Both products come in resealable packaging to maintain freshness. However, it’s recommended to use them within 30 days of opening to ensure they stay fresh and effective. Store them in a cool, dry place, and ensure the bag is properly sealed after each use.

Q13: Are there any Allergen Concerns with Greenies or Kirkland Dental Chews?

Both Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews may contain potential allergens. For instance, Greenies contain wheat, and Kirkland Dental Chews contain chicken, which some dogs may be allergic to. If your pet has known food allergies, always check the ingredient list before introducing a new product.

Q14: How Do I Introduce Dental Chews to My Dog’s Diet?

To introduce dental chews, start by giving your pet a small portion and gradually increase until you’re feeding the recommended amount. Always monitor your dog while they’re eating dental chews to ensure they’re chewing adequately and not trying to swallow large pieces whole.

Q15: Can I Give My Dog Dental Chews if They Have Sensitive Teeth?

If your dog has sensitive teeth, consult your vet before introducing dental chews. They can suggest suitable products or alternatives based on your pet’s dental health.

Q16: Are Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews Sustainable or Eco-friendly?

Both brands are committed to sustainability. Greenies’ packaging is recyclable, and they’ve implemented eco-friendly practices in their manufacturing process. Kirkland is part of the Costco brand, which has various sustainability initiatives in place. However, for specific product-level sustainability information, it’s best to contact the brands directly.

Q17: Can I Use Dental Chews if My Dog is on a Special Diet?

If your dog is on a special diet, consult your vet before introducing any new food items, including dental chews. Your vet can provide guidance based on your pet’s unique nutritional needs and health status.

Q18: What is the Caloric Content of Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews?

The caloric content can vary depending on the size and type of dental chew. Always check the packaging for specific nutritional information, and consider these values when determining your pet’s daily caloric intake.

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