What Treats Can I Give My 8 Week Old Puppy?

As a new puppy owner, one of the most exciting things to do is to treat your furry friend. Treats can be used to train your puppy, to reward good behavior, or just to show them some extra love and affection. However, it’s important to remember that not all treats are created equal, and some may not be appropriate for an 8-week-old puppy. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the best treats you can give your 8-week-old puppy, based on research and studies.

Soft, Chewy Treats

At 8 weeks old, your puppy’s teeth are still developing, so it’s best to stick with soft and chewy treats. These types of treats are easy to chew and can be quickly broken down in their mouths. Some great options include:

  • Soft, chewy dog biscuits
  • Freeze-dried chicken or liver
  • Soft, chewy jerky treats
  • Small pieces of cooked chicken or turkey

Training Treats

Training treats are a great way to reward your puppy for good behavior and to encourage them to learn new commands. These treats should be small, easy to chew, and highly palatable. Some good options include:

  • Small, soft dog biscuits
  • Small pieces of cooked chicken or turkey
  • Freeze-dried liver or chicken
  • Small pieces of cheese or yogurt

Homemade Treats

Homemade treats can be a great way to show your puppy some extra love and affection. These treats can be made with ingredients that you have on hand, and they’re often healthier than store-bought treats. Some great options include:

  • Small pieces of cooked chicken or turkey
  • Small pieces of cheese or yogurt
  • Small pieces of fruit or vegetables
  • Small pieces of cooked fish

Treat-Dispensing Toys

Treat dispensing toys are a great way to keep your puppy entertained and mentally stimulated. These toys can be filled with treats, and your puppy will have to work to get the treats out. Some great options include:

  • Kong toys
  • Busy Buddy toys
  • Tug-a-Jug toys
  • Treat-dispensing balls

Limited Ingredient Treats

If your puppy has any food allergies or sensitivities, it’s important to stick with limited ingredient treats. These treats are made with a single protein source and are often free of common allergens like wheat, corn, and soy. Some great options include:

  • Single-ingredient treats like chicken or lamb
  • Treats made with limited ingredients, like duck or fish
  • Treats made with novel proteins, like kangaroo or bison

When it comes to treating your 8-week-old puppy, it’s important to stick with treats that are soft, chewy, and easy to chew. Training treats, homemade treats, treat dispensing toys, and limited ingredient treats are all great options. However, it’s important to remember that treats should only make up 10% or less of your puppy’s diet. Be sure to speak to your veterinarian before introducing any new treats or foods to your puppy’s diet.


Hannah Elizabeth is an English animal behavior author, having written for several online publications. With a degree in Animal Behaviour and over a decade of practical animal husbandry experience, Hannah's articles cover everything from pet care to wildlife conservation. When she isn't creating content for blog posts, Hannah enjoys long walks with her Rottweiler cross Senna, reading fantasy novels and breeding aquarium shrimp.

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