Acepromazine Overdose in Dogs

Dogs can get very anxious when they’re at the vet. They can also be very nervous in new and unfamiliar situations. As veterinary professionals, we use acepromazine to help treat certain types of dog anxiety or behaviors like restlessness and barking. So the question is, can a dog overdose on acepromazine?

Acepromazine dog overdose

It would be very difficult to overdose a dog on acepromazine because of its relatively low toxicity. However, it is possible that an overdose could cause minor side effects such as slow breathing rate, low blood pressure and heart rate. If you think your dog has overdosed on acepromazine or any other drug contact your veterinarian immediately or go to the nearest emergency vet clinic.

How much acepromazine is too much for a dog?

The most commonly reported sign of acepromazine overdose is ataxia (incoordination) followed by weakness and lethargy. Other signs include hypotension, bradycardia (slow heart rate), and hypothermia (low body temperature).

The occurrence of acute overdose with acepromazine seems rare, but there are reports in the medical literature of dogs receiving up to 100 mg/lb (220 mg/kg) without severe toxicity or death.

How long does it take for acepromazine to wear off in dogs?

It can take up to 8 hours for acepromazine to wear off after it has been administered. Always consult your veterinarian before giving this sedative to your dog or cat.

Is acepromazine safe for dogs?

Acepromazine, or Ace, is a veterinary sedative and tranquilizer used on pets to help them relax. Ace has been the leading sedative choice for decades because it acts quickly and effectively.

Like all medications, acepromazine should be given as prescribed by your veterinarian. When given at the proper dosage, Acepromazine is relatively safe for use on dogs. However, there are some potential side effects to watch out for, including possible allergic reactions or behavioral changes in your pet.

What will acepromazine do to my dog?

Acepromazine is a type of tranquilizer. It causes central nervous system depression, which works on the part of the brain that controls behavior. This results in a decrease in anxiety, and a drop in blood pressure and heart rate, typically within 30 minutes of dosing.

Acepromazine is given to dogs and cats to reduce fear, anxiety, or aggression. It may be used as a sedative before surgery or grooming or when an animal is overly excitable. It may also be used to treat travel sickness in pets, although it is not recommended for this use by all veterinarians. The use of acepromazine should always be discussed with your vet prior to administering the drug to your dog.

Can you euthanize a dog with acepromazine?

Dogs are often given this drug when they are being put down by veterinarians because it makes them less likely to feel pain and more likely to go unconscious quickly.


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