Is It Safe to Put Baby Powder on My Dog?

Believe it or not, baby powder isn’t just useful for babies. You may have heard stories about people using baby powder on dogs. So now, you’re wondering, “Can I put baby powder on my dog?” Well, let’s see.

Is baby powder safe for dogs?

Most baby powders are 100% safe for dogs. The only exception is talcum-based powders. Talcum, or talc, is highly toxic for dogs, so make sure that you are not using a talc-based product.

Secondly, don’t let your dog breathe in or swallow the powder. Use it in an open or well-ventilated area, to avoid accidentally breathing it in. While it is perfectly safe to use on skin, it isn’t so great if it gets ingested.

In humans, baby powder is often used to ease itchiness and rashes. And for dogs, it can be used for the same purpose! Using baby powder on dogs is a great way to relieve scratching and rashes.

If your dog has a rash or other area they keep scratching at, you may want to get them checked out by a vet. It could be a sign of an underlying health problem. And your vet may prescribe specific medicine to treat it.

However, it might not be a medical problem, or your dog can’t use the medicine either because they are allergic, or they’re too young. In this case, baby powder can really help with the issue! Simply sprinkle some onto a towel, and then wipe the affected area on your dog. It will eliminate the itching so that your dog doesn’t keep scratching and making it worse.

Secondly, baby powder has another great use: treating fleas. If your dog has fleas, it can be dangerous and makes them itch a lot. Again, you may want to see a vet. But some dogs, either because of age or allergies, can’t use topical flea medication such as K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Prevention.

Baby powder works for fleas in two ways. First, it smothers the fleas. This means they die naturally, without the need for any poisons. Then, it relieves your dog’s itching, so they don’t have to scratch as often! It’s basically a two-in-one for dogs.

But there is one more thing baby powder can be good for. Giving dogs baths can be a tough scenario. Many dogs may not like the bath and will fight it. So if you want to freshen up your dog in between baths, you can use baby powder.

Again, simply put the powder on a towel and wipe them down. This will help freshen them up and keep them smelling better until their next bath.

Not only is baby powder safe for dogs, but it’s actually very useful in many situations! Just remember, don’t let them ingest it or breathe it in. And whatever you do, avoid talc-based powders!

FAQs on baby powder and dogs

Baby powder is commonly used to soothe dry or irritated skin, to prevent fleas and to freshen a dog’s coat.

Is talc powder safe for dogs?

Talcum-based baby powder should not be used, as talcum is toxic to dogs and is a known carcinogen. If inhaled, it can cause respiratory issues and if ingested, it can cause digestive distress.

Choose a baby powder that has corn-starch or arrowroot as the main ingredient and does not contain talcum.

Can you put baby powder on the dog hot spot?

No, this is not a good idea as the skin is already irritated. Adding baby powder will cause the skin to dry out further and make the itchiness worse. For skin irritation, a topical cream is much better.

Can I put baby powder on my dog to make him smell better?

Scented baby powder can cause skin irritation, so choose a scent-free powder. This should only be used sparingly to alleviate bad odor. Dogs have natural oils in their skin that keep their skin and coat healthy.

Baby powder can dry out the skin and cause more problems than it solves. Never use it just after a bath, as the water has already washed away most of those important oils and the powder will further dry out the skin.

Can I put baby powder on my dog’s paws?

If your dog has an infection or a rash due to hot weather, a small amount of baby powder between the toes can help. You must keep a close eye on your dog, as they are likely to lick the powder off. This can cause vomiting and diarrhea. If you notice your dog trying to lick the powder of his paws, rinse them off with lukewarm water.

Can you put baby powder on a dog to stop itching?

If your dog is itching due to fleas, baby powder can be helpful. Sprinkle a small amount onto your dog’s coat and work it in with your fingers. Apply less than you think you need. If you can still see white flecks of powder then you have applied too much.

Is baby powder good for dogs with skin allergies?

No, if your dog has skin allergies you should avoid using baby, as it will strip any remaining oils from the skin and make the irritation worse.

If a dog scratches too much, it can break the skin, causing bleeding and infection. A topical cream or spray medication is best for dogs with skin allergies.


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