3 Dog Running Wheels: Is a Dog Treadmill Worth It?

A dog running wheel, also known as a dog treadmill, is a device designed to provide exercise for dogs while allowing them to run freely indoors. It offers many benefits over running the traditional way.

Dog running wheel

Dog running wheel

These wheels are the best on the market and you should be able to find one that is right for your dog.

1. DogTread Canine Treadmill

First on our list is the DogTread Canine Treadmill which is available in three sizes. The Small DogTread is suitable for up to 30lbs/14kg and is priced at £499. The Medium DogTread is suitable for breeds that weigh up to 55lbs/25kg and comes in at £699. Finally, the Large DogTread is suitable for most dog breeds, with a maximum weight limit of 150lbs/68kg, with a price tag of £899.

All three options are built with a low-profile running platform which makes getting on and off safe and easy for your dog. DogTread uses whisper-quiet motors to power their treadmills so you don’t need to worry about disturbing your neighbors. You also get a remote control for even more control over your dog’s treading experience.

The digital display on the front of the treadmill makes it simple for you to monitor the speed and it also has a simple control panel for the speed and incline.

2. Gravitis Pet Supplies Treadmill

The second of our top picks is Gravitis Pet Supplies electric treadmill for both dogs and humans. It is the world’s first to be designed for dual-use and can be converted from human use to canine use in under 3 minutes. The maximum weight limit is 220lbs/100kg with a speed range up to 8km/h.

With its flat-pack design, the Gravitis treadmill is easy to store away until you need it. The treadmill comes with canvas side guards to prevent your dog from falling or jumping off, a guard rail at the front and handrails for human use.

The mains powered digital display has 3 screens so you can see the number of steps taken, time, speed and distance. Gravitis also provide a remote control for starting or stopping the treadmill and controlling the speed.

At £580 the Gravitis Treadmill is not the cheapest but it has the biggest maximum weight limit.

3. GoPet Treadwheel

To finish our top picks we have the GoPet Treadwheel. The biggest benefit of the treadwheel over the traditional electric treadmill is that it is powered by the dog, so you do not need to plug it in.

The GoPet treadwheel features a cushioned, matted surface to protect your dog’s paw pads and comes with a training door. You can leave the treadwheel open so your dog can use it anytime he wants, but the training door is great for preventing your dog from jumping out or falling if he runs too fast.

The GoPet Treadwheel also comes with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind. The maximum weight limit is 150lbs/68kg so it is mid-range for our list, but it carries the biggest price tag at £1200. There are smaller and less expensive versions for medium and small breeds.

Are dog wheels worth it?

You might think that buying a doggy treadmill is for people who can’t be bothered to walk their dog, but they are incredibly handy for a variety of reasons.

  • You do not have the yard space to give your dog the exercise he needs
  • Great for owners with disabilities or injuries
  • Your dog can run at their own pace in a controlled environment
  • Perfect for exercise when the weather prevents outdoor walks
  • Your dog can exercise whenever they want throughout the day

Whether you choose the traditional electric powered treadmill or the dog powered treadwheel, you can exercise your dog at home, at any time for as long as they want to run. Treadmills and wheels are perfect for owners who have physical disabilities or have suffered a recent injury.

Treadmills and wheels are perfect for overweight dogs who need steady, controlled exercise. As they lose weight, you can easily increase the speed and duration that they use the equipment for. Being able to control the speed means you prevent any joint problems from developing, especially for puppies and large breed dogs.

Key features to look for when buying a dog running wheel

When choosing a dog treadmill or dog wheel there are a few key features that you need to look for to ensure the equipment is suitable for your dog.

  1. Check the maximum weight limit as some models are designed for small breeds.
  2. Measure the space you intend to keep the equipment to be sure it will fit.
  3. Go for a treadmill or wheel with a low base to prevent the risk of your dog falling off.
  4. Choose quiet motor treadmills to prevent noise disturbance in your home.
  5. The tread material should have a grip surface to prevent your dog from slipping.

Always look for customer reviews before purchasing and check the refund and returns policy of the company just in case you have any issues with your equipment.

Dog Treadmills Help Keep Pups Fit
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