Freshpet Killed My Dog?

Some Freshpet customers are saying that their dogs became sick after eating Freshpet. Is Freshpet making dogs sick? With reviews popping up all over the internet, both positive and negative. While they have a lot of glowing reviews, you won’t find anything on their website that talks about Freshpet complaints. That’s why we decided to dig into it for our readers.

Freshpet killed my dog

The dog owners who have used this product have given it generally positive scores overall. Some people have been pleased with the price, saying that Freshpet is cheaper than other premium brands. A few reviewers were unhappy with the texture of the kibble and how easily it was torn apart, but others said it was soft and easy to chew. Most people were pleased with the ingredients, particularly that there wasn’t any corn or wheat as a filler.

Overall, Freshpet reviews range from negative to positive, but most pet owners seem happy with this alternative to traditional brands of kibble.

Is there a recall on Freshpet?

Freshpet advertises itself as the freshest food on your pet’s plate. But did you know, one of Freshpet’s products was recalled earlier this year? Freshpet was issuing a voluntary recall of some dog food products due to potential salmonella contamination.

Can Freshpet kill a dog?

This is a tough subject to talk about, but some pet owners have lost dogs from Freshpet.

“When our dog, Rosie, got sick, I thought it was the flu. But when she died in just three days of being sick, I knew something was wrong. We buried Rosie and worried about replacing her. That’s when my wife read online about a couple of Freshpet reviews where owners reported their dog’s health declining after eating Freshpet.”

“I’ve never had a problem with my dog until I got a Freshpet food. The first time I fed him this food, I became worried because he was vomiting it out of his mouth. I started reading the reviews and some of them said the same thing happened to their dogs too. The vet did some tests on him and found that he had an ulcer in his stomach as well as pancreatitis, so I tried changing his diet back to the original kibble. But the next time he ate Freshpet, he vomited again, so I discontinued giving him any. The vet says that it could be because of the severity of his pancreatitis, but I don’t know if that is true now because Freshpet’s food may have affected him in a bad way.”

“Freshpet dog food claims to be all-natural, healthy and wholesome for your dog. But that’s not true. The company has had many complaints from customers who say their dogs got sick and even died after feeding them Freshpet dog food. I lost my dog because of Freshpet dog food after she developed kidney failure and subsequently died within two years of eating the dog food regularly.”

Positive reviews

“I’ve fed my dogs Freshpet for years and have always been happy with the product. My dogs are healthy and I like supporting a company that cares about the health of pets. I recommend this food to all dog owners and will continue to purchase Freshpet dog food for my dogs.”

“Fresh pet food is great. My pet loves it and enjoys it in her dish every day. I often get comments about how nice and shiny her coat is, and I know that FreshPet food has a lot to do with it.”

“I have a 10-year-old Black Lab named Bobby and the vet recommended changing his diet to a grain-free diet due to some digestive problems he was having. I started looking at the ingredient list of pet foods, and they were all filled with corn, wheat, etc. I found Freshpet as an alternative to this and was not disappointed. He loves the food and has been healthy since we switched to Freshpet! Great product!”

“I am so impressed with this dog food. I have been buying it for a couple of months now and my dog is doing so much better! She has a sensitive stomach and when I switched her to this brand, she seemed to have better digestion. The only drawback is that it is pretty expensive. I will continue to buy this brand and hopefully, you’ll see an improvement in the way my dog looks in the next month or two!”

“My little girl is healthy and happy, I feel very good about feeding her this food. I would highly recommend this food to anyone who cares about their pet’s health.”

“I have used Freshpet a few times now, and my dogs absolutely love it. They are always excited when it’s feeding time, which makes me feel good that they are getting some sort of pleasure out of eating it as they seem to be enjoying it so much!”

Can Freshpet be frozen?

Freshpet recommends that you serve their food fresh from the fridge for the best results. However, if there are any unused portions you may choose to freeze them for later use. You can expect some loss of quality when freezing Freshpet products, and it’s recommended that your dog eat them within 7 days.


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