Good n Fun Dog Treats Review and Complaint: Are Good n Fun Treats Safe for Dogs?

There are many dog treats out there, but not all of them are good. The ones that claim to be good don’t live up to their claims and the ones that aren’t good can cause your dog a lot of trouble.

Good n Fun Dog Treats Reviews

Good N Fun dog treats reviews

Good N Fun Dog Treats is a premium line of treats for dogs. There are a wide variety of flavors and sizes available. The cute packaging and fun name are bound to catch your attention.

Treats are a great way to reward your dog or to teach them new tricks. These treats are great because they are completely natural and healthy for your dogs. They contain no fillers or preservatives, which is important since we want our pets to eat nutritious foods that will help keep them thriving.

The best part about it is that your dog gets to enjoy the same wholesome, all-natural goodness – and you can rest assured that this dog treat is as pure, safe and healthy as the ingredients you feed him every day. That’s because Good n Fun treats are made in the USA with USDA quality meat, chicken, and fish, plus certified organic fruits, veggies, and botanicals.

Tasting good isn’t everything. These healthy dog treats also provide 100% of your pet’s daily nutrition requirements in every tasty morsel. Because they’re grain-free and have no artificial colors or preservatives, they’re a guilt-free indulgence for both of you.

All you have to do is order a bag today! Just don’t be surprised if your dog loves them!

Good n Fun dog treats reviews are mostly positive. Reviewers at the online pet supply retailer Amazon give Good N Fun Dog Treats 4.5 out of 5 stars based on more than 30,000 reviews.

Pet owners say that Good n Fun dog treats do not leave an unpleasant odor or residue on the floor or furniture. Many say they make great training treats and note that the treats smell like real meat when they open the bag.

“These treats are always a hit with my dogs! They’re not terribly expensive and come in a variety of flavors. I’ve tried several flavors and all of them have been tasty and healthy, so I’d recommend trying them out!”

“I’ve been feeding my dog the Good ‘n Fun Treats for two years. I have a pug who was very difficult to housebreak. She’s still not perfect, but I give her one of these treats every day after she goes outside, and it helps remind her that it is a good thing to go outside when I tell her. When Roxy comes inside from the backyard, she gets a handful of these treats as a reward for doing what she’s supposed to do. I don’t just give them to her for no reason, though. The treats are small enough that I can use them as rewards for the behaviors that I want. Roxy likes them well enough that she sits by me and stares at me to get more when she’s finished eating one. Every now and then she’ll pick one up and carry it around in her mouth with the look that says she’s proud of herself for stealing a treat.”

“When I buy my dog treats, the first thing I do is read the ingredients on the packages. These days, it’s hard to tell which companies are using quality ingredients when they make their dog treats. That’s why I chose to buy good n fun dog treats instead. When you look at the ingredients in good n fun dog treats, you’ll see that they’re all-natural. There are no chemicals or preservatives in them, which means that they aren’t going to give your dog a stomachache or make him feel ill. These treats are made from natural ingredients like apples and carrots, and that’s what makes them so great for your puppy.”

“My dog loves these treats and they are affordable. I buy them all the time. They are small in size and a good snack for training my dog. The ingredients are natural and my dog loves them. They are crunchy but not hard and my dog always gets excited when I give him one!”

“These treats are very healthy and good for your dog. I look forward to giving them to my dog every day. The treats are not expensive and there is a lot in the bag. I love the cute packaging and my dog loves them too! I would recommend these treats to any dog owner out there. They are a great treat that you can feel good about giving your dog!”

Good n Fun Complaints

“I had no idea they changed the recipe and they are not nearly as good. My dog won’t touch them anymore. I’m very disappointed in the change.”

“I have been a long-time buyer of these treats. I buy them at Sams and also at our local Petco. They were always my dog’s favorite treats. The last two bags I bought had to be thrown out because they were moldy when we opened the bag. We didn’t even give them to our dogs but threw them out immediately.”

“In the past, we loved these treats and bought lots of them! But this most recent batch is so hard I can’t even break it up with my hands, let alone my teeth. It’s almost like a rock. We are trying to soften it in hot water, but have been unsuccessful. We will not be buying this product again unless we see some changes for the better!”

“They have changed the formula! The treats are now a lot smaller and don’t smell as good. I bought these for my puppy and he wouldn’t even eat them! I will not buy them again if they do not go back to their original formula.”

“I have been buying these treats for years and they were great. Recently, I received a bag and the smell was horrible, the pieces were falling apart and they didn’t taste right. As soon as I opened the package, my dogs turned their noses up at them. I won’t be buying these again. So disappointed!!!”

Is there a recall on Good N Fun Dog Treats?

Treats were reportedly recalled in 2017 due to a potentially poisonous additive that was found in the product. A consumer reported that a dog became ill after eating Good ‘N’ Fun Dog Treats. The dog was treated by a veterinarian and survived.

The FDA has received several reports of dogs becoming ill after eating the treats, including one dog that died after eating Good ‘N’ Fun Dog Treats. The products have also reportedly been linked to several other dog illnesses and deaths.

One consumer reported finding a green plastic strip in her pet’s mouth after she fed him one of the treats. Another consumer said her dog became ill after eating at least three of the treats.

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  1. I have been unhappy with the amount of chicken that is on the rawhide good and fun triple flavor wings. Literally, the chicken has been the size of a large grape. For the amount of money, I’m paying for the snacks the chicken should be larger. Sometimes I get them large and sometimes I get them minute. I’m just very unhappy with them.

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