Mammoth Dog Bed Reviews

One thing to know is that not all dog beds are created equal. Dog beds range in price, size, and comfort level. Some are built with orthopedic support, while others offer cooling functionality. If you want your dog to sleep in ultimate luxury, you’ll want to invest in a high-end product that will give him or her the support needed for a pain-free night of rest.

Large and extra large dog beds

The Mammoth dog bed is a big dog bed that comes in a variety of colors. The Mammoth Dog Bed comes with a waterproof base that is washable, which makes it easy to clean if your dog has accidents. The cedar shavings used in the bed are also natural and environmentally friendly and can be replaced as needed at a low cost.

It is also available in four sizes so you can get the exact size you need. This gives your dog plenty of room to rest and play in their own comfortable space while protecting them from the elements of harsh weather, making it an ideal option for dogs that suffer from arthritis or other joint problems.

Mammoth dog beds are made from memory foam. That makes it stand out from the rest of the dog beds available in the market. Most dog owners prefer to buy memory foam products for their dogs for comfort purposes. Dogs tend to get injured easily when they have to move around a lot. Memory foam is one of the best materials that can provide the comfort necessary for your furry friends. The gel that is infused into this memory foam makes it possible for them to move around with ease while still providing that much-needed comfort.

It’s important for your dog to have a bed that will last for a long time, especially if you will be spending a considerable amount of money on it. This particular product has a good reputation of being sturdy so you don’t have to worry about buying another one in an instant. Also, if you have multiple dogs, this is also a good choice because they can all share one mammoth dog bed without any issues at all.

The Mammoth Dog Bed is soft and comfortable providing the best support for your dog’s body especially their joints and bone tissues. The Mammoth Dog Bed has a perfect design that allows plenty of room for your pet to move around inside, stretch their legs or lay down without having to worry about falling off. With this product, you’re sure that you’re buying a durable dog bed that will last a long time with proper use.


Reviewers said that this dog bed is very durable. They said that their dogs play rough, and even though they tear up and chew on everything, the dog beds still look new after months of use.

One review from a customer reported that he bought this dog bed for his two puppies to sleep in together. He said that his puppies are five months old and weigh twenty pounds each, so they are not very big dogs yet. He said that they were able to fit into the dog bed just fine and that the inside is very soft, almost like a fake sheepskin material. He said he’s had it for about three weeks and has not seen any tears or signs of wear on the dog bed yet.

A lot of customers have had great things to say about their own experiences with the Mammoth brand dog bed, indicating that these orthopedic beds are worth every penny. One customer said “I am absolutely thrilled with this dog bed! My lab suffers from hip dysplasia and has problems sleeping comfortably at night. I purchased this bed hoping it would help alleviate his discomfort . . . It has worked miracles.”

“I bought the extra large dog bed for my german shepherd, who is about 100 pounds. The bed is very well made and seems very durable. He likes it a lot and he seems to be sleeping better when he’s on it. It is easy to wash also. My only complaint is that I wish it were about 3 inches higher so that he would have more room at one end of the bed as he stretches out. Overall it is a great purchase and I would recommend this item.”

“Our dog, a Hungarian Vizsla, LOVES this bed. We bought the large one for her and it’s perfect. The bed is very well-constructed and durable-looking. It’s obviously stuffed with high-quality fiberfill, and the cover seems very well made as well. Our pooch has chewed up many beds in her day (we are a foster family for dogs), but she hasn’t even attempted to chew through this one. She loves it so much that we’ve had to put an “out of order” sign on our bed because she doesn’t want to leave it! The bottom of the bed is a thick canvas-like material that I imagine could be easily cleaned if needed. We have not washed the cover yet, but it comes off and goes back on very easily.”


Some people are saying that the Mammoth dog bed is not as good as other dog beds. Because the dog could chew through it. The fabric is not that strong and the foam filling material is cheap. But on the plus side, many customers like how quickly it dries off after being washed.

“Unfortunately, after having the bed for one day, my dog tore at the seam and got foam everywhere. I didn’t notice it until he had already eaten off of it so my dog ended up with foam in his stomach. I called the company and they offered to send me a replacement cover but not the bed itself. I was not happy about that because it was obviously a defect in the manufacturing of the product. Apparently, they don’t have a warranty on their products.”

“I was really excited about this bed, but my dog HATES it. Not only does it smell like a wet dog after you take it out of the box (a slow air drying will help), but it is also extremely difficult to get into and my dog won’t sleep in it. She sleeps on her regular old pillow every night now. I wish there were a way to return this bed for a refund, but I don’t see that option anywhere. I am very disappointed with this purchase and feel like I’ve wasted $100.”

“There’s a LOT of negative reviews on this dog bed. It doesn’t really seem like a quality product, but there are always some people who have a different experience than the majority.”


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