How Much is The Cost of PetSmart Grooming?

If you have been searching online for the best grooming place that will provide your dog with a pleasant experience, my in-depth review will help you learn more about PetSmart grooming services and prices.

PetSmart grooming prices

Pet Smart grooming prices

PetSmart grooming prices range from $20 to $100, but it depends on what you need to be done. Below is a list showing the different grooming services that PetSmart provides and the estimated price of each service.

  • Nail trim $10
  • Nail grinding $15
  • Anal gland expression $15
  • Ear cleaning $15
  • Teeth brushing $10
  • Bath (including nail trim) $30-$50
  • Full body haircut up to $75

Is PetSmart grooming good?

PetSmart grooming is a great option for basic grooming needs. They offer a variety of services, and the pricing is pretty reasonable. Plus, you don’t need an appointment to get your pet groomed.

However, they aren’t our top pick for grooming. Their prices are higher than other options, and they don’t offer as many services or have as many locations.

If you just need a quick trim or bath, PetSmart grooming is a good option. They also offer nail trims, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning.

Of course, PetSmart offers more than just grooming: You can find toys and food for cats and dogs there too.

PetSmart grooming reviews are generally positive, with most reviewers loving the low prices and overall service. However, some PetSmart groomers have been accused of being rough with pets and even causing injuries. For example, a veterinarian investigated one dog’s injuries after a trip to PetSmart and found that the groomer had used a wire brush on the pet’s fur.

What shampoo do PetSmart groomers use?

FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Dog Shampoo is specially formulated to reduce excess shedding at the source. It removes loose hair from the undercoat during bath time, while enhancing the appearance of coat health.

How often should you bathe your dog?

Most dogs only need to be bathed every two to three months, but some may require more frequent baths if they spend a lot of time outside or start to smell.

“Dogs with longer coats or double coats are going to need brushing and combing in between baths,” Dr. Wynn said. “You don’t want the hair to get matted, because that can cause skin issues.”

If your dog is prone to ear infections, you may need to clean his ears more frequently as well. Rather than using cotton swabs, which can push debris further into the ear, Dr. Wynn recommends cleaning around the flap of the ear with a cotton ball and warm water.

PetSmart grooming reviews

PetSmart grooming reviews on the company’s website give the service an average of three out of five stars based on more than 2,000 reviews.

  • On Yelp, PetSmart’s grooming services have an average rating of 3 out of five stars, based on more than 600 reviews.
  • On Facebook, PetSmart has more than 1,500 reviews with an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.
  • PetSmart grooming reviewers say the best thing about PetSmart is its convenience.

“It was my first time using PetSmart,” says one reviewer. “I’m so happy with the service I received. I have been going to other groomers and they were not as professional or friendly as PetSmart. My puppy is a big dog, but they got her in right away and handled her with ease.”

Another reviewer says she’s used the same groomer there for years but has also tried other shops inside the store when her regular one wasn’t available and was always pleased with the results: “Every groomer there is great! They’re very gentle with my dogs and they come out looking great!”

“All the salons I have been to are wonderful. The groomers are friendly and caring. My dogs love being groomed there. They get to see their friends and play. Plus, they look great when they are done. Everyone at PetSmart is very nice and helpful!”

“My doggie just got his first haircut from PetSmart Grooming and he looks so handsome! The staff there was very friendly and courteous, both to me and my dog. I could tell that my dog felt safe and well taken care of, which makes me feel good as a pet owner.”

Customers who have had bad experiences with PetSmart mention the company’s high prices, rude employees, and poor treatment of dogs and cats. Some customers claim they brought a dog in for grooming and it left them with injuries or missing fur. Others say their pets were returned to them with breathing problems or other serious health concerns.

“I’m not happy with the grooming services at Petsmart. I’ve had two bad experiences out of three visits! It’s a shame because I love Petsmart and have shopped there for years, but the grooming experience is not up to par.”

“I am incredibly disappointed with the customer service provided by PetSmart grooming staff in South Burlington, Vermont. My dog is a rescue dog who has some anxiety issues and was very hard to groom.”

“My dogs were so scared when they went to be groomed at PetSmart, one of them actually peed in his cage when we picked him up! Also, they were grooming another dog while we were there who”

Conclusion of PetSmart grooming prices

PetSmart grooming services include haircuts, nail trims, and baths. Some stores also offer teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and flea/tick treatments.

PetSmart is the largest pet retailer in the United States and specializes in offering pet services and products at reasonable prices. The store also provides many services for pets, including grooming, training, doggie daycare, dog boarding, and more.

PetSmart has been providing quality service since 1987 with over 1,400 locations across North America. Their goal is to take care of pets by providing everything from foodstuffs to toys and other products that will keep them happy and healthy.

To sum up, PetSmart grooming is a great way to get your dog looking good and smelling fresh. It’s a great alternative to the hassle of washing your own dog at home. On top of that, it can be cheaper than washing your own dog if you have especially large or hairy dogs!


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