Is Trazodone for Dogs The Same As for Humans?

Trazodone is a prescription antidepressant that is used to treat depression and anxiety in humans, but is human trazodone safe for dogs?

Is trazodone for dogs the same as for humans

Is trazodone prescribed for dogs the same as for humans?

Trazodone is a prescription-only medication that’s used to treat depression and anxiety disorders. It is classified as a serotonin receptor antagonist and reuptake inhibitors (SARIs) and can be used by both humans and dogs.

The drug works by increasing the amount of serotonin in your brain, which is the chemical responsible for mood regulation. It may also be used to treat insomnia and panic attacks.

Trazodone is not FDA-approved for dogs and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in animals. Although there are no reports of dogs becoming sick from human trazodone, it’s best to consult your veterinarian before giving your pet any type of psychiatric medication due to the risks associated with it.

Does trazodone for dogs require a prescription?

Yes, you do need a prescription for trazodone for dogs. It is a controlled medication and can only be dispensed by a prescription issued by a vet.

Trazodone for dogs is available in different forms such as tablets, capsules, and liquid suspension. It is also available in generic form. The generic version does not have any brand name but the active ingredient does not change at all if taken from a branded product or generic counterpart.

Trazodone for dogs reviews

Trazodone is an antidepressant medication that works by increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain. It is commonly used to treat depression and anxiety disorders. Trazodone should be taken with food to avoid stomach upset.

Trazodone has been studied in different trials over a long period of time. These studies have shown that the drug helps many dogs with depression and anxiety. It’s often used in conjunction with other medications or behavioral therapy to treat these conditions.

However, some dogs have side effects when using trazodone, such as drowsiness, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, changes in appetite or weight, dry mouth, and uncontrollable shaking. When these side effects occur they usually last a few days but may be more severe if you stop taking trazodone abruptly. If your pet experiences these side effects while taking this drug consult your vet so they can help you manage them better.

Your veterinarian will prescribe the dosage of trazodone that’s right for your pet. The usual dosage for dogs is 1.5 mg to 3.5 mg per pound of body weight. Your vet will determine the proper dosage depending on your pet’s weight and the severity of his condition.

Do not give this medication to your pet if he has kidney, liver, or heart disease. Do not give this medication to your pet if he has a history of seizures.

Here are the reviews from pet owners:

“I bought this medication for my dog who is suffering from anxiety and anxiety attacks. He was on a herbal remedy, but it was not helping much. I wanted to try something different and decided to give this a try. To my surprise, this medication worked wonders for my dog. He has been on it for more than two weeks now and I am happy to say that he has not had any symptoms related to anxiety or panic attacks at all! It is such a relief for me as well as him! I would recommend trazodone to anyone who has a pet with anxiety issues or panic attacks.”

“My dog has been on trazodone for a few weeks now and I have noticed a big difference in his behavior. He is much more calm and relaxed around other dogs and people, he doesn’t bark at them anymore, he isn’t trying to take over the house when we are having dinner or relaxing times with friends, and he doesn’t get up on anything he shouldn’t be on (like the couch or bed) and he seems happier overall.”

“My dog has been on trazodone for a couple of months now and I am so happy with the results. She is a rescue dog and had some behavioral issues, but after taking trazodone she is much calmer and more relaxed. The only side effect we have noticed is that she seems to sleep more than usual, which is not necessarily a bad thing since she needs it! Overall, I would definitely recommend this medication to anyone who has a nervous or anxious dog.”

How long does it take for trazodone to kick in for dogs?

Trazodone usually takes between one and two hours to take effect in dogs. The time it takes for trazodone to kick in for dogs depends on the dog. Some dogs will have a quick response, while others may need more time.

Conclusion of giving dogs human trazodone

The use of human trazodone for dogs is safe and effective. The drug is well tolerated and has few side effects.

Trazodone is a prescription medication used to treat depression and anxiety disorders. It can be used alongside other medications and may help improve the effects of other drugs.

Trazodone kicks in quickly, and it begins working within an hour and lasts for 8 to 12 hours. It takes about 4 hours for the drug to peak at its maximum effect.

Some dogs that are on trazodone will not experience any side effects at all. Others may experience some mild side effects like sleepiness, dry mouth, and appetite changes.

It’s important to note that some dogs can be sensitive to the meds and they can react differently than expected.

NOTE: Any medication should only be given after consultation with a veterinarian.


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