Vetmedin Killed My Dog?

If you love your dog, you must be unsettled by the side effects of this heart medication that put your dog’s life in danger. You may want to know if Vetmedin can kill a dog or if it is safe for dogs in general.

Vetmedin is a famous and controversial drug for dogs. Many vets suggest regular use of Vetmedin but it doesn’t come without risks. Learn about the benefits and side effects of Vetmedin, how to give it to your dog, what not to mix with Vetmedin, and much more.

Can Vetmedin kill a dog?

The most common side effect of Vetmedin in dogs is vomiting and diarrhea. Vetmedin may cause adverse reactions such as increased heart rate, lethargy, collapse, seizures and can lead to death if left untreated.

When used properly, Pimobendan can be a very effective treatment for dogs suffering from heart failure due to certain conditions like mitral valve disease and dilated cardiomyopathy. Like all medications, however, there are side effects that can occur when this drug is taken incorrectly or when it is prescribed without proper monitoring by a veterinarian.

“I am writing to you because I lost my best friend, my beloved dog, because of what I believe to be an irresponsible oversight on the part of the manufacturer of Vetmedin. I have done a lot of research regarding this drug and its use in dogs, and I believe it is too dangerous to be used without much more strict guidelines as to dosage and administration, as well as warnings regarding potential side effects.”

“My dog, Sammi, was only 5 years old and in perfect health when she died after being on Vetmedin for only 6 days. Her death was a complete surprise to our family. We had her blood tested by a veterinary cardiologist who told us that the amount of Vetmedin in her blood was not toxic.”

“My dog was healthy until I started giving him the medication Vetmedin for his heart condition. My vet prescribed it, and I administered it to my dog. Shortly after he began taking this drug, he died.”

Can Vetmedin make my dog worse?

Unfortunately, yes. Keep an eye out for side effects and contact your veterinarian if you suspect that your dog may be suffering from an adverse reaction to the medication.

As with any medication, there are risks associated with Vetmedin. Side effects can include vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite and seizures. Some dogs have been known to suffer from liver problems after taking the drug for extended periods of time.

What does Vetmedin do for dogs?

Vets prescribe Vetmedin for dogs with congestive heart failure (CHF). Vetmedin works by relaxing and opening blood vessels so that blood can be pumped more efficiently throughout the body. Congestive heart failure occurs when the heart muscle is weakened and cannot pump blood effectively to meet the body’s needs.

Is there an alternative to Vetmedin?

There is no FDA-approved alternative to Vetmedin. However, if you have concerns about potential side effects, you may want to discuss other options with your veterinarian.

Should Vetmedin be given with food?

Vetmedin tablets should be given to your dog by mouth twice a day, approximately one hour before food. If your dog prefers, you may also mix Vetmedin with food.

Vetmedin reviews

“I am a veterinarian and I use this medication on my dog. It is a great medication which works well for dogs with congestive heart failure or mitral valve disease. It is not a cure but it can extend the quality of your pet’s life by slowing the progression of the disease.”

“I have been using Vetmedin on my dog since he was diagnosed with heart failure. This has been a miracle drug for him. He has very few side effects from it. I wish that there were generic versions of this medication so it would be more affordable to dog owners with pets who need it.”

“I have been using Vetmedin for my Golden Retriever Lucy for the last year. I found that she uses it twice a day and has no side effects from taking it. My vet introduced me to this medication which has given her an improved quality of life and extended her life. She is now 10 years old!”

“I have a 9-year-old dog who has been on this medication for 6 months. He takes one tablet twice a day (morning and evening). I give it to him with some food. The first few days of treatment I saw no improvement. After that, he is able to walk longer distances and his life quality has improved greatly. His long walks and playing with other dogs has improved his overall well-being.”

“Vetmedin is a prescription medication for dogs that helps many, but it killed my dog. The vet said it was a shock to her system that might have killed her.”

Should I put my dog down with congestive heart failure?

When a dog has heart failure, they experience shortness of breath, they are lethargic, and they are generally not acting like themselves anymore. Sometimes this is due to the fact that their heart isn’t working correctly, so their blood flow is restricted. This can cause the dog to become fatigued easily from even minor tasks like walking around the house or playing with their favorite ball in the yard.

If your dog is experiencing these symptoms for longer than a few days, it may be time to consider euthanasia as a possible option. You will have to weigh out the options and decide what’s best for you and your loved one. If you’re in any way unsure, please consult with your veterinarian about what options are available for your pet.

Reference: When to put a dog down with congestive heart failure


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