What Can I Season My Dog’s Chicken With?

As a dog owner, it’s important to make sure your furry friend is getting the proper nutrition and a balanced diet. Chicken is a common protein option for dogs and can be a great source of essential nutrients. But let’s face it, plain chicken can get boring for both you and your pooch. So why not mix things up by adding some flavor to your dog’s chicken?

Here is a list of seasonings that are safe and beneficial for your dog to enjoy with their chicken:

  1. Turmeric: This spice is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and can help with joint pain and digestion. Just a pinch or two is all you need.
  2. Garlic: While garlic is safe for dogs in small amounts, it’s important to use caution as it can be toxic in large quantities. A little bit can add flavor and provide some immune-boosting benefits.
  3. Parsley: Not only does parsley add a fresh, herby flavor to chicken, it’s also great for freshening your dog’s breath.
  4. Rosemary: This aromatic herb can help with digestion and improve cognitive function in dogs. Just a sprinkle will do.
  5. Basil: Another herb with a pleasant, light flavor, basil can also have anti-inflammatory effects and may help with anxiety in dogs.
  6. Oregano: This spice has antibacterial properties and can help with respiratory issues in dogs. It also has a bold, savory flavor that pairs well with chicken.
  7. Pumpkin spice: Pumpkin is a great source of fiber and can help with digestion in dogs. A pinch of pumpkin spice (made with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves) can add a warm, comforting flavor to the chicken.
  8. Ginger: This spice is known for its stomach-settling properties and can help with motion sickness in dogs. It also adds a subtle, spicy kick to chicken.

These seasonings should be used sparingly and as a supplement to your dog’s regular diet. Consult with your veterinarian before adding any new seasonings to your dog’s meals and always use caution when introducing new foods.

So next time you’re serving up some chicken for your furry friend, try adding a little bit of flavor with one of these safe and beneficial seasonings. Your dog will thank you (with lots of wagging tails and happy faces).


Hannah Elizabeth is an English animal behavior author, having written for several online publications. With a degree in Animal Behaviour and over a decade of practical animal husbandry experience, Hannah's articles cover everything from pet care to wildlife conservation. When she isn't creating content for blog posts, Hannah enjoys long walks with her Rottweiler cross Senna, reading fantasy novels and breeding aquarium shrimp.

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