Figo vs. Pets Best: The Ultimate Showdown in Pet Insurance

In the vast sea of pet insurance options, two names frequently bob up as top contenders: Figo and Pets Best. As pet parents, we all want to ensure that our furry family members receive the best care possible without breaking the bank. That’s where this deep dive into Figo and Pets Best comes in handy.

Coverage: What’s Protected Under the Paw-brella?

When it comes to what’s covered, both Figo and Pets Best offer robust plans that include accidents, illnesses, surgeries, prescriptions, and even chronic conditions. However, the devil is in the details, and that’s where the nuances become interesting.

Feature Figo Pets Best
Accident and Illness ✅ ✅
Chronic Conditions ✅ ✅
Congenital Conditions ✅ ✅
Wellness Coverage Optional 🔄 ✅
Dental ✅ Basic 🚫 Advanced ✅
Behavioral Issues ✅ Optional 🔄

Key Takeaways:

  • Both providers cover the essentials, but Figo includes wellness as an optional add-on, while Pets Best offers it in some plans.
  • Figo shines with inclusive behavioral issue coverage, a boon for pets needing such interventions.

Deductibles: Flexibility or Fixed?

Deductibles are what you pay out-of-pocket before your insurance kicks in. Both Figo and Pets Best provide flexible options, but the approach differs slightly.

Feature Figo Pets Best
Annual ✅ ✅
Per-Condition 🚫 Optional 🔄
Customizable ✅ (from $100 to $750) ✅ (from $50 to $1,000)

Key Takeaways:

  • Pets Best offers a unique per-condition deductible, ideal for pets with chronic issues.
  • Figo allows for a lower minimum deductible, providing more flexibility in tailoring your plan.

Reimbursement and Limits: Maximizing Your Benefits

Reimbursement levels and policy limits are critical in determining how much you’ll get back and how much protection you have in case of significant vet bills.

Feature Figo Pets Best
Reimbursement Levels 70%, 80%, 90%, 100% 70%, 80%, 90%
Annual Limits $5,000 to Unlimited $5,000 to Unlimited
Lifetime Limits Unlimited ✅ Unlimited ✅

Key Takeaways:

  • Figo stands out by offering a 100% reimbursement option, a rarity in the industry.
  • Both providers offer unlimited annual and lifetime options, ensuring long-term protection.

Customer Service and Extras: Beyond the Basics

Customer service and additional benefits can significantly enhance your insurance experience, from apps to helplines and community support.

Feature Figo Pets Best
24/7 Vet Helpline ✅ ✅
Mobile App State-of-the-art ✅ User-friendly ✅
Online Claims ✅ ✅
Wellness Rewards Optional 🔄 ✅

Key Takeaways:

  • Figo’s app is highly rated for its functionality, making pet insurance management a breeze.
  • Pets Best excels with an inclusive wellness rewards program, promoting preventative care.

Conclusion: Tailoring to Your Needs

In the tail-wagging contest of Figo vs. Pets Best, the best choice boils down to your specific needs and preferences. Figo dazzles with its 100% reimbursement option and inclusive behavioral coverage, catering to those seeking comprehensive, high-value plans. Pets Best, on the other hand, appeals to pet parents looking for flexibility in deductibles and a focus on wellness.

Remember, the best insurance is the one that aligns with your pet’s needs, your financial situation, and your peace of mind. Dive into the details, compare the charts, and choose the champion in your pet’s corner. With Figo or Pets Best, you’re not just buying insurance; you’re investing in your pet’s happy, healthy future.

 FAQs: Figo vs. Pets Best

How Do Waiting Periods Compare Between Figo and Pets Best?

Waiting periods are crucial in pet insurance, as they dictate when your coverage starts after enrollment. Figo boasts a relatively short waiting period for accidents, typically just 5 days, which is among the shortest in the industry. For illnesses, Figo extends this to 14 days. On the other hand, Pets Best matches this with a 5-day accident waiting period but offers a slightly longer wait for illnesses at 14 days, aligning with industry standards. Both services enforce a 6-month waiting period for specific conditions like cruciate ligament events, though Pets Best allows for a waiver under certain conditions.

Critically Insightful Observation: The short waiting period for accidents is a standout feature for both insurers, ensuring your pet is quickly covered in case of unexpected mishaps. However, Figo’s approach to potentially waivable conditions for cruciate ligament events with early veterinary inspection might be a game-changer for new pet owners concerned about these specific health risks.

How Comprehensive Is the Coverage for Chronic Conditions?

Chronic conditions can be a financial drain, making their coverage a top priority for pet owners. Figo offers continuous coverage for chronic conditions that are not pre-existing, ensuring that as long as the pet remains insured under their policy, treatments for chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease are covered. Pets Best similarly provides ongoing coverage for chronic conditions under their BestBenefit plan, with no lifetime limits, provided the condition was not pre-existing and the plan remains active.

Critically Insightful Observation: The commitment of both companies to cover chronic conditions offers immense relief to pet owners, mitigating the financial stress associated with long-term care. However, the nuanced difference lies in their handling of pre-existing conditions; both insurers require a clear medical history before coverage, emphasizing the importance of early insurance before issues arise.

Are There Any Breed-Specific Limitations or Rates?

When it comes to breed-specific considerations, both Figo and Pets Best adopt distinct approaches. Figo does not discriminate based on breed for coverage eligibility but notes that breed can influence premium rates. This is because some breeds are statistically more likely to develop certain health conditions than others. Pets Best also does not restrict coverage based on breed but similarly adjusts premium rates based on the breed’s risk profile, ensuring that premiums reflect the potential cost of care.

Critically Insightful Observation: The transparent approach to breed-specific premium adjustments by both Figo and Pets Best underscores a commitment to fairness and reflects the real risk factors associated with different breeds. It’s a sobering reminder for potential pet owners to consider the long-term health predispositions of their chosen breed and the financial implications for insurance.

How Do Figo and Pets Best Handle Pre-existing Conditions?

Pre-existing conditions are often a gray area in pet insurance. Figo defines pre-existing conditions as any condition that first occurred or showed clinical signs before the policy effective date or during the waiting period. However, Figo distinguishes between curable and incurable pre-existing conditions, potentially offering coverage for the former after a symptom-free period. Pets Best adopts a similar stance, excluding pre-existing conditions from coverage, with an emphasis on the importance of obtaining insurance before any issues are diagnosed.

Critically Insightful Observation: The nuanced handling of pre-existing conditions, especially the differentiation between curable and incurable conditions by Figo, offers a glimmer of hope for pets with minor, non-recurring health issues. It highlights the necessity of understanding the fine print of your policy and the potential for coverage restoration after proving a pet’s health stability.

What Sets Each Provider Apart in Customer Experience?

In the realm of customer experience, Figo and Pets Best each have their unique strengths. Figo’s Pet Cloud app provides an exceptionally user-friendly platform for managing your pet’s health records, filing claims, and accessing a live vet 24/7, setting a high bar for digital convenience. Pets Best, while offering a solid online portal and claims process, distinguishes itself with exceptional customer service and the availability of a direct vet line for consultations, reflecting their commitment to accessibility and support.

Critically Insightful Observation: The emphasis on technology and customer support showcases both companies’ understanding that pet insurance is more than just a financial transaction; it’s a partnership in pet health management. Figo’s digital-first approach caters to the modern pet owner’s lifestyle, while Pets Best’s blend of traditional and digital customer service ensures that every owner’s needs and preferences are met.

Comment 1: “Can you explain how the claims process works for both Figo and Pets Best, and which one is generally faster?”

The claims process is a critical aspect of pet insurance, directly impacting customer satisfaction. Figo simplifies the claims process through its Pet Cloud app, where policyholders can submit claims electronically by uploading the necessary documents and vet bills. Figo’s technology-driven approach aims for efficiency, with most claims being processed within a few days to a week, depending on the complexity and documentation.

Pets Best also offers a streamlined claims process, allowing policyholders to submit claims online through their customer portal or via email, fax, or mail. They pride themselves on a quick turnaround, with most claims being processed in about 5 business days, assuming all required documentation is provided promptly.

Critically Insightful Observation: While both companies prioritize a swift and hassle-free claims process, Figo’s investment in a mobile app-centric approach caters to a tech-savvy generation seeking immediate, on-the-go services. Pets Best, while equally efficient, offers a broader range of submission methods, appealing to a diverse customer base with varying preferences. The speed of claims processing not only reflects the companies’ operational efficiency but also their understanding of the emotional and financial stress pet owners face during their pets’ medical treatments.

Comment 2: “I’ve heard some pet insurance plans have exclusions for specific treatments or conditions. How do Figo and Pets Best handle this?”

Indeed, exclusions play a significant role in determining the value and comprehensiveness of a pet insurance plan. Both Figo and Pets Best have exclusions, which are typical for the industry, to maintain sustainability and affordability of their plans.

Figo’s policy exclusions include pre-existing conditions that occurred before the coverage start date or during the waiting period, elective procedures, breeding costs, and conditions related to neglect or abuse. However, Figo is notable for its coverage of certain conditions that other providers might exclude, such as hereditary and congenital conditions, provided they were not apparent before the policy began.

Pets Best similarly excludes pre-existing conditions, elective procedures, and breeding costs. Yet, they distinguish themselves with their comprehensive plans that offer coverage for a wide range of treatments, including acupuncture and chiropractic care, assuming these are not related to pre-existing conditions.

Critically Insightful Observation: Both insurers demonstrate a nuanced understanding of pet healthcare needs by excluding only what is necessary to prevent insurance abuse and maintain premium affordability. The inclusion of alternative treatments by Pets Best reflects a progressive recognition of diverse veterinary care practices, catering to pet owners who value a holistic approach to pet health. Figo’s straightforward exclusions, coupled with its embrace of hereditary and congenital condition coverage, underscore its commitment to offering broad, transparent protection for pets.

Comment 3: “What about the cost? How do premiums compare between Figo and Pets Best, considering similar coverage levels?”

Premium costs are often the deciding factor for many pet owners when choosing an insurance plan. The premiums for both Figo and Pets Best are influenced by several factors, including the pet’s age, breed, location, and the chosen deductible, reimbursement rate, and coverage limit.

Figo’s premiums are competitive, especially for their comprehensive coverage options, including a 100% reimbursement option, which is relatively rare in the pet insurance industry. Their use of technology and efficient claims processing allows them to offer value for money, although premiums can be higher for older pets or breeds with known health issues.

Pets Best premiums are also competitive, with a range of plans that can suit different budgets and needs. They offer a more customizable approach to deductibles and reimbursement levels, which can help pet owners manage their monthly costs more effectively. Pets Best also provides a wellness option that can be added to any plan for an additional cost, which covers routine care and can save money in the long run.

Critically Insightful Observation: While both companies offer plans that can be tailored to fit various budgets, the determining factor in premium costs will often come down to the specific needs of the pet and the owner’s financial situation. Figo’s technology-driven model and comprehensive coverage may offer better value for those looking for extensive protection and are comfortable using digital platforms. In contrast, Pets Best’s flexible plan options and coverage for routine care may appeal to those who prioritize customizable plans and preventative care. Ultimately, comparing quotes based on your pet’s specific profile will provide the most accurate cost assessment.

Comment 4: “Is there a difference in the ease of modifying or cancelling policies between the two companies?”

Policy management flexibility is another important aspect to consider when choosing a pet insurance provider. Both Figo and Pets Best understand the dynamic nature of pet ownership and offer mechanisms for modifying or cancelling policies.

Figo provides a high degree of flexibility through its Pet Cloud app, where policyholders can easily adjust their coverage, deductibles, and reimbursement levels. This can be done at the renewal period without much hassle. Cancellation can also be initiated through the app or by contacting customer service, with Figo priding itself on a straightforward, no-penalty process.

Pets Best allows policy modifications through its online portal or by contacting customer service. Adjustments to coverage, deductibles, and reimbursement rates can typically be made at renewal, similar to Figo. Cancellation policies are clear and straightforward, with no penalties for discontinuing the service, reflecting Pets Best’s commitment to customer satisfaction and flexibility.

Critically Insightful Observation: The modern, user-friendly platforms provided by both Figo and Pets Best for policy management underscore their commitment to customer convenience and satisfaction. Figo’s tech-centric approach may appeal more to those who prefer managing their affairs digitally, while Pets Best’s blend of online and direct customer service options caters to a wide range of preferences. Both companies’ transparent and flexible policy modification and cancellation processes reflect an understanding of the unpredictable nature of pet ownership and a desire to accommodate the evolving needs of their customers.

Comment 5: “I’m interested in how each company supports overall pet wellness. Can you elaborate on their approaches?”

Overall pet wellness is increasingly becoming a focal point of pet insurance offerings, with both Figo and Pets Best incorporating features that support not just the treatment of illness and injury but also the maintenance of health.

Figo distinguishes itself with its holistic approach to pet wellness through its Pet Cloud platform, which not only facilitates easy claims processing but also offers a suite of features designed to support pet health. This includes reminders for vaccinations, wellness check-ups, and a 24/7 virtual vet service. These features are designed to integrate seamlessly with the pet owner’s lifestyle, encouraging proactive management of the pet’s health.

Pets Best takes a more traditional approach to wellness with its optional wellness plans that can be added to any insurance policy. These plans provide coverage for routine care, such as vaccinations, annual exams, and even spaying/neutering, which are not covered under standard accident and illness policies. This approach allows pet owners to budget for and manage the costs of regular pet care, promoting long-term health and potentially preventing more serious conditions.

Critically Insightful Observation: Both Figo and Pets Best recognize the importance of preventative care in maintaining pet health and reducing long-term healthcare costs. Figo’s integration of wellness support into its digital platform reflects a forward-thinking approach to pet health, appealing to tech-savvy pet owners who value convenience and proactive health management. Pets Best, with its optional wellness plans, offers a more traditional, budget-friendly approach to wellness, ensuring that pet owners can afford routine care that keeps their pets healthy. Both approaches underscore a shared commitment to not just healing sick pets but also keeping them healthy in the first place.

Comment 6: “How do Figo and Pets Best approach genetic and hereditary condition coverage? It’s a major concern for purebred pet owners.”

For owners of purebred pets, the coverage of genetic and hereditary conditions is a pivotal factor in choosing a pet insurance provider. Both Figo and Pets Best recognize the importance of addressing these concerns within their policy structures.

Figo offers comprehensive coverage for hereditary and genetic conditions as part of their standard accident and illness plan, without additional cost, provided these conditions were not pre-existing. This inclusion reflects Figo’s understanding of the significant financial impact these conditions can have on pet owners, especially those with purebred pets more susceptible to such issues.

Pets Best similarly covers hereditary and genetic conditions under their BestBenefit plan, also assuming these conditions were not present before the policy’s effective date. This coverage is crucial for purebred pets, which often come with a higher risk of genetic disorders.

Critically Insightful Observation: The approach of both Figo and Pets Best to include hereditary and genetic condition coverage without additional premiums demonstrates a deep understanding of pet health dynamics and a commitment to providing value and peace of mind to pet owners. This coverage ensures that owners of purebred pets can receive the same level of care and support as those with mixed breeds, without the worry of financial exclusion due to breed-specific health risks.

Comment 7: “I’m curious about the customer support experience. How do Figo and Pets Best stack up in terms of responsiveness and helpfulness?”

Customer support is the backbone of any insurance service, as it directly affects the customer’s experience, especially during stressful times of pet illness or injury. Both Figo and Pets Best have invested heavily in this area, but with slightly different emphases.

Figo prides itself on a tech-forward customer support approach, leveraging its Pet Cloud app and digital communication channels to provide swift and efficient service. Customers can access support through various means, including live chat, email, and phone, with many reporting quick responses and helpful assistance. Figo’s digital-first strategy ensures that customers can get the information and support they need with minimal wait times.

Pets Best offers a more traditional approach to customer support, with a strong emphasis on telephone and email communication. They boast a dedicated team of pet-passionate support staff who provide detailed, empathetic assistance to policyholders. Their responsiveness is highly rated, with many customers praising the personal touch and thoroughness of the support received.

Critically Insightful Observation: The contrast in customer support between Figo’s digital agility and Pets Best’s traditional, personalized approach highlights the diverse needs of pet owners. Figo’s strategy caters to the modern, tech-savvy customer who values quick, efficient problem-solving, while Pets Best appeals to those who prefer a more human touch, with detailed conversations and empathetic support. Both methods underscore a commitment to high-quality customer service, recognizing the importance of supportiveness and responsiveness in building trust and loyalty among pet owners.

Comment 8: “Does either company offer any benefits or discounts for multiple pets?”

Many pet owners manage the joy and complexity of having multiple pets and look for insurance plans that acknowledge and support this. Both Figo and Pets Best offer attractive options for households with more than one furry family member.

Figo offers a multi-pet discount, allowing owners to save on premiums when insuring more than one pet. This discount is automatically applied when adding additional pets to a policy, making it easier for pet owners to manage the cost of insuring multiple animals. This approach not only provides financial relief but also encourages pet owners to secure comprehensive coverage for all their pets.

Pets Best also recognizes the importance of multi-pet families by offering a similar multi-pet discount. This discount applies to each additional pet that’s added to the policy, reducing the overall cost of premiums for families insuring multiple pets. This incentive aligns with Pets Best’s mission to make pet insurance accessible and affordable for all pet owners, regardless of how many pets they have.

Critically Insightful Observation: The multi-pet discounts offered by both Figo and Pets Best reflect an understanding of the dynamics of multi-pet households and the financial considerations that come with them. By providing these discounts, both companies not only make it more economically feasible for pet owners to provide comprehensive coverage for all their pets but also demonstrate an appreciation for the complexity and cost of managing the health needs of multiple pets. This approach enhances the value proposition of their offerings, making pet insurance more attractive and accessible to a broader range of pet owners.

Comment 9: “Are there any unique wellness or preventive care options offered by Figo or Pets Best that stand out?”

Wellness and preventive care are increasingly recognized as crucial components of comprehensive pet health management. Figo and Pets Best both offer wellness options, though their approaches and offerings have distinct features.

Figo, while primarily focused on accident and illness coverage, partners with a third-party provider to offer a Wellness Powerup. This add-on covers routine care such as vaccinations, annual exams, and preventive medications. It’s a flexible option that can be added to any Figo policy, allowing pet owners to customize their coverage based on their pet’s specific wellness needs.

Pets Best stands out with their BestWellness add-on, which is comprehensive in its coverage of routine care. This includes annual wellness exams, vaccines, flea/tick prevention, and even spaying/neutering, among other preventive measures. Pets Best’s wellness plan is designed to work seamlessly with their accident and illness coverage, providing a holistic approach to pet health that encompasses both preventive care and treatment for unexpected health issues.

Critically Insightful Observation: The wellness offerings from both Figo and Pets Best highlight the shift in pet insurance towards a more holistic view of pet health, recognizing the importance of preventive care in maintaining long-term health and reducing the likelihood of serious conditions. Pets Best’s inclusive and detailed wellness plan stands out for pet owners who prioritize comprehensive preventive care, while Figo’s flexible Wellness Powerup option appeals to those seeking customizable additions to their existing coverage. Both approaches underscore the companies’ commitment to supporting not just the treatment but also the prevention of health issues, reflecting a broader trend in pet healthcare towards wellness and prevention.

Comment 10: “In terms of policy customization, how flexible are Figo and Pets Best? Can I tailor my plan to suit my budget and my pet’s needs?”

Policy customization is a key factor for many pet owners when selecting insurance, as it allows for a balance between coverage and cost. Figo and Pets Best both excel in offering customizable plans, but they do so with varying degrees of flexibility.

Figo offers a high level of customization through its choice of medical coverage, deductible amounts, reimbursement percentages, and annual limits, including an option for unlimited coverage. This allows pet owners to tailor their policy closely to their financial situation and their pet’s specific health needs. Figo’s user-friendly digital platform makes adjusting these options straightforward, providing clear pricing information to help owners make informed decisions.

Pets Best also offers significant customization options, with a range of plans that vary in terms of coverage, deductibles, reimbursement levels, and annual limits. Their customizable approach extends to their wellness plans, which can be added to any primary policy, allowing pet owners to choose the level of preventive care coverage that best suits their pet’s needs. Pets Best’s customization options are designed to accommodate a wide range of budgets and pet health requirements, making it easier for owners to find a plan that fits their unique situation.

Critically Insightful Observation: Both Figo and Pets Best understand the diverse needs of pet owners and the importance of flexibility in pet insurance. Figo’s technology-driven platform and comprehensive customization options appeal to those who value control and clarity in managing their pet’s health insurance. Pets Best’s broad range of customizable plans and add-on wellness coverage offers a tailored approach that can adapt to various pet health scenarios and owner budgets. This level of flexibility ensures that pet owners can craft a policy that precisely fits their needs, providing peace of mind and financial protection tailored to their pet’s life stage and health status.


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