5 Free or Low Cost Nearby Pug Rescue

Pugs are a very popular breed due to their unique appearance, lively personality, and small size. Here, we have brought together the best Pug rescues for adoption:

Pugs needing a home


First on our list of Pug rescues is Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles. Founded in 2011, Pug Nation has rescued and re-homed 1901 Pugs and Pug mixes. Pug Nation has a wonderful facility where Pugs are kept in spacious enclosures that resemble indoor gardens with white picket fencing. No small kennels here! All dogs brought to the facility are vet checked and given a bath before being assessed and introduced to their new Pug rescue friends. Pug Nation also has a list of foster homes for Pugs that need that little extra care.

To raise funds, Pug Nation has lots of events throughout the year, including an Open House in June at their facility, Pugtacular Spooktacular in October and regular online auctions and contests. All the money raised goes towards facility costs such as dog food, grooming and supplies, plus vet fees for any treatment their rescues may need before being rehomed.

Pug Nation LA Details

  • Website: pugnationla.org
  • Telephone: (310) 327-7871
  • Address: PO Box 484, Gardena, CA 90248


Next on our list is Central Florida Pug Rescue, a registered non-profit organization since 2006. They provide rescue, foster and adoption services for Pugs throughout Central Florida. Before any Pug is matched with their adoptive family, they are vet checked and treated for any health problems. As part of the adoption process, any pets already in the household must be up to date with their vaccinations and be spayed or neutered.

CFPR does not have a shelter and relies on a network of trusted foster homes to care for their Pugs until they find their forever family. To raise funds for the charity, CFPR hosts regular events such as Pugs In The City and Pugs In The Park. You can help support the charity by becoming a sponsor or purchasing Pug merchandise via their online store.

Central Florida Pug Rescue Details

  • Website: cfpugs.org
  • Telephone: (401) 756-4998
  • Address: PO Box 953744, Lake Mary, FL 32795


Sitting in the third spot on our list is the wonderful Green Mountain Pug Rescue covering Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Northern New York. GMPR is a non-profit organization taking in Pugs from shelters, puppy mills and other rescues.

GMPR ensures all Pugs are vet checked, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and tested for Lyme disease and heartworm. They have a thorough adoption process which includes a home visit. GMPR never rehomes a Pug to a family if they have other dogs who are not spayed or neutered. Most of their Pugs come from puppy mills and need a life away from breeding or stressful situations.

They have a fantastic Pug Tales page on their website where you can read their rescue stories and keep up to date on Pugs who have found their forever homes.

Green Mountain Pug Rescue Details

  • Website: greenmtnpugrescue.com
  • Telephone: (802) 238-5628 President, Kelli Mazzella or (802) 279-8858 Adoption Coordinator, Helen Bryan


PDWRA is a registered UK charity that has been helping surrendered and homeless Pugs since 1973. They operate across the UK, with 12 trustees managing 10 regional areas. In 2019 the charity helped to rehome over 350 Pugs! Last year they found homes for 248 Pugs, a great achievement considering the strict coronavirus restrictions they had to follow.

The charity does not use a kennel facility, relying on a number of volunteer foster families. They also have a strict adoption process. All potential adopters must be over the age of 21 and agree to a home check. PDWRA does not adopt Pugs to people who work full time.

They are always on the lookout for long term fosters or adoption applications for older Pugs and those that need to be rehomed as pairs. To raise funds to cover vet fees and transport costs, the charity organizes fundraising events such as drawing competitions, raffles and national pizza day photo share. They also encourage the public to hold coffee mornings and cake sales if they wish to fundraise for the charity.

Pug Dog Welfare and Rescue Association Details


Last on our list of Pug rescues is the delightful Muffinpug Rescue operating throughout the UK thanks to trusted foster families. None of their Pugs are placed in kennels. All Pugs are behavior assessed so they can be matched to the perfect family.  They are also vet checked including a blood test to check for heartworm and any underlying medical issues. Pugs will not be rehomed until they have been spayed or neutered to prevent them from ending up as a puppy mill dog.

Muffinpug organizes lots of fundraising events and attends lots of local fairs across the country to raise money towards the costs of vet care and transportation. They also run the Muffinpug lottery via their website with monthly prizes. The charity hopes to raise enough money to build a dedicated MuffinPug center without the use of kennels.

MuffinPug Rescue Details

When it comes to fostering or adopting pugs, potential owners must be aware that most rescue Pugs will have specific needs. Some are behavioral, especially for Pugs who have been rescued from backyard breeders, while others will need supportive care for health conditions.

Rehoming a rescue Pug is a rewarding and heart-warming experience, knowing that you are providing them with a safe and loving environment for the rest of their lives.

Abandoned Pug needs your help with finding a loving forever home.

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