6 Free or Low Cost Nearby Small Dog Rescue

There are many organizations that focus on finding homes for dogs of specific breeds and their mixes. Small dog rescues usually specialize in dogs under 25 pounds, but rescues do differ from organization to organization. In big cities like San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, there are hundreds of small companion animals waiting for a loving home.

Small Dog Rescue Near Me


Save A Small Dog is an amazing charity based in California, rescuing small dogs from high-kill shelters, as well as receiving surrendered and displaced dogs. They have a small rescue facility in Phelan, California and have a weekend partnership with PETCO.

The charity is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming small dogs and will ensure all dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and behavior assessed before being matched with their future family.

The rescue also has the Guardian Angel Sponsorship program where you can make a small monthly donation to support the charity. All donations go towards vet treatment, food and microchipping.

  • Website: saveasmalldogrescue.org
  • Telephone: (760) 269-4519
  • Postal Address: Save a Small Dong Rescue, PO Box 290462, Phelan, CA 92329


Tiny Paws Small Dog Rescue is a non-profit foster-based organization located in Wisconsin. They do not use shelters to house their dogs. Although they began as a dog rescue, they also foster and rehome cats.

The rescue’s mission is to keep as many dogs as possible out of high-kill shelters where they are likely to be euthanized due to limited space. The rescue works tirelessly to find foster homes for surrendered or homeless dogs until they can be found in new homes.

Tiny Paws Small Dog Rescue uses Petfinder.com to post their dogs available for adoption, with the contact details of the dog’s foster home.


Not to be confused with Tiny Paws Small Dog Rescue, this Tiny Paws has foster homes in Central and Southern New Jersey, as well as Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester and Delaware counties. They take in small-breed dogs from high-kill shelters like ACCT Philadelphia and place them with loving foster homes until they are matched with their forever homes.

All dogs rescued by Tiny Paws are vet checked, neutered/spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and undergo a Heartworm test. They have a thorough adoption process including a home check, 2 personal references, meeting all people and pets in the household and a deed verification to confirm the owner of the property where the dog will live.

Tiny Paws does not receive any public funding and relies solely on fundraising and private donations. They also have 2 support programs; Gizzy’s Gift and Tiny Wings. Gizzy’s Gift provides permanent foster homes to elderly dogs with terminal illnesses or disabilities that make adoption difficult. Tiny Wings is a program for terminally ill shelter dogs who have only hours or days to live. These dogs are removed from shelters and placed in a lovely foster home so they can spend their remaining short time in a warm and safe environment.

Website: tprescue.org

NB: TINY PAWS does not have a physical address or phone number. All contact is via their website or Facebook page Tiny Paws Rescue NJ.


4th on our list of small dog rescues is Clive Glen, a small dog rescue based in Walsall, England. They are a no-shelter organization, relying on a network of wonderful foster homes to care for the dogs until they are matched with their forever family.

Clive Glen deserves to be on our list due to their dedication to matching dogs to the perfect owners. All the dogs they rescue are vet checked, microchipped, neutered/spayed, vaccinated and treated for any underlying health conditions. Clive Glen has a very strict adoption application to ensure their dogs are rehomed to suitable adopters.

  • Address: Landywood Lane, Walsall, United Kingdom, WS6 &AJ
  • Telephone: 01785 302025 (answerphone service) 01922 415919 (Branch office)
  • Website: cliveglen.wixsite.com/dogrescue


5th on our list is Minimutts Dog Rescue. This fantastic rescue has foster groups in Dorset and Hampshire in the South of England and Northumberland in the North.

All the dogs adopted from Minimutts are placed in foster homes until their forever family are found. The rescue does not use kennels or any of their dogs. They believe in maintaining a safe and healthy home environment to help their dogs adjust better when they reach their forever homes.

The volunteer staff at Minimutts spend time with every dog, evaluating their temperament and going through training for those dogs with behavioral issues. They perform home checks of all prospective adopters and their dogs can be viewed with their foster family.

Website: minimuttsdogrescue.co.uk

NB: MINIMUTTS do not have a branch office or phone number. All contact is made via their website.


Angels may be one of the newest rescues on our list, but they definitely deserve their place here. The rescue was set up by Chrissy marshall in 2010 and they became a registered charity in 2017.

Like most of the other organizations on our list, Angels Small Paws Dog Rescue does not use kennels. All of their dogs are placed in foster homes until they have been vet checked, behavior assessed and matched with the perfect family.

They arrange regular events such as dog walks, auctions and raffles to raise funding for the charity. They also rely on public donations to cover the cost of vet fees, transportation costs and various admin/paperwork.

Where is the best place to get a small dog?

Shelters and rescue organizations: These organizations often have a variety of small dogs available for adoption, including purebreds and mixed breeds. Not only will you be giving a loving home to a dog in need, but many of these organizations also provide veterinary care and spay/neuter services.

Breed-specific rescues: If you have your heart set on a specific breed of small dog, breed-specific rescues may be a great option. These organizations focus on rescuing and rehoming dogs of a specific breed, and often have a good understanding of the breed’s characteristics and needs.

Responsible breeders: A responsible breeder will have a deep understanding of their chosen breed and be able to provide you with information about the dog’s health, temperament, and potential genetic issues. It’s important to research and visit the breeder before making a purchase to ensure they are providing healthy and well-socialized puppies.

Pet Stores: Some pet stores sell small dog breeds, but it’s important to make sure they are sourcing their puppies from reputable breeders. Some pet stores may acquire puppies from puppy mills which are unethical and provide unhealthy puppies.

Online Platforms: Online platforms like pet classifieds and social media groups are a place where you can find small dog breeds but it’s important to be cautious and be sure that you are buying from a reputable breeder. Research and ask for references before making a purchase.

Ultimately, the best place to get a small dog will depend on your personal preferences and needs. It’s important to thoroughly research any organization or breeder before bringing a new dog into your home and to ensure that they are providing healthy and well-socialized puppies.

What is the best website to adopt a dog?

Here are some potential options to consider when searching for the best website to adopt a dog:

  1. Petfinder: Petfinder is one of the largest and most popular pet adoption websites, with over 300,000 adoptable pets listed from over 14,000 animal shelters and rescue groups across North America. It allows you to search for adoptable pets based on your location and specific criteria, such as breed, size, and age.
  2. Adopt-a-Pet: Adopt-a-Pet is another well-known pet adoption website with a large database of adoptable pets from shelters and rescue groups across the United States. It also allows you to search for adoptable pets based on your location and specific criteria.
  3. The Shelter Pet Project: The Shelter Pet Project is a website run by the Humane Society of the United States and Maddie’s Fund. It allows you to search for adoptable pets from shelters and rescue groups across the United States and provides resources and information on how to adopt a pet responsibly.
  4. Local shelters and rescue groups: While national pet adoption websites can be helpful, it’s also important to consider looking for adoptable pets from local shelters and rescue groups. These organizations often have a more personal connection with the pets they have available for adoption, which can make the adoption process smoother and more successful.
  5. Social media: Many rescue groups and shelters now have a presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which can be a great way to find adoptable pets in your area. Keep an eye out for local groups or hashtags, and you might find the perfect furry companion.

What is the cutest smallest dog breed?

Here are some of the most adorably small dog breeds that are perfect for those who want a pint-sized companion:

  • Chihuahua: This breed is known for being the smallest dog in the world, weighing in at just 2 to 6 pounds. They have a distinctive apple-shaped head and large, expressive eyes that make them hard to resist.
  • Yorkshire Terrier: Often referred to as “Yorkies,” this breed weighs in at 4 to 7 pounds and is a popular choice for those who want a small dog with a big personality. They are active and playful, making them great companions for families.
  • Pomeranian: This fluffy, little ball of fur weighs in at 3 to 7 pounds and is known for being a friendly and outgoing breed. They are a popular choice for those who want a small dog that is easy to train and socialize.
  • Papillon: This tiny breed weighs in at 4 to 9 pounds and is known for its distinctive butterfly-like ears. They are playful and energetic, making them a great choice for those who want a small dog with a lot of personalities.
  • Shih Tzu: This breed weighs in at 9 to 16 pounds and is known for its long, silky hair that requires regular grooming. They are affectionate and loyal, making them a great choice for those who want a small dog that will be a loyal companion.

It’s important to note that size alone should not be the only factor when choosing a dog breed, as there are many other factors to consider such as personality, training, and exercise needs. It’s always better to research and find the breed that fits well with your lifestyle and family.


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