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Choosing a pet insurance provider can be a daunting task for pet parents. The industry is filled with numerous players, each with their own set of strengths and drawbacks. Among the top contenders are Figo and Healthy Paws. This article will delve into a comprehensive comparison of these two pet insurance giants, examining their coverage, cost, policy options, customer reviews, and more.

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Coverage: What’s Included?

Figo Coverage

Figo offers a wide range of coverage that includes accidents, illnesses, hereditary and congenital conditions, chronic conditions, and cancer. It also covers prescription medications, surgeries, hospitalization, and emergency services. One unique aspect of Figo’s coverage is that it includes exam fees associated with covered conditions, which many other pet insurance companies exclude.

Healthy Paws Coverage

Healthy Paws’ coverage is also comprehensive, covering accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, chronic conditions, cancer, and prescription medications. Like Figo, they cover surgery, hospitalization, and emergency services. However, unlike Figo, Healthy Paws does not cover exam fees related to covered conditions or preventative care.

Cost and Policy Options: What Will It Cost You?

Figo Policy Options

Figo offers three different policy tiers (Essential, Preferred, and Ultimate), allowing pet parents to choose a plan that fits their budget and needs. The plans offer a range of deductibles, from $50 to $500, and reimbursement levels from 70% to 100%. The flexibility of Figo’s plans is a notable strength.

Healthy Paws Policy Options

Healthy Paws offers one simple, comprehensive plan, with a choice of deductibles ($100, $250, or $500) and a standard reimbursement level of 70%, 80%, or 90%. While there are fewer options to customize, this can be an advantage for those seeking simplicity and straightforward coverage.

Customer Reviews: What Do Pet Parents Say?

Figo Reviews

Figo generally receives positive reviews from customers, with many praising its comprehensive coverage, easy-to-use app, and efficient claim processing. However, some customers mention price increases over time as a potential drawback.

Healthy Paws Reviews

Like Figo, Healthy Paws receives largely positive reviews from customers. Pet parents frequently note the company’s excellent customer service and speedy claim reimbursement. However, there are also mentions of premium increases, and some customers express disappointment about the lack of coverage for exam fees.

Policy Benefits and Limitations

Figo Benefits and Limitations

One advantage of Figo is its transparency. All policy benefits, from diagnostic tests to hospitalization, are clearly outlined in its policy document. This level of detail can help pet owners understand exactly what’s covered.

However, a limitation with Figo is that it doesn’t cover routine wellness care, such as vaccinations, flea prevention, or dental cleaning. This could be a disadvantage if you are looking for comprehensive coverage that includes preventive care.

Figo’s policies also come with an annual limit on payouts, which could potentially cap the amount of coverage you can receive. This is a point worth considering if your pet has a chronic or severe health condition.

Healthy Paws Benefits and Limitations

Healthy Paws, on the other hand, provides unlimited lifetime benefits with no caps on claim payouts. This could be a significant advantage if your pet were to develop a severe or chronic illness.

However, similar to Figo, Healthy Paws also does not cover routine wellness care. Furthermore, it excludes the coverage of examination fees associated with illness or injury. This could potentially increase out-of-pocket costs if your pet needs frequent veterinary visits.

Technology and Customer Service

Figo Technology and Customer Service

Figo sets itself apart with its advanced technology. Its Pet Cloud app provides a host of features, including electronic claim filing, 24/7 virtual vet visits, and a pet tag that helps reunite lost pets with their owners. These features are designed to make pet ownership and insurance management easier.

As for customer service, Figo offers live chat, email, and phone support. Many customers praise Figo’s customer service for being responsive and helpful.

Healthy Paws Technology and Customer Service

Healthy Paws doesn’t have as many tech features as Figo, but it does offer a simple and user-friendly app for policy management and claim filing. Its streamlined approach can be an advantage for pet parents who prefer simplicity and ease of use.

Healthy Paws also offers phone and email support, and customer reviews often highlight their fast claim processing and empathetic customer service.

Waiting Periods

Figo Waiting Period

Figo has a 3-day waiting period for accidents and a 14-day waiting period for illnesses. This is relatively standard in the pet insurance industry. However, for knee and hip dysplasia conditions, the waiting period is 6 months.

Healthy Paws Waiting Period

Healthy Paws also has a 15-day waiting period for accidents and illnesses. However, it has a 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia and related conditions, which is longer than Figo’s.

The Verdict: Figo or Healthy Paws?

Both Figo and Healthy Paws offer robust coverage options for pet parents. Figo stands out with its coverage of exam fees and its three-tiered policy options, offering flexibility to meet different budget needs. Meanwhile, Healthy Paws offers simplicity with its single plan, making it an easy choice for pet parents who want comprehensive coverage without the need to select from numerous policy options.

When deciding between the two, consider your pet’s health needs and your budget. If your pet frequently visits the vet and you would like the exam fees covered, Figo might be the better option. However, if you prefer a simpler insurance policy and can overlook the exam fees, Healthy Paws could be the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Figo Offer Direct Vet Payment?

Unlike many other insurers, Figo offers an option for direct payment to the vet. This means you don’t have to pay the vet out of pocket and then wait for reimbursement. However, keep in mind that not all vets accept direct payments from insurance companies.

2. Does Healthy Paws Cover Alternative Therapies?

Yes, Healthy Paws covers alternative treatments, such as chiropractic care, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and physical therapy, provided they are recommended and performed by a licensed veterinarian. This is a significant benefit for pet parents seeking holistic treatment options for their pets.

3. Are Prescription Foods Covered by Figo or Healthy Paws?

Figo covers prescription food under its policies, but only if it is used to treat a covered illness and not for general health maintenance or weight management. On the other hand, Healthy Paws does not cover the cost of prescription food under any circumstance.

4. Are Pre-existing Conditions Covered by Either Company?

Neither Figo nor Healthy Paws covers pre-existing conditions. This is standard across the pet insurance industry. A pre-existing condition is defined as any condition that first occurred or showed symptoms before your pet’s coverage started or during the waiting period.

5. What Age Restrictions Apply for Figo and Healthy Paws Policies?

Figo offers policies for dogs and cats as young as eight weeks, with no upper age limit, making it a good option for pet parents with older pets. Healthy Paws has a similar lower age limit but caps enrollment at 14 years for dogs and cats. After enrollment, coverage is lifelong, regardless of age.

6. Does Healthy Paws Offer a Multi-Pet Discount?

Yes, Healthy Paws offers a multi-pet discount. If you enroll two or more pets, you will receive a discount. Figo, however, does not offer a multi-pet discount at this time.

7. How Do Figo and Healthy Paws Handle Breed-Specific Conditions?

Both Figo and Healthy Paws cover breed-specific conditions, as long as the condition is not pre-existing. However, the premium may be higher for breeds that are known to be prone to certain genetic conditions.

8. Can I Use My Own Vet with Figo and Healthy Paws?

Absolutely. Both Figo and Healthy Paws allow you to visit any licensed veterinarian, including specialists and emergency animal hospitals. This gives you the flexibility to choose the best care available for your pet, no matter where you are.

9. How Quickly Do Figo and Healthy Paws Reimburse Claims?

Figo aims to process and reimburse claims within ten business days of receipt, depending on the complexity of the claim. Healthy Paws also strives for quick reimbursement, typically within ten days of receiving all necessary information.

10. Do Figo and Healthy Paws Cover Behavioral Issues?

Figo covers the cost of behavioral therapy if it’s prescribed by a veterinarian to treat a covered condition. On the other hand, Healthy Paws does not cover any costs related to behavioral problems or therapy.

11. Can I Adjust My Deductible and Reimbursement Level with Figo and Healthy Paws?

Yes, both Figo and Healthy Paws allow policyholders to customize their plans by selecting their preferred deductible and reimbursement level. This flexibility can help you balance the cost of the monthly premium with the out-of-pocket expense you’re comfortable with.

12. Do Figo and Healthy Paws Policies Cover Cancer Treatment?

Yes, both Figo and Healthy Paws provide coverage for cancer treatment, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, as long as the condition is not pre-existing. This is a crucial benefit considering cancer treatment can be costly.

13. How Do Figo and Healthy Paws Determine Premium Rates?

The premium rates for Figo and Healthy Paws are determined by several factors, including the pet’s age, breed, and location, as well as the chosen deductible, reimbursement level, and coverage plan.

14. Are Spaying and Neutering Covered by Figo or Healthy Paws?

Neither Figo nor Healthy Paws covers the cost of spaying or neutering as it’s considered routine preventative care. However, any complications that arise from these procedures that require further treatment may be covered.

15. Do Figo and Healthy Paws Cover Dental Health?

Figo provides coverage for dental illnesses and injuries related to accidents, but not for routine dental care or periodontal disease. Healthy Paws covers dental treatments, but only if they stem from an injury to the teeth and/or certain extractions. Routine dental cleaning and care are not covered.

16. Are Prescription Medications Covered by Figo and Healthy Paws?

Yes, both Figo and Healthy Paws cover the cost of prescription medications as part of their comprehensive plans. This includes drugs prescribed for the treatment of covered accidents and illnesses.

17. Do Figo and Healthy Paws Cover Vaccinations?

Neither Figo nor Healthy Paws covers the cost of vaccinations. These are considered preventative care, which is not typically covered by pet insurance providers.

18. How Long are the Waiting Periods for Figo and Healthy Paws?

Figo has a three-day waiting period for accidents and a 14-day waiting period for illnesses. For knee conditions, there is a six-month waiting period. Healthy Paws has a 15-day waiting period for both accidents and illnesses. However, the waiting period can be waived under certain conditions.

19. Are Parasite Treatments Covered by Figo and Healthy Paws?

While both Figo and Healthy Paws cover treatments for parasites if they result from a covered accident or illness, preventative treatments for parasites (like heartworm prevention or flea/tick treatments) are not covered.

20. Do Figo and Healthy Paws Cover Emergency Room and Specialist Visits?

Yes, both Figo and Healthy Paws provide coverage for visits to emergency rooms and specialist consultations. This includes surgeries, hospitalization, diagnostic tests, and treatments provided by these facilities or specialists.

21. Are Chronic Conditions Covered by Figo and Healthy Paws?

Chronic conditions are covered by both Figo and Healthy Paws as long as they are not pre-existing. This includes conditions like diabetes, arthritis, or allergies that require ongoing treatment.

22. Do Figo and Healthy Paws Offer Wellness Plans?

Neither Figo nor Healthy Paws offers a wellness plan. Both companies focus on providing coverage for unexpected accidents and illnesses rather than preventative care.

23. Can Policies from Figo or Healthy Paws be Used Nationwide?

Yes, policies from both Figo and Healthy Paws can be used with any licensed veterinarian nationwide, giving you flexibility in your choice of veterinarian or specialist.

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