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Pet insurance has become an essential service for pet parents who want to protect their furry family members from unforeseen health problems and hefty vet bills. With numerous insurance providers offering a range of coverages, making an informed decision can be challenging. In this article, we delve into the critical comparisons between two popular providers – Figo Pet Insurance and Pets Best.

Figo Pet Insurance: The Tech-Friendly Provider

Figo is a relatively new entrant in the pet insurance market, but its innovative, tech-forward approach has quickly made it a popular choice. Its robust, customizable plans offer comprehensive coverage, and the standout feature is its cloud-based platform, which gives pet parents 24/7 access to their pet’s health records and offers live vet support.

Pets Best: The Speedy Reimburser

Pets Best, on the other hand, has been in the industry for decades. It prides itself on providing flexible coverage with prompt claim processing. They offer a 24/7 veterinary support line and a unique wellness plan that provides coverage for routine care, which is a feature not found in many other insurance providers.

Detailed Comparison: Coverage, Pricing, and Extras


Figo offers three plans – Essential, Preferred, and Ultimate – each offering varying levels of coverage. Notably, Figo offers a 100% reimbursement option, rare in the pet insurance world. It also covers exam fees, which many other providers exclude.

Pets Best offers two plans – Essential and Plus – and an optional wellness add-on. They cover accidents, illnesses, emergency visits, and some hereditary and congenital conditions. While Pets Best doesn’t offer 100% reimbursement, they do provide a range of options from 70% to 90%.


Pricing varies for both companies depending on your pet’s breed, age, and location. Typically, Figo’s premiums are a bit higher than Pets Best. However, Figo’s coverage is more comprehensive, offering value for money, particularly for those with pets prone to illnesses or accidents.

Pets Best is often seen as a more affordable choice, and its wellness plan can be an added benefit for pet parents who want routine care coverage.


Figo’s Pet Cloud is its standout feature, offering a centralized platform for all pet-related matters, including reminders for vet appointments, vaccination updates, and easy filing of claims.

Pets Best doesn’t offer a comparable tech feature but outshines with its wellness plan and swift claims processing, often resolving claims within a week.

User Experiences and Reviews

While Figo has gained popularity due to its comprehensive coverage and tech-forward approach, some users have reported dissatisfaction with rate hikes in renewal premiums.

Pets Best generally has positive reviews for its prompt claims processing. However, some users have reported dissatisfaction with claim denials due to complex policy wording.

Comparing the Plans

When it comes to Figo and Pets Best, the specifics of the coverage plans become paramount in your decision-making process.

Figo’s Plans: Essential, Preferred, and Ultimate

Figo provides three core plans that expand in coverage with each tier. The Essential plan serves as the base level, covering essential medical costs, such as surgeries, prescriptions, hospitalization, and chronic conditions. The Preferred plan expands on this by including rehabilitation, knee conditions, and final expenses.

The Ultimate plan provides the most comprehensive coverage, encompassing all the features from Essential and Preferred, with additional benefits like boarding fees and lost pet advertising. What sets Figo apart is its option for a 100% reimbursement rate. Furthermore, Figo covers exam fees for accidents and illnesses, a feature not commonly offered by other insurers.

Pets Best’s Plans: Essential, Plus, and Elite

Pets Best also offers three levels of coverage – Essential, Plus, and Elite. The Essential plan includes basics like accidents, illnesses, cancer treatments, and surgeries. The Plus plan incorporates exam fees for illnesses and accidents, while the Elite plan includes rehabilitative, acupuncture, and chiropractic coverage.

A distinct advantage Pets Best presents is its wellness add-on, known as BestWellness, covering routine care procedures like vaccinations, flea/tick prevention, and routine screenings.

Analyzing Policy Details

Both Figo and Pets Best cover hereditary and congenital conditions. They also extend coverage for chronic conditions and prescription medications, crucial factors for pets with ongoing health issues.

However, neither Figo nor Pets Best covers pre-existing conditions, a common exclusion among pet insurance providers. This factor is essential to consider when insuring older pets, who may already have chronic ailments.

The Claim Process and Customer Support

Figo’s tech-centric approach extends to its claim process. Pet parents can file claims directly through Figo’s Pet Cloud app, where they can also track their claim status. The live vet support available through the app is a boon for pet parents needing immediate consultation.

Pets Best, although not offering a similar tech platform, prides itself on speedy claim reimbursements, often processing claims within 5 days. Their 24/7 vet helpline is an added benefit, offering round-the-clock support to pet parents.

Considering the Cost

Cost is a significant factor when choosing pet insurance. In general, Figo’s premiums tend to be higher than Pets Best, reflecting the extensive coverage they provide. However, they also offer more flexibility, allowing pet parents to customize their deductible, reimbursement percentage, and annual limit.

Pets Best offers a more affordable choice, with a range of pricing options that can fit various budgets. Their optional wellness plan, albeit for an extra cost, can provide added value, covering routine care expenses.

Real Experiences: User Reviews

Both Figo and Pets Best have been praised for their customer service. However, some Figo customers have reported significant premium increases at renewal time, causing dissatisfaction. Pets Best has mostly positive feedback regarding their quick claim processing, although some users felt that the policy language could be complex, leading to misunderstanding about coverage.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Fit

In the Figo vs. Pets Best debate, your decision should hinge on your specific needs and preferences. If you prefer comprehensive coverage, a tech-friendly approach, and don’t mind paying slightly higher premiums, Figo might be the better fit. Conversely, if fast claim reimbursement, wellness coverage, and more affordable plans are your priorities, Pets Best might be more suitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Pre-existing Conditions Covered?

Neither Figo nor Pets Best covers pre-existing conditions, a common exclusion among most pet insurance providers. It’s essential to bear this in mind, especially when considering insurance for older pets, which may already have some health issues.

2. Are Wellness Plans Available?

Figo does not offer wellness plans as part of their coverage. They focus primarily on unexpected medical expenses like injuries and illnesses. On the other hand, Pets Best offers a unique wellness package as an add-on. Known as BestWellness, this covers routine care procedures, including vaccinations and routine screenings.

3. How Long Does It Take to Process Claims?

Figo does not specify a timeline for claims reimbursement, but they strive to process them as quickly as possible. Pets Best stands out here with their swift claims processing, often reimbursing customers within 5 days of filing a claim.

4. Can I Choose My Own Vet?

Yes, with both Figo and Pets Best, you have the freedom to choose any licensed veterinarian, specialist, or emergency clinic. Neither provider restricts you to a specific network, offering you flexibility when it comes to your pet’s care.

5. What is the Waiting Period?

Both Figo and Pets Best have waiting periods before the policy becomes effective. For Figo, there’s a 3-day waiting period for accidents, a 14-day waiting period for illnesses, and a 6-month waiting period for knee conditions. Pets Best has a 3-day waiting period for accidents, a 14-day waiting period for illnesses, and varying waiting periods for certain orthopedic conditions depending on your state.

6. How are Premiums Calculated?

Premiums for both Figo and Pets Best depend on multiple factors, including the pet’s breed, age, location, and the chosen coverage level. Typically, Figo’s premiums are higher due to their comprehensive coverage, but they offer a degree of customization allowing pet parents to manage costs.

7. What if I Have Multiple Pets?

Both Figo and Pets Best offer multi-pet discounts. Figo provides a 10% discount for each additional pet, while Pets Best offers a 5% discount on the base premium for each additional pet insured. It’s a nice perk for households with more than one pet.

8. Does Age Affect Coverage?

Neither Figo nor Pets Best has an upper age limit for coverage, making them excellent options for older pets. However, keep in mind that premiums may be higher for older pets, and any pre-existing conditions will not be covered.

9. Are Holistic and Alternative Treatments Covered?

While Figo does not explicitly cover alternative treatments, they do offer some coverage for rehabilitation services under their Preferred and Ultimate plans. On the other hand, Pets Best includes coverage for alternative therapies, such as acupuncture and chiropractic care, in their Elite plan.

10. What’s Unique About Figo’s Pet Cloud?

Figo’s Pet Cloud is a unique feature that sets Figo apart from many other pet insurance providers. The platform offers a centralized place for all pet-related management, including uploading medical records, filing and tracking claims, and even locating pet-friendly establishments. In addition, it provides access to a live vet chat feature, offering a quick way to address your pet-related questions and concerns.

11. Can I Change My Coverage Level?

With both Figo and Pets Best, you can adjust your coverage level, giving you the flexibility to accommodate changes in your financial situation or your pet’s health needs. It’s important to note that any changes may affect your premium, and certain conditions diagnosed under one coverage level may not be covered if you downgrade your plan.

12. Are Prescription Medications Covered?

Yes, both Figo and Pets Best cover the cost of prescription medications required to treat covered conditions. This coverage is beneficial, especially for pets with chronic conditions requiring ongoing medication.

13. Are Congenital and Hereditary Conditions Covered?

Yes, both Figo and Pets Best cover hereditary and congenital conditions, provided these conditions were not diagnosed or suspected before the coverage started. It’s a vital feature if you own or plan to own a breed susceptible to specific inherited conditions.

14. What Are the Terms for Policy Cancellation?

Both Figo and Pets Best allow you to cancel your policy at any time. However, it’s advisable to check with the respective company for any specific terms or conditions tied to cancellation, especially regarding refunds.

15. What If My Pet Has a Chronic Condition?

Both Figo and Pets Best offer coverage for chronic conditions, which is a significant benefit for pet owners dealing with ongoing health issues. However, the condition must not have been present or diagnosed before the start of the policy, as pre-existing conditions are not covered.

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