How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Pet Supplies Plus?

Pet Supplies Plus (PSP) is a renowned pet store chain in the U.S., boasting a wide range of pet products and grooming services. For young individuals looking for employment, it’s essential to know the age requirements for working at establishments like PSP. So, how old do you need to be to land a job at Pet Supplies Plus?

Age Requirements at Pet Supplies Plus

Typically, to work at Pet Supplies Plus, you need to be at least 16 years old. However, the exact age requirement might vary based on the position you’re applying for and individual store policies.

Job Positions for Young Applicants

1. Cashier/Sales Associate:

  • Age Requirement: Usually starts at 16.
  • Role Description: Handling customer transactions, organizing store shelves, and assisting customers with their queries.

2. Stock Associate:

  • Age Requirement: Typically 16 and above.
  • Role Description: Unloading merchandise, stocking shelves, and maintaining inventory.

3. Pet Care Associate:

  • Age Requirement: Generally 16+, but may require more experience or training.
  • Role Description: Taking care of store animals, maintaining clean habitats, and educating customers about pet care.

Positions That May Require Older Applicants

1. Groomer or Groomer Trainee

  • Age Requirement: Usually 18 and above due to the nature of the job.
  • Role Description: Providing grooming services such as bathing, brushing, and nail trimming.

2. Store Manager or Assistant Manager

  • Age Requirement: Typically 18 or 21 and above, along with relevant experience.
  • Role Description: Overseeing store operations, managing employees, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

What You Should Know Before Applying

Work Permits: If you’re under 18, many states require a work permit which you can obtain from your school.

Training: PSP often offers training programs, especially for specific roles like grooming.

Career Growth: Starting as a young employee can pave the way for career growth within the company.

Employee Benefits: PSP often offers employee discounts, which can be beneficial if you’re a pet lover!


Pet Supplies Plus offers a variety of job opportunities for both young and older applicants. If you’re passionate about animals and are looking for a rewarding job, consider starting your career journey with PSP. Remember to check the specific age requirements at your local store and ensure you have the necessary work permits if you’re under 18.

FAQs About Working at Pet Supplies Plus

Q1: What kind of training does Pet Supplies Plus offer to new employees?

Answer: Pet Supplies Plus provides comprehensive training tailored to each position. For instance, groomers undergo a detailed program that covers various grooming techniques, safety protocols, and customer interaction. Cashiers and sales associates are trained in store operations, product knowledge, and POS (Point Of Sale) systems. Moreover, continuous learning is encouraged, with periodic workshops and refresher courses available.

Q2: Are there opportunities for part-time roles at Pet Supplies Plus?

Answer: Absolutely! Many young employees, especially students, opt for part-time roles. These positions offer flexible hours, which can be a great fit for those juggling school and work.

Q3: Does Pet Supplies Plus have a uniform policy?

Answer: Yes, most Pet Supplies Plus locations require employees to wear a branded shirt, provided by the store, combined with black or khaki pants. Closed-toed, non-slip shoes are also generally a must, especially for those working in grooming or handling animals.

Q4: How does the growth trajectory look for young employees at PSP?

Answer: PSP is known for promoting from within. Many employees who start in entry-level positions often find opportunities to climb the ranks, moving onto supervisory or even managerial roles. The company values dedication and hard work, and with the right attitude, the sky’s the limit!

Q5: How does Pet Supplies Plus handle employee benefits and compensation?

Answer: Employees can expect competitive pay rates, and many stores also offer additional benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off, particularly for full-time roles. Plus, there’s often an enticing employee discount on store merchandise.

Q6: What is the company culture like at Pet Supplies Plus?

Answer: PSP emphasizes a team-driven environment where employees are encouraged to collaborate and support one another. The company culture revolves around a shared love for animals, ensuring both staff and customers share a common passion.

Q7: Can employees bring their pets to work?

Answer: While every store’s policy might vary, many Pet Supplies Plus locations are pet-friendly and allow employees to bring their well-behaved pets to work, fostering an even more enjoyable and lively work environment.

Q8: Is previous experience in pet care required for employment?

Answer: While experience is a bonus, especially for roles like grooming, it’s not always mandatory. PSP values enthusiasm and a genuine love for animals. They provide the necessary training to ensure every employee is equipped with the skills they need.

Q9: How frequently does Pet Supplies Plus hire?

Answer: Hiring frequency depends on the specific needs of each store location. Some stores might hire seasonally, especially during peak shopping times like the holidays, while others may have ongoing hiring to fill roles left vacant due to staff turnovers or store expansions.

Q10: How can I apply for a job at Pet Supplies Plus?

Answer: Interested candidates can visit the official Pet Supplies Plus website to view current job openings. Many stores also display ‘now hiring’ signs, and candidates can walk in to inquire and fill out an application.

Q11: How is the work-life balance at Pet Supplies Plus?

Answer: While the demands can vary based on roles, locations, and peak seasons, PSP typically emphasizes a healthy work-life balance. Flexible scheduling, especially for part-time employees, is a hallmark, enabling staff to manage other commitments effectively.

Q12: What is the policy on diversity and inclusion at PSP?

Answer: Pet Supplies Plus is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. They believe in equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, gender, age, religion, or disability. The brand takes pride in its varied workforce and encourages individuality and unique perspectives.

Q13: What safety measures are in place for employees handling animals?

Answer: Safety is paramount at PSP. Employees receive training on safe handling practices to avoid accidents or injuries. Additionally, stores are equipped with first aid kits, and safety protocols are in place to manage any unforeseen incidents.

Q14: Are there any mentorship or leadership programs available?

Answer: Many stores offer mentorship opportunities where seasoned employees guide and support newcomers. This hands-on learning not only aids skill development but also strengthens team bonds.

Q15: How does PSP handle customer feedback and complaints?

Answer: Customer satisfaction is a top priority. PSP encourages feedback through various channels, including in-store forms, online platforms, and direct communication. All feedback is reviewed diligently, and necessary actions are taken to ensure continuous improvement.

Q16: Are there eco-friendly initiatives at Pet Supplies Plus?

Answer: Many PSP locations are increasingly embracing eco-friendly practices. From offering sustainable products to implementing recycling initiatives in-store, the brand is conscious of its environmental footprint and is working towards a greener future.

Q17: How does the company stay updated with the latest trends in pet care?

Answer: Continuous learning is integral at PSP. The brand frequently conducts market research, attends industry seminars, and collaborates with experts to stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations in pet care.

Q18: Can employees transfer between Pet Supplies Plus locations?

Answer: Employee transfers are typically possible, subject to the needs of individual stores and the employee’s performance record. It’s always best for employees to discuss potential transfers with their current store manager and the desired location’s manager.

Q19: How does PSP engage with the local community?

Answer: Community engagement is vital for PSP. Many stores host local adoption events, partner with local shelters, and conduct pet care seminars and workshops for the community. It’s not just a business; it’s a community hub for pet lovers.

Q20: Are there opportunities for international employment with PSP?

Answer: While Pet Supplies Plus predominantly operates in the United States, any expansions or international opportunities would be listed on their official website’s career section. Those interested in international roles should keep an eye on PSP’s official announcements and job listings.

Q21: Does PSP offer training for specialized roles like groomers or aquatics experts?

Answer: Absolutely. PSP believes in empowering its staff. For specialized roles, a more intensive training module, sometimes complemented by external certifications or courses, ensures employees are well-equipped to handle their responsibilities.

Q22: Are there employee discounts on store products?

Answer: Yes, one of the perks of working at PSP is the employee discount, which can be applied to most products in the store. It’s a great way for employees to procure quality pet products at a reduced price.

Q23: How does PSP ensure the well-being of animals in the store?

Answer: PSP maintains rigorous standards of animal care. Regular health check-ups, clean habitats, scheduled feeding times, and constant monitoring ensure that every animal in the store is healthy and happy.

Q24: What is the approach towards sustainable and ethical sourcing of products?

Answer: PSP is dedicated to responsible sourcing. The brand collaborates with suppliers who adhere to ethical production practices and are committed to sustainability, ensuring that products align with the brand’s values.

Q25: Are there opportunities for career growth within the company?

Answer: PSP is passionate about nurturing talent. Dedicated employees often find opportunities to climb the ranks, moving from entry-level roles to managerial or even corporate positions, based on performance, skills, and the needs of the company.

Q26: How does PSP handle online orders and curbside pickups, especially during peak times?

Answer: With an efficient online ordering system, PSP ensures timely preparation of orders. During peak times, additional staff might be allocated to manage online requests. Curbside pickups are organized seamlessly, with clear communication between the store and customers.

Q27: What types of benefits are offered to full-time employees?

Answer: Full-time employees at PSP can expect a comprehensive benefits package, which often includes health insurance, paid time off, retirement plans, and more. The specifics can vary by location and position.

Q28: How often does PSP update its product range?

Answer: To cater to the evolving needs of pet owners and pets, PSP regularly reviews and updates its product lineup. New products, innovations, and trends are often introduced, while less popular items might be phased out.

Q29: Are there any collaborative events or partnerships that PSP engages in throughout the year?

Answer: PSP often collaborates with local animal shelters, veterinarians, and pet care experts to host events, seminars, and adoption drives. Such partnerships enhance community engagement and support broader pet care objectives.

Q30: How does PSP handle situations where a pet product is recalled?

Answer: In the event of a recall, PSP takes immediate action. Affected products are removed from shelves, and customers who purchased them are usually notified. Information about the recall is often made available in-store and on the brand’s website, ensuring transparency and customer safety.

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