Trupanion vs. Figo

Before diving into specifics, let’s establish a basic understanding of pet insurance. Pet insurance is designed to offset the costs of unexpected veterinary expenses, providing coverage for everything from injuries and illnesses to genetic conditions and emergency treatments. Notably, each insurance provider offers unique policies with varying levels of coverage, deductibles, and premiums.

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Trupanion and Figo: A Brief Introduction

Trupanion and Figo are both renowned for offering robust pet insurance plans. Trupanion has been a market leader since 2000, known for its simplicity and comprehensive one-plan policy. On the other hand, Figo, launched in 2015, has gained recognition for its innovative approach to pet insurance and digital-friendly service.


Trupanion Coverage

Trupanion offers a straightforward, one-plan-fits-all approach with 90% coverage for all new injuries and illnesses, with no payout limit. Their coverage includes hospital stays, diagnostic tests, surgeries, medications, and prosthetic devices. Trupanion does not cover examination fees or preventive care.

Figo Coverage

Unlike Trupanion, Figo offers three flexible plans: Essential, Preferred, and Ultimate, with annual benefits ranging from $5,000 to unlimited. All Figo plans cover emergencies, hospitalization, surgeries, hereditary and congenital conditions, and chronic illnesses. Additionally, Figo offers an optional “Wellness Plan” which can cover routine care costs.

Deductibles and Reimbursements

Both Trupanion and Figo offer customizable deductibles and reimbursement levels.

Trupanion Deductibles and Reimbursements

Trupanion provides a per-condition lifetime deductible, which means once you’ve met your deductible for a specific condition, coverage for that condition is available without any further deductible. Their reimbursement rate is a flat 90%.

Figo Deductibles and Reimbursements

Figo’s deductibles are annual and range from $100 to $1,500. Their reimbursement levels can be set at 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100%, allowing for greater customization.


Trupanion’s pricing is generally higher than Figo’s due to its unlimited payout benefit and per-condition deductible. Figo’s premiums are more affordable, but the pricing can increase based on the chosen plan and optional coverage.

User Experience

Trupanion’s user experience is straightforward, while Figo stands out with its cloud-based platform, Pet Cloud, and mobile app. These digital tools facilitate claim submission, direct chat with licensed veterinarians, and storing of pet’s medical records.

Policy Features

Trupanion Policy Features

Trupanion’s policy features are straightforward, maintaining a singular focus on providing comprehensive medical coverage for pets. Trupanion’s policy extends to hereditary and congenital conditions, which is a significant benefit for purebred pets that may suffer from breed-specific illnesses. Additionally, they offer a Recovery and Complementary Care Rider, which covers alternative therapies such as acupuncture, physical therapy, and hydrotherapy.

One standout feature of Trupanion is its direct payment to veterinarians, available through the Trupanion Express program. This feature allows pet owners to only be responsible for their portion of the bill during checkout, eliminating the usual reimbursement waiting period.

Figo Policy Features

Figo sets itself apart with its suite of additional benefits. Their policies include coverage for behavioral therapies – a relatively uncommon feature among pet insurance providers. Also, they provide reimbursement for boarding fees if the pet owner is hospitalized and cannot take care of their pet.

Figo’s optional Wellness Plan distinguishes it further. This plan covers preventative care costs such as vaccinations, routine screenings, and heartworm prevention. It’s an excellent addition for pet parents who want a comprehensive coverage plan that includes routine care.

Customer Service

Customer service is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a pet insurance provider. Both Trupanion and Figo stand out in this regard.

Trupanion Customer Service

Trupanion’s customer service is accessible 24/7 to answer policyholder inquiries. They are known for their exceptional support, with representatives who are trained to guide pet owners through difficult times. Additionally, their online portal provides an easy and efficient way for policyholders to file claims.

Figo Customer Service

Figo’s customer service shines with its innovative technology. Figo offers a live chat feature for quick answers to policy questions. Policyholders can contact customer support via email, phone, text, or through their app, providing multiple avenues of communication. Figo’s Pet Cloud app allows pet parents to manage their policy, make claims, and even find pet-friendly places, creating an all-in-one platform for pet owners.

Claims Processing

The speed and ease of claims processing significantly impact the pet insurance experience.

Trupanion Claims Processing

Trupanion’s claim processing is efficient, with most claims processed within seven days. Their direct payment option, Trupanion Express, eliminates the need for filing claims in many instances, as payments are made directly to the vet.

Figo Claims Processing

Figo is renowned for its fast claims processing, with many claims processed within three to five days. The claim filing process is simple – policyholders just need to upload their veterinary bill to the Figo Pet Cloud app.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between Trupanion and Figo boils down to personal preferences and your pet’s unique needs. Trupanion’s simple, unlimited coverage is ideal for pet owners who want comprehensive coverage without worrying about hitting payout limits. Figo, on the other hand, provides flexible plans and a highly digital customer experience, which could be appealing to tech-savvy pet parents.

Frequently Asked Questions: Trupanion vs. Figo

What are the waiting periods for Trupanion and Figo?

For both Trupanion and Figo, coverage begins after a waiting period. Trupanion enforces a 5-day waiting period for injuries and a 30-day waiting period for illnesses. If you have a policy with Figo, the waiting period is 3 days for injuries, 14 days for illnesses, and 6 months for knee conditions.

Do Trupanion and Figo cover pre-existing conditions?

Like most pet insurance providers, neither Trupanion nor Figo covers pre-existing conditions. However, Trupanion does cover conditions that a pet was cured of and remained cured for at least 18 months. Figo, on the other hand, does not make this distinction.

Do Trupanion and Figo offer multi-pet discounts?

Yes, both companies offer multi-pet discounts. Trupanion offers a 5% discount on additional pets enrolled after the first one. Figo offers a 10% discount for households with multiple pets insured.

Can Trupanion and Figo coverage be used with any veterinarian?

Yes, both Trupanion and Figo allow you to use any licensed veterinarian, emergency animal hospital, or specialty center in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

Do Trupanion and Figo cover prescription medications?

Yes, both Trupanion and Figo cover the cost of prescription medications for covered conditions. However, this doesn’t include medications for routine care or preventative treatments unless you have Figo’s optional wellness plan.

How are claims submitted with Trupanion and Figo?

Trupanion allows you to submit claims via their online portal or through mail or fax. Figo makes the claim process easy with its app, where you can upload the invoice and necessary documents.

Can I adjust my premium with Trupanion and Figo?

Yes, both Trupanion and Figo allow you to adjust your premium by customizing your deductible and reimbursement levels. Trupanion’s deductible range is $0 – $1,000, and they offer a set 90% reimbursement rate. Figo provides a deductible range of $100 – $1,500 and reimbursement levels of 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100%.

What is the age limit for coverage with Trupanion and Figo?

For Trupanion, pets must be enrolled between 8 weeks and 14 years old. Once enrolled, coverage is lifelong, regardless of age. Figo, on the other hand, enrolls pets from 8 weeks old with no upper age limit. It’s important to note that while Figo does provide coverage for senior pets, premiums tend to be higher for older animals.

Are dental treatments covered by Trupanion and Figo?

Trupanion provides coverage for dental illnesses and injuries, including tooth extractions and reconstructive surgery. However, routine dental care is not covered. Similarly, Figo covers dental illnesses and trauma but does not cover preventative dental care unless the optional wellness plan is purchased.

Do Trupanion and Figo cover alternative therapies?

Yes, both companies offer coverage for alternative treatments. Trupanion includes this coverage in their base policy, while Figo requires an additional fee for this coverage. These treatments can include acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and more.

How do Trupanion and Figo handle breed-specific conditions?

Both Trupanion and Figo provide coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions. This means if your pet is predisposed to certain breed-specific conditions, these will be covered as long as they aren’t pre-existing.

Are examination fees covered by Trupanion and Figo?

Trupanion does not cover examination fees in its standard plan. However, Figo does include coverage for examination fees related to covered conditions in its base policy.

Do Trupanion and Figo offer coverage for behavioral problems?

Figo covers the treatment of behavioral problems in its policies, which can include coverage for issues such as anxiety, compulsive behavior, and aggression. Trupanion does not cover the treatment of behavioral problems.

What if I want to cancel my policy with Trupanion or Figo?

Both Trupanion and Figo allow you to cancel your policy at any time. If you cancel within the first 30 days of starting your policy and haven’t filed any claims, you can receive a full refund. After 30 days, you’ll receive a pro-rated refund for the remainder of your policy term.

How do Trupanion and Figo handle the renewal of policies?

Both Trupanion and Figo automatically renew policies at the end of each term. With Trupanion, you are guaranteed lifelong coverage for your pet as long as you continue to pay the premiums. Figo operates similarly, automatically renewing your policy and providing continuous coverage as long as premiums are met.

Are prescriptions diet foods covered by Trupanion and Figo?

Trupanion offers coverage for prescription diet food, but only if it’s used to treat a covered illness and is prescribed and dispensed by a veterinarian. On the other hand, Figo does not provide coverage for special dietary needs, even if they’re medically prescribed.

What are the customer service hours for Trupanion and Figo?

Trupanion’s customer service is available 24/7 to assist you with policy or claim questions. Figo’s customer service operates from 8 AM to 7 PM CST Monday to Friday, and from 8 AM to 6 PM CST on Saturday.

Does Figo or Trupanion offer coverage outside of the U.S.?

Yes, both Trupanion and Figo extend their coverage to include Canada and Puerto Rico. However, with Figo, you must notify them if you are traveling or relocating outside of the U.S. to ensure continuous coverage.

How do Trupanion and Figo deal with recurring conditions?

Both Trupanion and Figo cover chronic, ongoing, and recurring conditions provided these are not pre-existing. Trupanion provides coverage without any dollar limit as long as the policy remains in force. Similarly, Figo does not put a cap on coverage for chronic or recurring conditions.

Is there a trial period for Trupanion and Figo pet insurance?

Trupanion and Figo both offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your policy, you can cancel within this period and get a full refund, provided you have not filed any claims.

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