What Pet Stores Accept Care Credit

Pet ownership is filled with joy, companionship, and… expenses. It’s no secret that veterinary care can sometimes put a dent in our wallets. However, CareCredit—a credit card designed specifically for health, wellness, and personal care expenses—has emerged as a popular financial solution for many pet owners. Let’s delve into the world of CareCredit and explore which pet stores readily accept this payment method.

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What is CareCredit?

First, let’s demystify CareCredit. This unique credit card is intended for health-related expenses not traditionally covered by insurance—this can include dental work, cosmetic procedures, vision care, and, importantly for pet owners, veterinary care. Users have appreciated the convenience and flexibility offered by CareCredit, especially given the promotional periods with interest-free payments.

Pet Stores That Accept CareCredit

While CareCredit was initially restricted to healthcare facilities, its acceptance has expanded to various retailers over time. So, where can pet owners use CareCredit?

Walmart and Sam’s Club

In 2022, Walmart announced that they started accepting CareCredit. This inclusion has been beneficial for pet owners, as Walmart offers a range of pet-related products, from prescriptions to pet food and supplies. Similarly, Sam’s Club also accepts CareCredit, making it possible for you to manage your pet’s needs at these large retail stores.

Pet Vet Partners

Many vet practices nationwide accept CareCredit. The interest-free promotion offered by CareCredit is particularly attractive for managing unexpected veterinary bills. The zero interest period often extends over six months, easing the financial pressure on pet owners facing unexpected medical costs.

How to Use CareCredit Effectively?

While the benefits of CareCredit are apparent, it’s important to understand how to use it responsibly. It’s crucial to pay off your balance before the promotional period ends to avoid high-interest rates.

CareCredit and Pet Insurance

An interesting point of discussion among pet owners is the comparison between CareCredit and pet insurance. Some owners find CareCredit more convenient as insurance may not cover certain health issues that have been identified in the past. However, a combination of both can provide a comprehensive financial safety net for your pet’s health.

CareCredit for Emergencies

In case of a pet emergency, CareCredit can be a lifesaver. Numerous vet practices, emergency clinics, and even some specialty stores accept CareCredit. Remember to confirm the acceptance of CareCredit in your chosen facility to avoid any potential inconvenience.

Can CareCredit Be Used for Everyday Pet Supplies?

While CareCredit’s main appeal lies in mitigating hefty veterinary bills, you can also use it for everyday pet supplies like food and litter at select stores like Walmart. This opens the door for broader utility, making pet care more manageable and convenient.


CareCredit has proven to be a useful financial tool for many pet owners, helping manage both routine and unexpected veterinary expenses. As acceptance continues to grow, it provides a viable payment option in popular stores like Walmart and Sam’s Club, and various veterinary practices across the nation.

Remember, financial responsibility is key when using CareCredit—ensuring you keep a close eye on your balance, payment due dates, and promotional end dates. With careful planning, CareCredit can help you ensure that your pet receives the best possible care, without adding unnecessary financial stress.

Frequently Asked Questions About CareCredit and Pet Care

1. Is CareCredit Accepted at All Veterinary Practices?

No, CareCredit is not universally accepted at all veterinary practices. The acceptance of CareCredit as a payment method varies from one practice to another. Therefore, it’s recommended to verify with your preferred veterinarian or pet care facility whether they accept CareCredit before considering it as a payment option.

2. Can I Use CareCredit for Any Type of Pet-Related Expense?

Yes and no. While CareCredit can be used for a wide range of pet-related expenses, including veterinary services and pet supplies at participating retailers like Walmart and Sam’s Club, its acceptance can vary. For example, online pet supply retailer Chewy does not accept CareCredit. Always check with individual retailers or service providers for the most current information.

3. How Does the Interest-Free Promotional Period Work with CareCredit?

The interest-free promotional period with CareCredit generally extends up to six months, but this can vary based on the purchase amount and the specific terms agreed upon at the point of sale or within promotional plans. It’s vital to note that interest is only waived during the promotional period if the full amount is paid off by the end of that period. If not, interest will be charged from the original purchase date.

4. Can I Use CareCredit for Pet Insurance?

CareCredit cannot be directly applied to pay for pet insurance premiums. However, it can work alongside pet insurance. For instance, you can use CareCredit to cover immediate medical expenses, then get reimbursed by your pet insurance, depending on your coverage.

5. What Happens if I Don’t Pay Off My Balance Before the Promotional Period Ends?

If the balance is not paid in full by the end of the promotional period, interest will be charged from the original purchase date. The interest rates on CareCredit can be quite high, so it’s crucial to ensure you pay off your balance within the promotional period to avoid these extra costs.

6. Can I Use CareCredit Outside of the United States?

Currently, CareCredit is only accepted within the United States. If you’re a pet owner living abroad or planning to travel outside the U.S. with your pet, you might need to explore other payment options for pet-related expenses.

7. What’s the Application Process for CareCredit?

Applying for CareCredit can be done online or over the phone, and you’ll generally get a credit decision instantly. The application requires information like your name, address, date of birth, social security number or ITIN, and net income.

8. Are there other Retail Stores like Walmart That Accept CareCredit?

While Walmart and Sam’s Club are among the most well-known retailers accepting CareCredit, the list does not end there. Some drugstores like Walgreens also accept CareCredit for certain health and wellness purchases. However, the range of products eligible for CareCredit purchase may vary, so always check beforehand.

9. Can I Use CareCredit for Veterinary Specialists or Emergency Pet Hospitals?

Yes, many veterinary specialists and emergency pet hospitals accept CareCredit as a method of payment. Before you take your pet to any specialized or emergency care, it’s advisable to confirm if they accept CareCredit to ensure you have an appropriate payment solution.

10. Is CareCredit Only for Pets, or Can I Use It for My Personal Medical Expenses Too?

CareCredit is not exclusive to pet-related expenses. It was designed to cater to health, wellness, and personal care expenses that are not typically covered by insurance. This includes dental care, cosmetic procedures, eye care, hearing care, and more. Thus, you can use CareCredit for both personal and pet healthcare costs at participating providers and retailers.

11. Can I Use CareCredit for Over-the-Counter Pet Supplies?

Yes, but with some restrictions. Over-the-counter pet supplies can be purchased with CareCredit at select retail locations, such as Walmart. However, not all stores or all items may be eligible. It’s recommended to check with the specific retailer to understand which items qualify for CareCredit payment.

12. Is There a Maximum Limit to How Much I Can Charge on My CareCredit Card?

The amount you can charge on your CareCredit card depends on your individual credit limit, which is determined based on your creditworthiness at the time of application. Large expenses, like significant veterinary surgeries, can typically be financed through CareCredit, subject to credit approval.

13. Can CareCredit Be Used for Pet Grooming Services?

CareCredit cannot typically be used for pet grooming services unless provided by a participating veterinary clinic or similar healthcare provider. However, policies may have changed or may vary by provider, so it’s best to check directly with the service provider.

14. Can I Use CareCredit If I Have Bad Credit?

Approval for CareCredit depends on your credit history and current financial situation. While it’s possible to get approved for CareCredit with less-than-perfect credit, it’s not guaranteed. The terms of your credit, such as your credit limit and interest rate, will also depend on these factors.

15. Is CareCredit an Alternative to Pet Insurance?

While CareCredit can help manage out-of-pocket expenses for pet health emergencies, it is not an alternative to pet insurance. CareCredit is a credit card designed for health and wellness expenses and doesn’t offer the comprehensive coverage that pet insurance does, such as covering a percentage of the cost for treatments, surgeries, and medications.

16. Can CareCredit be Used for Routine Vet Visits?

Yes, CareCredit can be used for routine veterinary visits as long as the vet office is a participating provider. This includes annual check-ups, vaccinations, preventative care, and more.

17. Can CareCredit be Used for Prescription Medications?

Yes, CareCredit can be used to pay for prescription medications, including those for pets, at participating providers and select retail locations. However, it’s always important to verify if the pharmacy accepts CareCredit before making a purchase.

18. Are There Fees Associated with Using CareCredit?

There is no annual fee for using CareCredit. However, late payment fees can apply, and interest will be charged on the remaining balance if it is not paid off by the end of the promotional period. It’s recommended to read and understand the terms and conditions before using the card.

19. Can I Use CareCredit for Specialty Pet Foods?

Depending on the retailer, you might be able to use your CareCredit for specialty pet foods. For instance, if you’re shopping at Walmart and the specialty food is considered a health item, you may be able to use your CareCredit. It’s best to contact the specific retailer or CareCredit directly to get the most accurate information.

20. Can CareCredit be Used for Multiple Pets?

Absolutely. As long as you have available credit, CareCredit can be used for healthcare costs for all your pets. There is no rule limiting the usage of CareCredit to a single pet.

21. What Should I Do If a Provider Incorrectly Says They Don’t Accept CareCredit?

If you believe a provider incorrectly states they don’t accept CareCredit, you should contact CareCredit directly. They can verify whether the provider is a participant and help rectify any misunderstanding.

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