How Old to Work at Petco

Petco is a popular pet supply store that offers a wide range of products and services for pets and pet owners. The company has been in business for over 50 years and has grown to become one of the largest pet retailers in the United States. If you’re interested in working at Petco, you may be wondering what the age requirements are. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the age requirements for working at Petco and provide you with all the information you need to know.

The legal working age in the United States is 16 years old. However, Petco has a minimum age requirement of 18 years old for most positions within the company. This is because many of the jobs at Petco involve working with animals, which can be physically demanding and may require the use of heavy equipment. Additionally, some positions may require the handling of chemicals or other hazardous materials, which is not considered safe for individuals under the age of 18.

If you’re 18 years old or older, you’re eligible to apply for a wide range of positions at Petco. These include:

  • Sales associate: Sales associates are responsible for assisting customers with their purchases and providing them with information about the products and services offered at Petco. They also help to keep the store clean and organized.
  • Pet care specialist: Pet care specialists work in the store’s pet grooming salon and are responsible for bathing, grooming, and trimming pets. They also provide pet owners with information about how to care for their pets.
  • Pet trainer: Pet trainers are responsible for working with pet owners to help them train their pets. They may also provide group training classes for pets and their owners.
  • Stock associate: Stock associates are responsible for receiving and stocking merchandise, as well as maintaining the store’s cleanliness and organization.
  • Management: Petco also has several management positions available, including store manager, assistant store manager, and department manager. These positions require a minimum of 2 years of experience in a supervisory role.

It’s important to note that some states have different age requirements for certain positions. For example, in California, employees who work with animals must be at least 16 years old, while in Texas, the minimum age for working with animals is 18 years old. If you’re not sure about the age requirements for a specific position or in your state, it’s best to check with Petco directly.

In conclusion, the minimum age to work at Petco is 18 years old for most positions within the company. However, there are some positions that may have different age requirements depending on the state. If you’re interested in working at Petco, be sure to check the age requirements for the specific position you’re interested in and make sure you meet them before applying. With a little bit of hard work and dedication, you can make a career out of working with animals and helping pet owners provide the best care for their furry friends.


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