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Pet ownership brings countless joys. But, it’s undeniable that caring for our furry friends can be expensive. From food to medical care, the costs add up. Enter Petco’s Vital Care Premier Membership. If you’ve ever wondered whether this program is worth it, this comprehensive guide is for you.

1. What is Petco’s Vital Care Premier Membership?

Petco’s Vital Care Premier is a subscription-based membership offering exclusive benefits and savings for pet owners. The aim? Make routine care for your pet more affordable and convenient.

2. What’s on Offer?

Members-only Pricing and Offers: Enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions only available to Vital Care Premier members.

Personalized Care Notifications: Receive reminders and updates tailored to your pet’s needs.

Vital Care Points: Earn points back on every purchase which can later be redeemed.

Monthly Rewards: Receive $15 Vital Care Rewards every month (that’s a $180 annual value!).

Extended Reward Expiry: Your rewards last longer with a 45-day expiration period.

Partnership Perks: Get discounts on pet-related services, like $30 off services with Rover.

Nutrition Benefits: 10% off every nutrition purchase, encompassing dry, wet, fresh, or frozen food brands (some exclusions apply).

Grooming Benefits: Every 8th groom is free. Plus, a 20% discount on every grooming session.

Veterinary Benefits: Unlimited routine vet exams at all Vetco Total Care locations.

3. What’s the Cost?

You have two options:

  • One-time annual payment: $239.88
  • Monthly payments: $24.99/month

Note: There’s a discount when enrolling in more than one plan, offering a saving of $2 per month per plan.

4. The Controversy: Is it Worth It?

There’s been a flurry of discussions, especially on platforms like Reddit, about the value of Petco’s membership. Here’s a breakdown:


  • Significant cost savings for regular shoppers.
  • Vet visits can be costly; this membership can offset some of those costs.
  • If grooming is a regular need for your pet, the discounts can add up.


  • It requires an annual commitment, which some users found limiting.
  • Some users shared experiences about challenges in canceling the membership.

5. Comparison with Other Memberships

On platforms like Reddit, some users argue that memberships from other pet suppliers, like PetPlus, might offer better deals, especially for specific products. It’s essential to evaluate which membership aligns with your pet’s needs.

6. How to Make the Most of Your Membership

Use the App: Unlock exclusive perks and manage your membership using the Petco app.

Stay Updated: Regularly check the member-only offers and discounts.

Combine with Other Discounts: Some benefits can be combined with ongoing store promotions for maximum savings.

7. Conclusion: Should You Dive In?

The Petco Vital Care Premier membership can be an excellent investment for pet owners who frequent the store or require regular vet and grooming services. However, always assess your pet’s unique needs, weigh the pros and cons, and decide accordingly.

FAQs: Petco’s Vital Care Premier Membership

Q1. What distinguishes the ‘CORE’ from the ‘PREMIER’ membership?

Answer: The CORE membership offers a foundational set of benefits, acting as an entry-level program. On the other hand, the PREMIER membership provides more extensive perks like extended reward expiration, monthly rewards, and bigger discounts on nutrition and grooming. Essentially, the PREMIER level offers an enhanced, more comprehensive set of advantages for members.

Q2. Are there any exclusions to the 10% off nutrition benefit?

Answer: Yes, the 10% off nutrition does exclude treats and chews. Additionally, other exclusions might apply, so always check the latest terms before making a purchase.

Q3. What does the “Every 8th groom free” mean in practical terms?

Answer: This means that after availing and paying for seven full grooming sessions, the eighth one will be completely free. It’s a loyalty perk, encouraging regular grooming for pets while providing savings for the owner.

Q4. Are the unlimited routine vet exams restricted to specific Vetco Total Care locations?

Answer: While the membership offers unlimited vet exams at all Vetco Total Care locations, there’s also a benefit for those who choose vets outside of Petco’s network. Members get $20 Vital Care Rewards for every routine exam at any vet outside of Petco.

Q5. How does the monthly $15 Vital Care Reward work?

Answer: Every month, Premier members receive a $15 reward in their account. This can be used for any qualifying purchase, such as flea & tick prevention products. It’s a way to offset some of the monthly costs, ensuring members continuously reap benefits.

Q6. Is there a provision for multi-pet households?

Answer: Yes, Petco recognizes that many homes have multiple pets. Members can save $2 per month per plan when enrolling more than one plan. This discount is beneficial for multi-pet families.

Q7. How does the partnership with Rover work?

Answer: As part of the membership benefits, Premier members receive a one-time use coupon code, issued twice a year, that provides $30 off pet boarding, sitting, day care, or walking services with Rover, a popular pet service provider.

Q8. What’s the procedure to cancel the Vital Care Premier membership?

Answer: Vital Care Premier requires an annual commitment, but if you need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, it’s recommended to contact Petco’s dedicated support either via their provided email or phone number. Be prepared for a process that might require speaking to multiple representatives, as some users have indicated.

Q9. Are there any hidden fees or costs?

Answer: The primary costs are the annual or monthly fees associated with the membership. However, always check the terms and conditions and stay updated with any changes to the membership structure or costs.

Q10. Does the membership cover services for all types of pets?

Answer: While many of the benefits, like grooming, are specifically catered towards dogs, other perks such as nutrition discounts or vet benefits can apply to a wider range of pets. Always consult with Petco representatives to ensure your pet’s needs align with the membership’s offerings.

Q11. Can I use my Vital Care Rewards in conjunction with other Petco promotions?

Answer: Typically, Vital Care Rewards can be used alongside other Petco promotions, unless specifically mentioned in the terms of those promotions. It’s always prudent to review the specific terms of any promotion or discount to ascertain combinability.

Q12. How does the “Preferred Pricing” work for Premier members?

Answer: Preferred pricing is an exclusive benefit where certain products or services have a special discounted price, reserved just for Premier members. These offers can vary and are visible to members upon logging into their Petco account or in-store via marked labels.

Q13. What happens to my accumulated rewards if I decide not to renew the membership?

Answer: Rewards have an expiration date. If a membership isn’t renewed, the accumulated rewards must be redeemed before this date; otherwise, they will be forfeited. It’s important to track and utilize these rewards timely to maximize membership value.

Q14. How does Petco ensure the quality of services under the Vital Care Premier membership?

Answer: Petco upholds stringent standards. All service providers, whether groomers or veterinarians, undergo rigorous training and certification. Periodic assessments and feedback loops also help maintain service quality across all Petco locations.

Q15. Is there a trial period for the Vital Care Premier membership?

Answer: There isn’t a trial period for the Premier membership. However, Petco often reviews and updates its offerings, so it’s beneficial to check directly with them for any recent changes or special promotions.

Q16. Are there any membership perks for aquatic pets?

Answer: While many perks are tailored towards common household pets like dogs and cats, the nutrition discounts and some vet benefits can extend to products and services for aquatic pets. Always clarify with in-store associates to ensure specific needs are met.

Q17. How often does Petco update or add new benefits to the Premier membership?

Answer: The frequency can vary. However, Petco is committed to enhancing member experiences and might periodically assess and update membership benefits based on feedback, market trends, and partnerships.

Q18. Can I transfer my membership to someone else or gift it?

Answer: The membership is typically linked to an individual and their specific pets. Transferring or gifting would require contacting Petco’s customer service for clarity on possible processes or restrictions.

Q19. If I relocate, is my membership valid across all Petco locations?

Answer: Yes, the Premier membership is valid across all participating Petco locations. It’s always recommended to update your details in your Petco account to ensure seamless service at a new location.

Q20. What safety measures does Petco have in place for pet services under the membership?

Answer: Safety is paramount at Petco. For grooming, vets, and other hands-on services, they ensure that equipment is sterilized, spaces are clean, and all interactions are gentle and stress-free for pets. Regular audits and training refreshers help maintain this standard.

Q21. How does Petco handle pets with special needs under the Premier membership?

Answer: For pets with particular requirements, whether behavioral, medical, or dietary, Petco provides specialized care. Trained professionals ensure these pets receive appropriate services and products. Owners are advised to communicate all necessary details in advance to guarantee optimal care.

Q22. Can multiple pets be added under a single Premier membership?

Answer: A single membership typically covers one primary pet. However, for households with numerous pets, there might be add-on options or package deals available. It’s prudent to inquire directly with Petco to understand the best approach for multi-pet families.

Q23. In case of dissatisfaction, what’s Petco’s recourse for Premier members?

Answer: Petco strives for superior member and pet satisfaction. If a member is not pleased with a particular service or product, they can reach out to customer service to address concerns, provide feedback, and potentially receive resolutions like service re-dos or refunds.

Q24. Are there any digital tools or apps integrated with the Premier membership?

Answer: Yes, Petco offers a user-friendly app to manage the Premier membership digitally. Members can schedule appointments, track rewards, access preferred pricing, and receive personalized advice and reminders.

Q25. How does the membership contribute to Petco’s sustainability and ethical sourcing efforts?

Answer: Membership fees support Petco’s broader initiatives, which include sustainability and ethical sourcing. By investing in the Premier membership, patrons indirectly foster Petco’s efforts in responsible business practices and eco-friendly endeavors.

Q26. What vet services are not included in the free routine vet visit provided with the membership?

Answer: While the membership covers standard check-ups and basic examinations, specialized treatments, surgeries, and certain diagnostic tests might incur additional charges. Always discuss the specifics with the attending veterinarian.

Q27. Does the Premier membership provide any travel or boarding benefits for pets?

Answer: As part of the membership, there may be discounts on boarding services and travel products. It’s best to review current offerings either online or with an in-store representative to utilize these potential benefits.

Q28. Can I pause my Premier membership if I’m traveling or unavailable for a duration?

Answer: Membership pausing options might be available based on specific circumstances. Petco’s customer service can guide members on any provisions for placing memberships on temporary hold.

Q29. Are there any educational resources available for Premier members to understand their pets better?

Answer: Indeed, Premier members often have access to exclusive webinars, articles, and in-store events aimed at enhancing pet knowledge, understanding behavior, and promoting pet well-being.

Q30. How does the Premier membership align with Petco’s broader mission and values?

Answer: The Premier membership is a testament to Petco’s commitment to holistic pet care and owner education. It embodies their mission to provide top-notch products and services while championing responsible pet ownership.


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