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When you think of Petco, pet supplies and food might be the first things that come to mind. But did you know Petco also offers veterinary services through their Vetco clinics? For many pet owners, this revelation is a game-changer.

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How to Book an Appointment Online

Navigating Petco’s online vet appointment system is straightforward:

  1. Location: Start by providing your zipcode. The system will check for availability within a 50-mile radius.
  2. Appointment Type: Detail the reason for your visit, whether it’s for vaccines, parasite prevention, or an urgent need.
  3. Clinic Location and Date: Once you’ve chosen your desired clinic location, pick an appointment date that’s convenient for you.
  4. Your Information: Fill in your personal details. Remember, there’s a $5.99 Materials and Disposal Fee per pet, which covers the costs associated with the procurement and disposal of supplies used.
  5. Book Appointment: Once you’re satisfied with all the details, click “Book Appointment”, and you’re all set!

Why Choose Petco for Vet Services?

Petco’s Vetco clinics aim to provide affordable and accessible veterinary care. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Convenience: Located within select Petco stores, these clinics are ideal for those who already shop at Petco and prefer a one-stop solution.
  • Transparent Pricing: With no exam or visit fee, you only pay for the services or products you receive. This clarity can be a relief for pet owners wary of hidden fees.
  • Variety of Services: From vaccinations for both cats and dogs, to preventative services such as microchipping and heartworm testing, Vetco covers a wide range of routine pet needs.

Real Experiences with Petco’s Vet Services

Forums like Reddit have numerous threads where pet owners share their experiences with Vetco clinics. Most users highlight the affordability and convenience of these clinics, while some mention the brief nature of the examinations. It’s always a good idea to do your own research and read through multiple reviews to get a holistic understanding.


What Services Do Vetco Clinics Offer?

Vetco clinics primarily focus on preventative services. These include:

  • Vaccinations for Cats and Dogs: Essential for protecting pets from various diseases.
  • Pest/Parasite Prevention: Solutions for fleas, ticks, and heartworms, ensuring your pets stay itch-free and healthy.
  • Microchipping: A tiny chip, when implanted, helps in easy recovery if your pet gets lost.
  • Heartworm and Preventative Testing: Early detection can save your pet from potential future complications.

How Do Vetco Clinic Prices Compare to Traditional Vets?

While Vetco emphasizes transparency and affordability, prices might vary by location due to regional differences. There’s no consultation fee, and you only pay for the services or products availed. For specific pricing, it’s best to check directly with your local Vetco clinic or use the online booking tool for estimates.

Are Vetco Clinics Suitable for All Veterinary Needs?

Vetco clinics are geared towards preventative care and basic services. For more specialized or critical care, including surgeries or extensive diagnostics, a full-service veterinary clinic or hospital is recommended.

Can I Walk-In, or Is an Appointment Necessary?

Though appointments are highly recommended to ensure a slot, certain clinics may accommodate walk-ins based on availability. Booking online or calling ahead is the best way to secure a spot.

What’s the $5.99 Materials and Disposal Fee About?

Each pet treated at a Vetco clinic is charged this fee. It’s not a service fee but covers the costs related to obtaining and discarding supplies required for the service.

I Missed My Appointment. What Now?

If you miss your appointment, it’s courteous to call the clinic and notify them. Depending on their policy, you might need to reschedule online or directly with the clinic.

Are There Any Special Packages or Offers?

Petco occasionally offers packages or deals, especially if you’re availing multiple services. Check their website or inquire directly at your local Vetco clinic for ongoing promotions.

Are Vetco Clinic Vets Licensed and Experienced?

Absolutely. The veterinarians working at Vetco clinics are fully licensed. They’re trained to provide the services offered at the clinics and have the necessary experience to ensure your pet’s well-being.

How Do I Prepare My Pet for Their Vetco Visit?

Ensure your pet is calm and relaxed. If your pet is anxious around other animals or in new environments, consider using a secure carrier or muzzle. Bring any relevant medical records or previous vaccination details, especially if it’s their first visit.

Does Vetco Offer Prescription Medications?

Vetco clinics can prescribe medications. However, for a broader range of medication options, Petco’s collaboration with Express Scripts provides an online pharmacy service, making it convenient for pet owners to access a variety of prescription drugs.

What If I Have Feedback or Concerns Post-Visit?

Petco values customer feedback. If you have concerns or feedback regarding your visit, you can contact the store manager or use the feedback form available on their website.

How Safe is the Microchipping Process at Vetco?

Microchipping at Vetco is a swift, relatively painless procedure similar to a regular vaccine shot. It’s performed by trained professionals, ensuring minimal discomfort to your pet.

Can I Update My Pet’s Microchip Information at Vetco?

While Vetco can implant microchips, updating the chip’s information needs to be done directly through the microchip’s manufacturer. Vetco staff can guide you on how to go about this process.

Is There a Limit on the Number of Pets I Can Bring in One Visit?

While there’s no strict limit, it’s beneficial for both the staff and your pets if you schedule in advance for multiple pets. This ensures adequate time and attention for each pet.

Do Vetco Clinics Offer Spaying or Neutering Services?

Vetco focuses on preventive care. For surgeries, including spaying or neutering, you’d need to visit a full-service veterinary clinic or hospital.

How Frequently Should I Visit for Pest/Parasite Prevention?

Pest prevention is a continuous process. Depending on the product’s efficacy and the region you live in (some areas have higher flea/tick populations), visits can range from monthly to quarterly. Vetco vets can provide a recommended schedule for your pet.

Is Urgent Care Available at All Vetco Clinic Locations?

Not all Vetco clinics offer urgent care. If your pet needs immediate attention, it’s advisable to call your nearest Vetco clinic first or seek a 24/7 emergency veterinary hospital.

Can I Get Dietary Recommendations for My Pet at Vetco?

While Vetco clinics are primarily geared towards preventative services, the veterinarians there can provide basic dietary guidance. For a comprehensive dietary plan, especially for pets with medical conditions, a visit to a nutrition-specialized veterinarian is recommended.

How Do Vetco Clinics Handle Anxious or Aggressive Pets?

Vetco staff are trained to handle pets with varying temperaments. However, if you’re aware that your pet tends to get anxious or aggressive, it’s good practice to inform the clinic ahead of time. They might suggest off-peak hours or specific measures to make the visit smoother.

Do Vetco Clinics Offer Dental Services?

Vetco’s primary focus is on preventative care like vaccinations and parasite prevention. For dental check-ups, cleanings, or procedures, it’s best to consult with a full-service veterinary clinic.

If My Pet Reacts Adversely to a Vaccine, What Should I Do?

Adverse reactions, while rare, can occur. If you notice any immediate changes in your pet post-vaccination, it’s imperative to contact the Vetco clinic where the service was provided or seek emergency care. Vetco professionals will guide you on steps to manage and mitigate any potential side effects.

Are There Age Restrictions for Pets Visiting Vetco?

Most services at Vetco are available for pets from a certain age, often starting as young as a few weeks old for some vaccines. It’s essential to consult with the Vetco staff about the right age for specific services.

Are There Follow-ups After Vaccinations at Vetco?

After a vaccination, it’s not customary for Vetco to schedule follow-ups. However, pet owners are advised to monitor their pets for any side effects. If you’re concerned about your pet’s response post-vaccination, do not hesitate to reach out to the clinic.

How Do Vetco Prices Compare to Traditional Vet Clinics?

Vetco’s primary appeal is its focus on preventive care, often at competitive prices. However, it’s always a good idea to compare costs with local veterinary clinics to ensure you’re making an informed choice.

Do Vetco Clinics Keep Records Like Traditional Vets?

Yes, Vetco maintains records of all their patient visits. It’s advantageous for return visits or for sharing with your primary vet, ensuring continuity of care.

Are There Seasonal Preventative Care Packages?

While Vetco offers a range of preventative services, the availability of seasonal packages might vary. Check with your local Vetco to see current promotions or bundled services.

What If I Miss an Appointment?

Life happens! If you miss an appointment, it’s courteous to inform the clinic. Rescheduling is typically a straightforward process, ensuring your pet doesn’t miss out on essential care.

Can I Purchase Preventative Medications Directly from Vetco?

Vetco clinics primarily offer preventive services. While they might have some products available, it’s advisable to consult with the vet during your visit for any medication needs and purchasing options.

How Is the $5.99 Materials and Disposal Fee Utilized?

This fee assists Vetco in covering the costs associated with procuring and disposing of the supplies required for services. It ensures that the materials used are of the highest standard and that disposal meets environmental and health regulations.

Can Vetco Veterinarians Offer Second Opinions on Diagnoses from Other Vets?

While Vetco focuses on preventive care, their veterinarians can provide basic insights. For comprehensive second opinions, especially concerning surgeries or chronic conditions, a specialized veterinary facility might be more suitable.

Are Vetco’s Preventative Tests as Comprehensive as Those at Full-Service Vets?

Vetco’s tests are designed to detect common ailments and risks. For more in-depth screenings or concerns, it might be beneficial to seek a full-service vet clinic, especially if the pet has a known history of ailments.

How Do I Know My Pet’s Information is Secure with Vetco’s Online Booking System?

Vetco values customer trust. Their online system adheres to security protocols, ensuring your pet’s data and any other personal information remain confidential. Always make sure to verify any online platform’s privacy policy and practices.

Are There Vetco Services for Exotic Pets?

Vetco primarily focuses on cats and dogs. If you have an exotic pet, like a reptile, bird, or small mammal, it’s advisable to consult a veterinarian specializing in exotic animal care.

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