Petco’s Veterinary Services

As more and more pet owners seek affordable, high-quality veterinary care, retail giants like Petco have stepped up to fill the gap. With a variety of in-store vet services, Petco offers a one-stop solution for pet parents across the United States. This article explores Petco’s veterinary services, including their Vetco vaccination clinics, partnerships with independent veterinary hospitals, and more.

Vetco Vaccination Clinics at Petco

Petco operates Vetco vaccination clinics at select locations, providing a low-cost solution for pet owners seeking routine vaccinations for their pets​1​. These clinics are run by state-licensed veterinarians and professional staff who ask pet owners questions about their pet’s lifestyle to determine the most suitable vaccinations and tests​1​.

Vetco clinics offer services like vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, and heartworm testing, all without an exam fee. This is an appealing option for pet owners looking for affordable preventative care​2​. These clinics primarily operate on weekends and some weeknights for the convenience of pet parents.

Full-Service Veterinary Hospitals at Petco

In addition to the Vetco clinics, Petco has also partnered with several veterinary service providers to offer full-service veterinary hospitals in some of their stores. These hospitals are operated by experienced, licensed, independent veterinarians, offering a range of services from routine preventive care to diagnostic workups, dental procedures, and outpatient surgeries​2​.

These full-service hospitals aim to provide high-quality, accessible veterinary care in a convenient location. By offering these services in-store, Petco aims to remove cost as a barrier to seeking necessary care for pets, making veterinary services more accessible to pet parents across the nation​2​.

Locating a Petco Vet Near You

To find a Petco with veterinary services near you, Petco’s website offers a locator tool. This allows pet parents to easily search for Petco locations offering vet services in their area. This includes both Vetco clinics and full-service veterinary hospitals​3​.

FAQ: Petco’s Veterinary Services

Q1: What type of veterinary services does Petco offer?

Petco provides a wide spectrum of veterinary services through its Vetco vaccination clinics and full-service veterinary hospitals. The Vetco clinics specialize in providing preventative services such as vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, and heartworm testing. The full-service veterinary hospitals, on the other hand, offer more extensive care, from routine preventive care to diagnostic workups, dental procedures, and outpatient surgeries​1​.

Q2: How does Petco ensure quality in their veterinary services?

Petco partners with state-licensed veterinarians and professional staff to deliver their vet services. In both Vetco clinics and full-service veterinary hospitals, experienced and licensed veterinarians perform the procedures, ensuring that your pet receives high-quality care. Additionally, Petco follows industry’s high standards for animal care and expects the same from its partners, further ensuring quality veterinary service provision​1​​2​.

Q3: Are Petco’s veterinary services accessible nationwide?

Petco’s veterinary services are available in select locations throughout the U.S. However, not all Petco stores offer these services. Petco’s website provides a locator tool that allows pet parents to find the nearest Petco store that offers either Vetco clinics or full-service veterinary hospitals​3​.

Q4: How does Petco make veterinary care affordable?

Petco aims to remove the financial barriers often associated with veterinary care by providing affordable services. The Vetco clinics, for instance, offer low-cost vaccinations and other preventative services without charging an exam fee. Furthermore, by housing full-service veterinary hospitals within their stores, Petco aims to deliver high-quality veterinary care at unprecedented value to pet parents​1​.

Q5: How are the specific needs of my pet determined at a Petco vet clinic?

At Petco’s Vetco clinics, the professional staff will ask you a series of questions about your pet’s lifestyle. These questions help the veterinary team understand the unique needs of your pet and determine the most appropriate vaccinations and tests. This personalized approach ensures that your pet receives care tailored to their specific needs and lifestyle​2​.

Q6: What are the operating hours for Petco’s Vetco clinics?

Vetco clinics primarily operate on weekends and some weeknights, making it convenient for pet parents who may have full-time work commitments during regular weekday hours. However, the specific operating hours can vary depending on the location, so it’s advisable to check with your local Petco store for exact times​2​.

Q7: What happens if my pet needs specialized or emergency care?

Petco’s full-service veterinary hospitals provide a wide range of care, including routine, preventive, diagnostic, and surgical services. If your pet requires specialized or emergency care beyond what the in-store hospitals can provide, the veterinarian partners at these hospitals can provide referrals to suitable independent local practitioners or specialty care centers​1​.

Q8: Do all Petco stores have veterinary clinics?

Not all Petco stores have veterinary clinics or full-service veterinary hospitals. The presence of these services varies by location, and Petco provides a store locator on their website to help pet parents find the nearest store that offers these services​1​.

Q9: Are appointments necessary for Vetco clinics?

Yes, appointments are now necessary for Vetco vaccination clinics. This measure helps manage the clinic’s schedule and allows the veterinary staff to prepare adequately for each pet’s visit, ultimately ensuring the best possible care for your pet​2​.

Q10: What vaccinations does Petco offer for dogs and cats?

Petco’s Vetco clinics offer a variety of vaccinations for dogs and cats. While the specific vaccinations can depend on your pet’s lifestyle and health status, they often include core vaccines such as the rabies vaccine, which is required by law in all states. It’s always a good idea to consult with the veterinary staff to determine which vaccinations are appropriate for your pet​2​.

Q11: Can I find heartworm and flea prevention at Petco vet clinics?

Yes, Petco’s Vetco clinics offer heartworm testing and prevention services as part of their effort to keep pets healthy. While not explicitly stated, it’s likely that flea prevention is also part of their service offering, given its importance in preventative pet healthcare. It’s recommended to discuss these needs with the veterinary staff during your pet’s visit​3​.

Q12: Does Petco offer dental services for pets?

Petco’s full-service veterinary hospitals offer a range of services, including dental procedures. Regular dental care is crucial for your pet’s overall health, and these in-store hospitals provide a convenient location for these services. However, it’s important to note that availability may vary by location, so pet parents should check with their local Petco store or veterinary hospital for specifics​3​.

Q13: What should I do if my pet has a health emergency?

If your pet is experiencing a health emergency, it is recommended to take them to a full-service animal hospital or an emergency vet clinic. While Petco’s in-store veterinary hospitals can provide a range of services, they may not be equipped to handle all types of emergencies. In such cases, the veterinarians at Petco can provide referrals to suitable emergency care facilities​3​.

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