Vetco Shot Clinics: Hours, Prices, and More

Pets are part of our families, and their health and well-being are crucial to us. Hence, pet owners are always on the lookout for quality veterinary care that is accessible and affordable. One option that stands out is Vetco, a service offered at Petco stores. But, what exactly are Vetco clinics? What services do they offer? How much do they cost? Where can you find them?

What is Vetco?

Vetco is a chain of mobile veterinary clinics operating inside Petco stores nationwide. Known for their weekend clinics, Vetco provides a range of veterinary services for dogs and cats, from vaccinations to microchipping and wellness checkups.

Operating Hours

The operating hours of Vetco clinics vary from location to location and day to day, with most clinics operating on weekends to cater to the busy schedules of pet owners. It’s advisable to check the Petco website or call your local store for precise timings. Alternatively, you can make an appointment online for added convenience.

Comprehensive Vaccination Services

One of Vetco’s primary services is pet vaccination. Offering a range of single and package vaccines for dogs and cats, Vetco ensures your furry friends stay protected from common diseases. Vaccinations against rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and Bordetella (kennel cough) for dogs and against rabies, FVRCP, and FeLV for cats are among the services offered.

Competitive Pricing

Prices for Vetco services are competitive, making them a go-to choice for many pet owners looking to save money without compromising on quality. Individual vaccine prices vary, but expect to pay somewhere between $20-$40 per shot. Vaccine packages, which bundle several essential vaccines together, are also available and offer savings over individual shots. Again, the exact pricing may vary, so it’s best to check Vetco’s website or call your local Vetco clinic for precise costs.

Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Prevention

Beyond vaccines, Vetco clinics also offer preventative treatments for common pet pests like fleas, ticks, and heartworms. Regular application of these treatments can help keep your pet healthy and comfortable year-round.


Vetco clinics are conveniently located in Petco stores across the United States, making it easy to find a location near you. You can use the store locator feature on the Petco website to find your nearest Vetco clinic. Simply enter your zip code or city name to get a list of nearby locations.

Customer Experience

User experiences with Vetco clinics tend to be mixed. While some pet owners appreciate the convenience and affordability of Vetco services, others have expressed concerns about the quality of care due to the perceived rush during busy clinic hours. However, it’s important to remember that while Vetco clinics can serve as a cost-effective option for routine vaccines and preventative care, they’re not a substitute for regular checkups with your vet, particularly if your pet has ongoing health issues.

In Conclusion

Vetco clinics offer a convenient and cost-effective option for pet vaccinations and preventative care. With their nationwide presence in Petco stores, you can easily find a location near you. While their operating hours and exact pricing can vary, you’re likely to find the convenience and competitive pricing a boon for routine pet care. However, remember that these clinics don’t replace the need for a regular vet. For more complex health issues or emergencies, always consult with a full-service veterinary clinic.

FAQs about Vetco Clinics

Q1: Can I Walk-In or Do I Need to Make an Appointment?

While walk-ins are typically welcome at Vetco clinics, it’s often recommended to make an appointment to ensure a smooth experience. This can be done online via the Vetco or Petco websites. Scheduling an appointment can help you avoid long waits, especially during peak clinic hours.

Q2: What Types of Pets Does Vetco Serve?

Currently, Vetco clinics primarily cater to dogs and cats. However, the specific services offered may vary by location, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local Vetco clinic if you have other types of pets like birds or exotic animals.

Q3: Does Vetco Offer Microchipping Services?

Yes, Vetco clinics provide microchipping services. Microchips are tiny devices implanted under your pet’s skin, which can be scanned to retrieve contact information if your pet ever gets lost. This is a one-time procedure that can significantly increase the chances of a lost pet being returned home.

Q4: Can Vetco Replace My Regular Vet?

While Vetco clinics offer a range of services, they should not replace comprehensive, regular check-ups with your primary vet, particularly for pets with ongoing health issues or special needs. Vetco is ideal for routine vaccines and preventative treatments, but more complex health issues require the more extensive diagnostic equipment and facilities found at full-service veterinary hospitals.

Q5: Does Vetco Provide Flea and Tick Treatments?

Yes, in addition to vaccinations, Vetco offers preventative treatments for pests such as fleas, ticks, and heartworms. Regular application of these treatments can keep your pet healthy and pest-free.

Q6: What Should I Bring to My Vetco Appointment?

When bringing your pet for vaccinations or other services at Vetco, remember to carry any previous vaccination records or pertinent medical history. This information can help the veterinary staff provide the best possible care for your pet. If you are visiting for microchipping, you may need to provide your contact information.

Q7: Are Vetco Services Guaranteed?

While Vetco strives to provide the best possible care, like any medical procedure, there can be no 100% guarantees. If you notice any adverse reactions or symptoms after a visit to a Vetco clinic, you should immediately contact the clinic or your regular vet. The Vetco team is generally responsive to such concerns and will provide appropriate advice.

Q8: Can I Get a Refund if I’m Not Satisfied with Vetco’s Services?

Vetco strives to provide top-quality care to all pets. However, if you have any issues or dissatisfaction, it’s recommended to speak directly to the clinic staff or contact Vetco’s customer service. Policies may vary by location, and any potential refunds will likely be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Q9: Does Vetco Provide a Rabies Certificate After Vaccination?

Yes, a Rabies Certificate is typically provided after your pet receives a rabies vaccination at Vetco. This certificate serves as a legal record that your pet has been vaccinated and may be required for travel, grooming services, or pet-friendly events.

Q10: How Can I Access My Pet’s Vaccination Records from Vetco?

Keeping track of your pet’s vaccination records is essential. Vetco generally provides a paper copy of vaccination records after the administration of shots. If you misplace these or require an additional copy, it’s best to contact your local Vetco clinic, who can provide guidance on obtaining a duplicate.

Q11: Do Vetco Clinics Offer Spaying and Neutering Services?

Vetco clinics are primarily focused on preventative care services, including vaccinations, microchipping, and parasite prevention. As such, they do not typically offer surgical procedures like spaying and neutering. For these services, it is recommended to visit a full-service veterinary hospital or a specialized spay/neuter clinic.

Q12: How Often Should I Take My Pet to a Vetco Clinic?

The frequency of visits to a Vetco clinic will depend on your pet’s specific needs, such as their age, breed, and overall health condition. Younger pets may require more frequent visits for their initial series of vaccinations, while adult pets may visit annually for booster shots and preventative treatments. Always consult with a vet for a personalized schedule for your pet’s healthcare needs.

Q13: Does Vetco Offer Any Discounts or Wellness Plans?

Vetco offers a variety of affordable services, with some locations providing “value packages” that bundle together several services for additional savings. However, the availability of discounts, promotions, or wellness plans can vary, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local Vetco clinic or visit the Vetco website for the most current information.

Q14: Does Vetco Provide Treatment for Sick Pets?

Vetco clinics primarily offer preventative care services. While minor ailments may be addressed, these clinics are not equipped to provide comprehensive care for sick pets, especially those requiring diagnostic tests or surgical intervention. If your pet is unwell, they should be taken to a full-service vet clinic or hospital for a thorough examination and treatment.

Q15: Is the Rabies Vaccine the Only Vaccine Administered at Vetco?

No, Vetco offers a range of vaccinations for both dogs and cats. In addition to the rabies vaccine, other common vaccinations for dogs include distemper, parvovirus, and canine hepatitis. For cats, Vetco often provides vaccinations for diseases like panleukopenia, calicivirus, and feline herpesvirus.

Q16: Does Vetco Help with Dental Issues?

While Vetco provides many preventative care services, they do not typically offer comprehensive dental care, which can require specialized equipment and procedures. For regular cleanings or more serious dental concerns, it is recommended to consult a full-service vet clinic or a veterinary dentist.

Q17: What Are the Operating Hours for Vetco Clinics?

Operating hours for Vetco clinics can vary based on location and day of the week. Many clinics operate during weekends when pet parents are more likely to be free. To get the most accurate information, check the specific hours for the Vetco clinic near you via the Vetco or Petco website.

Q18: Are Vetco Vaccines Safe?

Vetco uses high-quality vaccines approved by the relevant veterinary bodies. While any medical procedure can have potential side effects, adverse reactions to vaccines are generally rare. If you notice any unusual behavior or symptoms in your pet after a vaccination, contact the Vetco clinic or your regular vet immediately.

Q19: Can Vetco Clinics Help Determine the Right Diet for My Pet?

While Vetco staff can provide general advice about pet nutrition, they do not typically offer in-depth dietary consultations. For specific dietary concerns or if your pet has unique nutritional needs due to a health condition, it is best to consult with your regular vet or a veterinary nutritionist.

Q20: Can Vetco Clinics Handle Emergencies?

Vetco clinics provide preventative and routine care, and they are not equipped to handle emergency situations. If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, it is vital to seek immediate help from a full-service veterinary hospital or an emergency vet clinic. It’s crucial to have the contact information and address of your nearest emergency vet clinic at hand for such situations.

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