What Time Does Petco Close?

Petco has become a household name in the pet industry, offering a myriad of products and services tailored for our furry, feathered, and scaled companions. But for those planning a visit or a last-minute pet shopping spree, a commonly asked question arises: “What time does Petco close?” Dive in with us as we break down the ins and outs of Petco’s operational hours.

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FAQs About Petco Store Hours

Petco’s Standard Store Hours


On standard weekdays, which includes Monday through Friday, most Petco locations operate from 9 am to 9 pm. However, always remember that these hours can differ based on the location and local regulations.


During weekends:

  • Saturdays: The majority of Petco stores open at 9 am and shut their doors at 9 pm.
  • Sundays: Operating hours are generally reduced, with most stores open from 10 am to 7 pm.

Again, these timings can vary based on the store’s specific location and potential in-store events.

Special Holidays and Events

Petco, being an industry leader, recognizes the significance of holidays. On major holidays like Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, all Petco outlets are closed, giving employees and pets a well-deserved break.

However, on other notable holidays, such as Easter Sunday or Black Friday, the store might either stick to regular timings or adjust them based on anticipated customer turnout. Always check with your local Petco in advance during holiday seasons.

Online Shopping and Curbside Pick-Up

Thanks to the digital age, even if your local Petco has closed its doors for the day, you can always shop online. Petco’s website operates around the clock, allowing pet parents to order essentials at any time. Moreover, Petco offers a convenient curbside pick-up option at select locations, so you can order online and collect your purchases without stepping into the store.

Tips for Planning Your Visit

Check Store-Specific Hours: Always refer to the Petco Store Locator to get accurate timings for the branch nearest to you.

Consider the Crowds: Weekends, especially Sundays, can be bustling. If you prefer a quieter shopping experience, try visiting on a weekday morning.

Take Note of Special Promotions: Petco often hosts events or promotions which might attract larger crowds, potentially impacting your shopping experience.

FAQs About Petco Store Hours

1. Does Petco have uniform store hours nationwide?

While Petco has a general operational framework, hours might vary based on the specific location, local regulations, and customer demand. Urban areas with higher footfall might see longer hours, whereas rural or less populated areas might operate for shorter durations.

2. Are there any late-night Petco stores?

There are currently no 24-hour Petco branches. However, specific locations, especially in densely populated areas or shopping districts, might extend their closing hours slightly during special sales events or holiday seasons.

3. How early can I avail of Petco’s grooming services?

Petco’s grooming services usually start soon after the store opens. However, considering the grooming appointments are often scheduled in advance, it’s advised to book your slot early, especially on weekends when demand is higher.

4. Does Petco adjust hours for inventory or restocking purposes?

Occasionally, Petco stores might alter their operating hours for inventory checks or major restocking. These changes are usually communicated in advance via in-store notices or the store’s online platform.

5. Are Petco’s holiday hours influenced by mall timings, if they are a mall tenant?

Yes, if a Petco store is located within a mall or shopping center, its operational hours might be influenced by the mall’s timings, especially during holidays. It’s advisable to check both the mall’s and Petco’s timings before planning a visit during such periods.

6. What about Petco’s international branches? Do they follow the same operational hours?

Petco’s international branches might have different operating hours based on the country’s retail culture, local regulations, and customer behavior. Always refer to the specific country’s Petco website or contact the store directly for precise timings.

7. Can I drop off my pet for grooming and pick it up after store hours?

No, pets must be picked up before the store closes. Remember, Petco’s closing time might be earlier than the grooming department’s last appointment. Always coordinate with the grooming team regarding pick-up times.

8. Do operational hours affect Petco’s live animal sales?

While Petco sells live animals throughout their operational hours, certain animals might have feeding or care routines that restrict their sale close to store closing times. It’s best to inquire in advance if planning a late visit for such purchases.

9. Is the Petco pharmacy section open during the entire store hours?

Generally, the pharmacy section operates in tandem with the store hours. However, for specific queries or prescription pick-ups, it’s advised to call in advance and check.

10. Are there specific hours to contact Petco’s customer service?

Petco’s customer service, especially the online and phone-based teams, might have different operational hours than the retail stores. Always refer to Petco’s official website for accurate customer service timings and contact details.

11. How does Petco’s Curbside Pickup work?

Petco’s Curbside Pickup allows customers to shop online and retrieve their purchases without entering the store. Once you place an order, you’ll receive a notification when it’s ready. On arrival at the store, park in the designated pickup spot, and a Petco associate will deliver your items directly to your car.

12. What training programs does Petco offer for pets?

Petco offers a variety of training courses, from basic obedience classes to more specialized training like therapy dog preparation. Classes are tailored to fit various age groups and skill levels, ensuring there’s something suitable for every pet.

13. Can I return an online order in a physical Petco store?

Yes, online purchases can typically be returned to any physical Petco store. Ensure you have your order confirmation, and it’s advised to check Petco’s return policy for any specific conditions or exceptions.

14. What’s the Pals Rewards Program?

Pals Rewards is Petco’s loyalty program. Members can earn points on every purchase, which can later be redeemed for discounts. The program also offers exclusive deals, personalized discounts, and early notifications of sales events.

15. Does Petco offer veterinary services in-store?

Many Petco locations have partnered with full-service veterinary hospitals to offer comprehensive care right within the store. These clinics offer everything from routine check-ups and vaccinations to more advanced medical procedures.

16. Are adoption events regularly held at Petco?

Absolutely. Petco frequently partners with local shelters and rescue groups to host adoption events. These events help find forever homes for countless animals and are a testament to Petco’s commitment to animal welfare.

17. How does Petco ensure the well-being of animals in their care?

Petco has strict protocols to maintain the health and happiness of animals in their stores. This includes regular health check-ups, a clean living environment, proper nutrition, and consistent handling to ensure they remain socialized and stress-free.

18. Are there pet restrictions for in-store visits?

Customers are encouraged to bring pets to Petco; however, they must be leashed or safely confined. Pets should be up-to-date with vaccinations, and owners are expected to manage their pets’ behavior during the visit.

19. What is Petco’s stance on sourcing ethical products?

Petco is committed to responsible sourcing. They have initiatives to ensure that products, especially those like toys, treats, and food, meet stringent safety and ethical standards. They also prioritize eco-friendly and sustainable products.

20. Can I schedule regular deliveries of pet food through Petco?

Yes, Petco offers a “Repeat Delivery” service. This allows customers to schedule regular shipments of pet food, ensuring they never run out. Additionally, the service often comes with discounts and promotional offers.

21. How does Petco cater to exotic pets?

Petco boasts a diverse range of products and care resources tailored for exotic pets, including reptiles, birds, and small mammals. They provide specialized nutrition, habitats, and care equipment. Plus, several stores host events to educate pet parents about the unique needs of these creatures.

22. Are there organic or holistic products available at Petco?

Certainly. Petco offers a selection of organic, natural, and holistic pet products. This includes food, treats, grooming products, and even certain toys, ensuring pets receive the healthiest options.

23. What’s Petco’s approach towards sustainability?

Petco is making strides in sustainability. They prioritize eco-friendly products, advocate for responsible packaging, and support brands that share a similar green vision. They’re also working on reducing their carbon footprint through energy-efficient store designs and operations.

24. Do they host events or workshops for pet owners?

Yes. Petco often holds workshops and seminars on topics like pet nutrition, training methods, and general care. These sessions, often free, are aimed at educating pet parents and strengthening the bond between them and their pets.

25. Can I purchase gift cards from Petco?

Absolutely. Petco offers both physical and electronic gift cards. These can be used for in-store purchases as well as online shopping, making them a versatile gift for any pet enthusiast.

26. What are Petco’s efforts towards community engagement?

Petco actively engages with local communities through charity drives, pet adoption events, and partnerships with local animal welfare organizations. They also run the Petco Foundation, which has invested millions in animal welfare across the nation.

27. Is there a mobile app for Petco shopping?

Yes. Petco has a user-friendly mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices. The app allows users to shop online, track Pals Rewards, access exclusive deals, and even book grooming or veterinary appointments.

28. Does Petco collaborate with local breeders?

Petco has shifted its focus primarily towards adoption and rescue events. They believe in supporting the adoption of pets rather than promoting commercial breeding. Collaborations with breeders are limited, and any association is closely monitored for ethical practices.

29. How do Petco product recalls work?

Petco takes the safety of pets seriously. If a product is deemed unsafe or has reported issues, Petco swiftly pulls it off the shelves and informs customers who purchased it. They also provide details on return or exchange processes and prioritize transparent communication during such events.

30. Can I seek pet behavior consultation at Petco?

Several Petco locations have in-house pet behavior specialists. These experts can offer advice on managing challenging behaviors, introducing new pets to households, or even transitioning pets through major life changes.

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