Nearby PetSmart Banfield Rabies Shot Cost: How Much is a Rabies Shot for a Dog?

If you’re thinking of having a dog or cat vaccinated at your local PetSmart, you should ask first about getting the rabies vaccine. All pets should be vaccinated for rabies because this disease can affect them as much as it can affect humans.

PetSmart Rabies Shot Cost

How much are rabies shots for dogs at PetSmart?

At PetSmart, the cost of a rabies vaccine is $25. However, the cost of a rabies shot varies depending on the area. The shot is administered by a veterinarian, not by a groomer or other employee.

Is it too late to vaccinate my pet?

No, it is never too late to vaccinate your pet. The rabies vaccine is a core vaccine and is required by law in the United States.

The sooner you get them vaccinated the better because it will protect them from viruses and bacteria that can cause serious illness or death. Pets are at risk for diseases such as parvovirus, distemper, feline leukemia virus (FeLV), rabies, and others. These diseases can be carried by wild animals such as raccoons, skunks, and opossums; other pets in the neighborhood; or even humans!

For dogs and cats, the first set of shots is usually given at 6-8 weeks of age, then boosted every 3-4 weeks until 16-20 weeks of age. After that, the first year booster will be due 12 months after the last puppy/kitten shot.

These initial puppy/kitten shots do not provide long-term immunity, they help prime your pet’s immune system. Your pet will need annual boosters to maintain immunity. These annual boosters will provide long-term immunity for life.

How many rabies shots does a pet need?

After your pet’s initial shot series, he’ll need a booster shot 1 year from the date of his last dose. He’ll then need to get another booster every 3 years for life.

Rabies is 100% fatal to pets, with no treatment available so prevention is the key. The virus can be transmitted to people through a bite or scratch from an infected animal and is found worldwide. The only way to protect pets from rabies is with the rabies vaccine.

How long is the rabies vaccine good for?

The rabies vaccine is effective for at least a year, and probably longer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that you get a booster shot every three years.

Most people don’t have to worry about getting it because they’re not exposed to the virus, but if you’re bitten by an infected animal, you should call your doctor immediately.

Do dogs really need rabies shots?

Yes, say most veterinarians — at least until there’s some sort of alternative treatment available or immunization becomes unnecessary due to advances in science or technology.

Dogs are the most common source of rabies in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Rabies is a virus that causes acute inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. It’s almost always fatal once symptoms set in, which can take from days to months.

Do cats need shots if they never go outside?

Vaccinations are essential for protecting your cat from many diseases. Even indoor cats need to be fully vaccinated, as they’re still susceptible to infection from outdoor cats and other animals. Vaccinating your pet against disease can also help protect you and your family if your cat gets sick.

What are the symptoms of rabies in cats and dogs?

Symptoms of rabies in cats and dogs may include:

  • Disorientation, confusion, or uncharacteristic behavior
  • Lethargy, stupor, or depression
  • Unusual salivation, vocalization (including growling), or unusual fear
  • Shaking, jerking, uncontrolled body movements such as pacing or agitation (possibly accompanied by aggression)
  • Loss of vision (including blindness), deafness, or paralysis in one or more limbs
  • A change in appetite

If your dog has any of these symptoms and has come into contact with a wild animal or been bitten by another animal, it’s best to call your veterinarian immediately.

Is there a difference between 1 year and 3 year rabies vaccine?

The only difference is in the duration of protection. The 1-year rabies vaccination provides for a year of immunity against the disease, while the 3-year rabies vaccination provides for three years of immunity against the disease.

Conclusion of rabies shots

Rabies is a deadly virus that can be spread to people and animals by the bite of an infected animal. Rabies shots are given to dogs, cats, and other pets to protect them from getting rabies if they’re exposed.

Rabies is usually fatal once symptoms appear, therefore it is important to vaccinate your pet against this disease. When you take your dog or cat for their annual check-up and vaccinations, ask your veterinarian about the rabies vaccine.

Rabies shots for dogs and cats are required by law in many areas. If your pet has not been vaccinated for rabies, you may need to get it done before traveling with your pet outside the country.

The frequency of vaccination depends on where you live. Many states require that dogs be vaccinated against rabies every three years; some states require annual vaccinations. Check with your veterinarian or local animal control agency for more information about rabies requirements in your area.

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