PetSmart Vet: How Much Does a Vet Visit Cost at PetSmart?

PetSmart has a large network of locations around the country. They have over 1,400 stores nationwide and offer services in all 50 states with each store being able to provide basic veterinary services for pets such as vaccinations and checkups.

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Are PetSmart vets good?

PetSmart vets are generally good, but there are some things to keep in mind.

You should make sure the vet is qualified and experienced. You want someone who can help your pet with his medical issues as well as provide preventative care. That means taking care of any problems before they become serious or worse.

A vet who doesn’t know what to do for your pet might prescribe medication that doesn’t work, or might recommend unnecessary procedures that could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

PetSmart vet prices

PetSmart veterinary prices are very competitive with other pet hospital chains. They offer a wide range of services, and most pet owners find the cost reasonable when compared to the quality of care. However, this is just one opinion, and not all pet owners agree on the price or quality of care offered by PetSmart.

For many pet owners, PetSmart is the trusted name in pet care. The chain offers every type of service you can think of, from grooming and boarding to training and veterinary care. The company has partnered with Banfield Pet Hospital to offer in-store veterinary services at more than 1,000 locations.

Here is a list of PetSmart vet prices:

Vet visits

Package Estimated prices
Vet visit $50


Vaccines Estimated prices
Bordetella $31
Distemper Parvo DAPP $36
H3N2 and H3N8 influenza $48
Leptospirosis $22
Lyme Disease $39
Rabies $26

Anesthetic procedures

Packages Estimated prices
Professional dental cleaning $313
Neuter package (over 6 months) $418
Neuter package (under 6 months) $359
Spay package (over 6 months / over 50 pounds) $505
Spay package (over 6 months / under 50 pounds) $441
Spay package (under 6 months) $383

PetSmart vet clinic reviews

Pet owners say the staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. The veterinarians practice a variety of services here, including preventive care, surgery, dental care, etc. PetSmart also offers boarding services, though some say they’ve been unhappy with the quality of these accommodations.

In addition to veterinary services, PetSmart is equipped with a full-service grooming salon. Pet owners praise the groomers for their skill and dedication to detail. Appointments can be made online or by phone.

“We took our dog to get her shots and check-up. Everyone was super friendly, courteous, and helpful. They even offered to donate the remaining vaccine in the vial to a rescue group. We were able to schedule an appointment that was convenient for us and they were ready when we arrived. I highly recommend this clinic!”

“I recently moved to the area and wasn’t sure where I wanted to take my dog for a checkup. The team at PetSmart was amazing from signing in, to the vet coming out and explaining everything, to checkout. I would definitely recommend this location if you’re looking for a new vet!”

“The PetSmart vet clinic is clean and nice. The prices are reasonable for the work done. The staff is friendly, but I wish they were more knowledgeable about their patients (some of the people working there have been there for a long time, so you would think they would remember certain animals).”

“I’ve been using this vet for about 8 years now, and I’ve never had any issues with them. The bills are reasonable, and it’s always very clean there. Most of the staff has been there as long as I have. They know my dogs by name, and they’re always very friendly, and even remember little details about my dogs that I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned to them.”

PetSmart vet clinic complaints

“I recently had my dog checked at PetSmart’s veterinary clinic and was treated very poorly. The vet was rude, condescending, and unprofessional. He gave me a list of things I needed to do to fix my dog’s problems but didn’t explain what those problems were or how these solutions would make any difference. He just made some notes on a piece of paper and then told me not to worry about it.

“The only good thing I can say about this clinic is that the vet who saw us was very knowledgeable about dogs and cats. But even he seemed frustrated with the state of his work environment at PetSmart vet clinic.”

“PetSmart is a great place to shop, but I have never been too impressed with their clinic. I have had nothing but terrible experiences there. I went in for an emergency situation and was told that they didn’t have the right equipment to help me out. I called around and found a different vet who would take care of my dog’s problem for half the price ($500). When I got there, the vet said that he knew what caused my dog’s problem and could fix it. He fixed him up and sent us on our way with a prescription for an inhaler for him (which worked wonders!).”

“I have been a loyal customer of PetSmart for many years. I have always had great experiences with them and their employees. However, on the occasion that I needed to see a vet, I was treated very poorly by the receptionist and two assistants who were working at the time. I was told that there would be a waiting period because they were busy, but after waiting for about 20 minutes, I decided to leave without seeing anyone due to the poor treatment from the staff.”

Does PetSmart do free checkups?

PetSmart does not offer free checkups for your pet. However, if you are enrolling in the company’s wellness plan you can receive discounted visits for vaccinations and lab work.

These services may save you money in the long run depending on the needs of your pet. You can also take advantage of free health checkups at local shelters or low-cost clinics near your home.

How often should you take your pet to the vet for a checkup?

There are a few things you want to look out for that may suggest that it is time to take your animal in for a checkup.

The first thing you want to look out for is any unusual behavior or personality changes in your animal. Any sort of change, even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, should be looked into further.

You also want to make sure that you keep an eye on any physical changes or oddities that may occur like unexplained weight loss, weight gain, lumps or bumps, coughing or sneezing as well as any changes in their eating habits or bowel movements.

When it comes down to it if you notice something strange about your pet you can either have them checked out by a vet immediately or you can wait until their next scheduled appointment for routine grooming.

Conclusion of PetSmart Banfield Pet Hospital

Banfield Pet Hospital is a full-service pet hospital. They offer a wide range of services to their customers, including:

  • Vaccinations
  • Dental Cleanings
  • Flea and Tick Treatment
  • Spay/Neuter Services
  • Behavioral Counseling

The staff at PetSmart Banfield is very friendly and courteous to their clients. They have an excellent reputation for providing high-quality service to their customers. The facility is clean and well-maintained, so you will not have any concerns about your pet’s health when you bring them there for treatment.

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