Petsmart vs. Pet Supplies Plus Pricing

When it comes to shopping for our furry companions, price, quality, and convenience all play critical roles. With national chains like Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus vying for pet owners’ attention, it’s essential to dissect their offerings to determine the better fit for budget-savvy pet parents.

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FAQs on Petsmart vs. Pet Supplies Plus

1. Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus


  • Foundation Year: 1986
  • Presence: Over 1,650 stores in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  • Specialties: Pet products, grooming, training, boarding, and in-store adoptions.

Pet Supplies Plus:

  • Foundation Year: 1988
  • Presence: Over 560 stores in the US.
  • Specialties: Wide range of pet products, grooming, and self-service pet wash stations.

2. Price Comparisons

Everyday Essentials

From dog kibble to cat litter, everyday essentials generally have competitive pricing between the two retailers. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that Pet Supplies Plus may offer occasional lower prices on select items, whereas Petsmart has a more extensive range of brands.

Specialty Items

When it comes to more niche products, such as unique toys, exotic pet foods, or designer collars, Petsmart usually has a broader selection. However, Pet Supplies Plus sometimes offers these at more competitive prices, especially during sales.

In-Store Services

For grooming, Petsmart tends to have a more expansive menu of services. Yet, some Reddit users have noted that while the prices at Pet Supplies Plus may be slightly higher for specific treatments, the quality of service and individualized care can justify the extra dollars.

3. Price Matching and Loyalty Programs


Petsmart has a robust price match policy, especially with its online prices. They also offer a loyalty program, “Treats,” where members can earn points for every purchase and get access to exclusive deals.

Pet Supplies Plus

While they also offer a price match, their policies might be a bit more restrictive than Petsmart. Their loyalty program, “Neighbor Rewards,” is equally compelling, offering members deals, coupons, and special birthday treats.

4. Online Shopping and Delivery

Given the rise of online shopping, both retailers have embraced the trend. Petsmart owns Chewy, a massive online pet supplies retailer, but often prices on Chewy can differ from in-store prices. Pet Supplies Plus also offers online shopping, with some users noting competitive prices compared to in-store, especially when using loyalty program benefits.

5. The Verdict: Which is More Wallet-Friendly?

The answer isn’t clear-cut. For everyday essentials, both stores offer competitive prices, with the edge going to the store that’s hosting a sale. For specialty items, while Petsmart offers variety, Pet Supplies Plus can sometimes edge out with better prices.

Before committing to a purchase, savvy shoppers should:

  • Check Online: Often, both stores provide exclusive online discounts.
  • Loyalty Programs: Joining these can offer immediate savings and long-term benefits.
  • Stay Updated: Subscribing to newsletters and promotional emails can help in grabbing the best deals.

FAQs on Petsmart vs. Pet Supplies Plus

1. Which store offers a wider variety of pet food brands?

While both stores provide an extensive range of pet food brands, Petsmart typically has a slight edge in terms of variety. They often stock more specialized or niche brands, catering to pets with specific dietary needs. However, Pet Supplies Plus doesn’t lag far behind and occasionally offers unique local or regional brands that might not be available at Petsmart.

2. Do both stores have adoption events?

Yes, both Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus frequently host adoption events in partnership with local shelters and rescue organizations. These events not only help pets find forever homes but also provide a community touchpoint for pet enthusiasts.

3. How do their return policies compare?

Petsmart has a generous return policy where most unopened items can be returned within 60 days with a receipt. Pet Supplies Plus, on the other hand, offers a 30-day return window for most products with a valid receipt. Always check the specifics on certain items, especially live pets or clearance items, as they might have unique return conditions.

4. Are the grooming products at Pet Supplies Plus as extensive as those at Petsmart?

Petsmart, given its larger store footprint and broader service offerings, tends to have a more extensive range of grooming products. However, Pet Supplies Plus prides itself on quality, often stocking premium brands and holistic grooming solutions that cater to specific pet needs.

5. Can I find organic or eco-friendly products at these stores?

Absolutely! Both Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus have recognized the growing demand for organic and eco-friendly pet products. From organic pet foods to toys made of recycled materials, both retailers have sections dedicated to sustainable choices.

6. How do their training programs differ?

Petsmart has a comprehensive training program that covers everything from puppy basics to advanced obedience and tricks. They often provide packages that combine classes with other services. Pet Supplies Plus, while offering training in some locations, might not have as structured or diverse a program as Petsmart. If training is a priority, it’s advisable to review the curriculum and trainer credentials at your local stores.

7. Are in-store pet clinics or veterinary services available?

Petsmart, in collaboration with Banfield Pet Hospitals, offers veterinary services in many of its locations. These in-store clinics provide a range of services, from routine check-ups to surgeries. Pet Supplies Plus doesn’t typically host in-store veterinary services but may occasionally partner with local vets for health check events.

8. Do they offer price matches to online retailers?

Yes, both Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus offer price matching, but the terms can vary. Petsmart, for example, will often match prices from its online subsidiary, Chewy. It’s essential to check with the specific store for their latest policy and which online retailers they’ll match.

9. How do their own-brand products compare in terms of quality and price?

Both retailers have their own line of products. Petsmart’s ‘Authority’ and ‘Top Paw’ brands, for instance, offer a good balance between quality and affordability. On the other hand, Pet Supplies Plus’s ‘Redford Naturals’ has received positive reviews, especially for its focus on natural ingredients. Prices can be competitive, but this often boils down to specific product categories and ongoing promotions.

10. Can I buy live pets from these stores?

Yes, both Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus sell live pets, primarily fish, birds, small rodents, and reptiles. However, the range and availability might differ based on the store’s size and location. It’s always a good practice to research and understand the care requirements of a live pet before making a purchase.

11. How do their loyalty programs differ?

Petsmart’s ‘Treats’ program allows customers to earn points for every purchase, which can be redeemed for discounts on subsequent buys. They also occasionally offer members-only discounts and early access to sales. Pet Supplies Plus has its ‘Preferred Pet Club’, which offers members exclusive deals, discounts, and birthday bonuses for their pets.

12. Do both stores offer curbside pickup?

Yes, in response to the increasing demand for contactless shopping, both Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus have integrated curbside pickup into their services. Customers can order online and then drive to the store to have their items delivered directly to their vehicles.

13. What about online shopping experiences?

Both Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus have robust online platforms that support e-commerce. Petsmart has an edge with its integration with, providing a seamless shopping experience. Pet Supplies Plus, while not as vast as Petsmart’s online presence, offers an intuitive website with regular online-only deals.

14. How do the stores ensure the welfare of live animals they sell?

Both stores have guidelines and policies in place for animal welfare. Regular health checks, proper feeding schedules, and sanitary living conditions are mandatory. Additionally, staff members undergo training to care for these animals and educate potential buyers about the responsibilities associated with pet ownership.

15. Can I find services like pet boarding or day care?

Petsmart offers these services through their ‘PetsHotel’ facilities available in select locations. Here, pets receive supervised care, playtime, and even training sessions. Pet Supplies Plus doesn’t traditionally offer boarding or daycare services in-store but may have partnerships or recommendations for local providers.

16. Are there any exclusive brands or products at these stores?

Petsmart often carries exclusive collaborations or limited-time offerings through their partnerships, especially with their connection to Pet Supplies Plus, on the other hand, focuses on curating a mix of recognized brands and local or niche products that cater to the community’s specific needs.

17. What’s their stance on sustainability and eco-friendliness?

Both retailers have been making strides in sustainability. They offer a range of eco-friendly products, promote adoption over purchase for pets, and have been working on reducing their overall carbon footprint. In-store recycling programs for pet product packaging are also becoming more common.

18. How accessible are their stores for people with disabilities?

Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus stores are generally compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards, ensuring ease of access for all customers. Features like wide aisles, accessible restrooms, and wheelchair ramps are common. However, it’s always a good idea to call ahead if you have specific needs or concerns.

19. Do they support community events or charitable causes?

Absolutely. Petsmart Charities is a significant initiative, supporting pet adoptions, spay/neuter initiatives, and emergency relief efforts. Pet Supplies Plus also engages in community outreach, supporting local shelters, hosting adoption events, and participating in community pet-related events.

20. How do they handle product recalls?

Both retailers prioritize pet safety. In the event of a product recall, they promptly remove affected items from shelves and often post notices in stores and online. For customers enrolled in their loyalty programs, direct notifications about product recalls may also be sent out.

21. How do the stores address customer complaints or concerns?

Both Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus have dedicated customer service departments. Customers can reach out via phone, email, or in-store. The companies prioritize resolving issues promptly and often gather feedback to enhance future customer experiences. Store managers are usually empowered to handle and resolve most in-store complaints.

22. Are there in-store vet services available?

Petsmart typically offers vet services in many of its locations through Banfield Pet Hospitals, which are in-store clinics providing a range of veterinary care. Pet Supplies Plus doesn’t usually have in-house vet clinics, but they may have recommendations or partnerships with local vet services.

23. How do both chains approach pet nutrition?

Both chains prioritize offering quality pet food with a focus on nutritional value. They often provide a range of brands that cater to specific dietary needs, from grain-free to prescription diets. Additionally, staff members in both chains often undergo training on pet nutrition to guide customers in making informed choices.

24. What types of pets do they typically house for sale or adoption?

Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus generally house small animals like guinea pigs, hamsters, and birds for sale. Both chains also partner with local animal rescues to host adoption events for cats and dogs. It’s important to note that policies might vary by location, with some stores choosing not to sell animals but only promote adoption.

25. How do the stores handle product returns?

Both retailers offer return policies for products. If customers are unsatisfied with a purchase, they can typically return the item with a receipt for a full refund within a specific window of time. Both chains aim to make the process straightforward, but it’s advisable to check the exact terms before making a purchase.

26. Do they offer pet training classes?

Petsmart is known for its in-store dog training classes, ranging from puppy basics to advanced obedience. They follow a curriculum and have certified trainers conducting the sessions. While Pet Supplies Plus may not have a standardized training program chain-wide, some locations may offer classes or workshops in collaboration with local trainers.

27. How often do they run sales or promotions?

Sales and promotions are frequent in both chains, especially around holidays or special occasions like “National Pet Day.” These deals can be on a range of products from food to toys. It’s always a good idea to sign up for their newsletters or loyalty programs to get timely notifications on upcoming sales.

28. What safety measures are in place for pets during grooming?

Both Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus take pet safety seriously. Groomers undergo training and certification. The grooming areas are designed to be safe and stress-free for pets. From non-slip surfaces to specialized equipment, the focus is on ensuring pets are comfortable and secure during their grooming sessions.

29. How do they ensure the freshness of perishable items?

Both retailers adhere to strict quality control measures. Perishable items, especially pet food, have set shelf lives, and stock rotation practices are in place to ensure products remain fresh. Any expired or close-to-expiration items are promptly removed from shelves.

30. Are there any collaborations or partnerships that benefit customers?

Petsmart’s partnership with offers seamless online shopping experiences. Similarly, their association with Banfield Pet Hospitals provides in-store veterinary services. Pet Supplies Plus often collaborates with local businesses or pet services, offering unique deals or discounts to its loyal customers.

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