Banfield’s Early Care Plus Plans: Puppy & Kitten Wellness

Welcoming a furry friend into your home is an exciting adventure filled with cuddles, play, and a bit of mischief. But, it also comes with a responsibility to ensure they’re healthy and thriving. Banfield’s Early Care Plus Optimum Wellness Plans (OWPs) are tailored to offer an all-inclusive health regimen for your puppies and kittens. Let’s delve into what makes these packages a must-have for your pet’s developmental stages, dissecting the cost benefits and comprehensive care features.

Banfield Early Care Plus for Puppies – $45 a month

Services Early Care Early Care Plus
Office Visits Unlimited ✅ Unlimited ✅
Virtual Visits 2/year ✅ 2/year ✅
Pet Chat™ Unlimited ✅ Unlimited ✅
Wellness Coaching 1/year ✅ 1/year ✅
Physical Exams 2/year ✅ 2/year ✅
Vaccinations Custom ✅ Custom ✅
Diagnostic Testing 1/year ✅ 1/year ✅
Fecal Exams 3/year ✅ 3/year ✅
Deworming 4/year ✅ 4/year ✅
DNA Test
Neuter/Spay Surgery 1 ✅
Discount on Other Services 5% ✅ 10% ✅

Key Takeaways for Puppies:

  • Unlimited Access: Say goodbye to visitation worries with unlimited office visits and round-the-clock Pet Chat™ advice.
  • Holistic Examinations: Nose-to-tail exams ensure your pup is checked thoroughly, from cardiovascular to musculoskeletal health.
  • Vaccination Vigilance: Tailored vaccines keep diseases like Rabies and Distemper at bay.
  • Parasite Protection: Multiple fecal exams and deworming treatments guard against pesky parasites.
  • Bonus Procedures: Early Care Plus includes a vital spay/neuter procedure with all necessary pre-surgery assessments.
  • Cost-Saving Perks: A 10% discount on additional services helps your wallet as much as your puppy’s health.

Banfield Early Care Plus for Kittens – $45 a month

Services Early Care Early Care Plus
Office Visits Unlimited ✅ Unlimited ✅
Virtual Visits 2/year ✅ 2/year ✅
Pet Chat™ Unlimited ✅ Unlimited ✅
Wellness Coaching 1/year ✅ 1/year ✅
Physical Exams 2/year ✅ 2/year ✅
Vaccinations Custom ✅ Custom ✅
Diagnostic Testing 1/year ✅ 1/year ✅
Fecal Exams 3/year ✅ 3/year ✅
Deworming 4/year ✅ 4/year ✅
Neuter/Spay Surgery 1 ✅
Discount on Other Services 5% ✅ 10% ✅

Key Takeaways for Kittens:

  • Unlimited Office Visits: Never hesitate to visit the vet with any concern – your plan’s got it covered.
  • Virtual Vet Connect: Leverage virtual visits twice a year for those quick check-ins or queries.
  • Tailored Vaccines: Keep your kitten immune with vaccines against Feline Leukemia and more.
  • Disease Detection: Annual testing for Feline immunodeficiency virus and other diseases offers early detection and peace of mind.
  • Neuter/Spay Inclusion: Early Care Plus covers the essential neuter/spay surgery, ensuring your kitten’s health and well-being.
  • Extra Savings: Enjoy a significant 10% discount on services outside the OWP scope.


Banfield’s Early Care Plus Plans offer a strategic blend of affordability and extensive pet care, ensuring that your young pets have everything they need during their formative months. With such well-rounded packages, your decision is not just smart, it’s economical, ensuring your beloved pets receive the best preventive care. Embrace the joy of pet parenthood and let Banfield’s Early Care Plus Plans take the worry out of wellness. Because when it comes to your furry family members, only the best will do.

FAQs: Banfield Early Care Plus Plans

What is the coverage duration of the Banfield Early Care Plus Plans?

Both Early Care and Early Care Plus Plans are structured as annual packages. They provide continuous wellness care for your pets through their crucial growth phase, starting from the day of enrollment until the plan’s anniversary.

How do the Banfield plans cater to a pet’s changing health needs as they grow?

These plans are specifically crafted with the developmental milestones of puppies and kittens in mind. Regular comprehensive physical exams are designed to monitor growth and catch any deviations from normal development early. The incremental vaccinations and deworming protocols align with the pet’s increasing exposure to the outside world as they age.

Are there options within the plans for unforeseen illnesses or emergencies?

While the Early Care Plus Plans are preventive, members can enjoy a discount on most other Banfield services for conditions that fall outside routine care. This discount applies to a wide range of medical treatments, ensuring that pet owners can affordably manage their pet’s health needs as they arise.

Is the spay or neuter procedure mandatory within the Early Care Plus Plan?

The inclusion of the spay or neuter surgery in the Early Care Plus Plan offers significant health benefits and is a standard recommendation. However, the decision to utilize this service rests with the pet owner, who should discuss the best timing and approach with their veterinarian.

How does the WISDOM PANEL™ Canine DNA test benefit my pet?

The DNA test provided in the plan is a tool for revealing breed-specific traits and potential genetic health risks. Understanding your pet’s genetic makeup can guide personalized care and wellness strategies, ensuring your pet lives a healthy and fulfilling life.

What kind of support does Pet Chat™ offer?

Pet Chat™ is a 24/7 service that connects pet owners with veterinary professionals. This platform can offer advice on behavioral questions, dietary recommendations, and immediate first aid steps, ensuring owners have professional support at their fingertips anytime.

Can I enroll multiple pets in the Early Care Plus Plans?

Yes, families with more than one puppy or kitten can enroll each of their pets. Additional pets may be eligible for a reduced enrollment fee or other promotional discounts.

How does the payment plan work?

Banfield has designed the payment for these plans to be as stress-free as possible. Rather than an upfront lump sum, the cost is divided into manageable monthly installments spread over a year, making budgeting for pet care easier.

Are there any breed-specific exclusions in the Early Care Plus Plans?

The plans do not exclude any breeds. Every puppy or kitten, regardless of breed, is eligible for the same comprehensive care, ensuring a level playing field for wellness.

What sets Banfield’s Early Care Plus Plans apart from pet insurance?

These plans are not insurance; they are proactive wellness packages designed to prevent and detect issues early. Unlike typical insurance that applies to accidents or illnesses, Banfield’s plans focus on regular, predictable health care to maintain your pet’s well-being.

How are virtual visits integrated into the plans?

Virtual visits provide a convenient way to consult with a veterinarian without the need to travel to a clinic. These are ideal for non-emergency queries, follow-up discussions, or situations where the pet owner or animal is unable to travel.

How does Banfield ensure the quality of care provided under the Early Care Plus Plans?

Banfield prides itself on a standardized approach to pet wellness, with all services under the Early Care Plus Plans performed by qualified and experienced veterinary professionals. Protocols are rigorously developed based on the latest veterinary science to ensure your pet receives top-tier preventive care.

What happens if I move to a different state after enrolling in the plan?

The Early Care Plus Plans come with the convenience of transferability across Banfield hospitals nationwide. If you relocate, your plan follows you, and your pet’s care continues uninterrupted at your new location.

Are there educational resources provided with the Early Care Plus Plans?

Recognizing that informed pet parents make better choices for their pets, Banfield offers a Pet Wellness coaching session focusing on nutrition and general care. These resources are tailored to help pet owners understand and meet the unique needs of their growing puppies and kittens.

Can the Early Care Plus Plans be customized for pets with special needs?

While the plans are designed to meet the needs of the majority of pets, Banfield recognizes that some pets may have special health considerations. In such cases, the veterinarian may recommend additional services or modifications to best suit the pet’s individual requirements.

Does the plan provide any services aimed at behavioral development?

The comprehensive physical exams include evaluations that may detect early signs of behavioral issues, and unlimited access to Pet Chat™ can offer guidance on behavioral training and concerns. However, specific behavioral training services are not included in the plan and would be subject to additional costs.

If my pet doesn’t use all the services in the plan within the year, can they roll over to the next?

The services included in the Early Care Plus Plans are intended for use within the annual period and do not roll over to the subsequent year. These structured visits and procedures align with your pet’s developmental stages, ensuring they receive care when it’s most impactful.

How does the Early Care Plus Plan benefit a pet owner financially in the long term?

Investing in preventive care through the Early Care Plus Plan can lead to lower healthcare costs over your pet’s lifetime by catching and addressing health issues early on. Additionally, the discounts on non-plan services can substantially reduce the cost of unexpected treatments.

What is the process for renewing the Early Care Plus Plan once the year is up?

As the plan approaches its anniversary, Banfield will reach out with renewal options. Renewal can typically be done seamlessly, ensuring there is no gap in coverage for your pet’s healthcare.

Are there any geographical limitations to the services provided in the plan?

While the plans are widely accessible at Banfield locations, some services like virtual visits might have state-specific regulations that could affect availability. Banfield navigates these regulations to provide consistent care across all locations.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee with the Early Care Plus Plans?

Banfield is committed to the highest standards of pet care and customer satisfaction. If there are any concerns about the services received, pet owners are encouraged to discuss them directly with their local Banfield hospital to reach a satisfactory resolution.


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