How Good is Freshpet Dog Food?

When it comes to feeding our furry friends, we want to make sure we are providing them with the best possible nutrition. One brand that has been gaining popularity in the dog food market is Freshpet. But just how good is Freshpet dog food? In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the brand, their ingredients, and what research and studies have to say about their products.

First, let’s take a look at Freshpet as a brand. Founded in 2006, Freshpet is a company that specializes in producing fresh, refrigerated dog food. They use all-natural ingredients and avoid using preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. Their goal is to provide dogs with a diet that is similar to what they would eat in the wild, using high-quality meats and vegetables.

When it comes to the ingredients in Freshpet dog food, the brand uses a variety of meats such as chicken, beef, and turkey as their main protein sources. They also use fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples, and spinach as sources of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, Freshpet uses probiotics and prebiotics to support a healthy gut microbiome.

So, what do research and studies say about Freshpet dog food? One study published in the Journal of Animal Science found that dogs fed a fresh, refrigerated diet had a higher digestibility of nutrients compared to those fed a dry diet. Another study found that dogs fed a fresh diet had a healthier gut microbiome, which can lead to improved overall health.

Additionally, Freshpet has undergone testing by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) to ensure that their products meet the nutritional levels established by the organization. This means that Freshpet dog food is nutritionally complete and balanced, providing dogs with all the essential nutrients they need to thrive.

In conclusion, Freshpet dog food is a high-quality, nutritious option for our furry friends. The brand uses all-natural ingredients and avoids preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. Research and studies have found that a fresh, refrigerated diet can lead to improved digestibility of nutrients and a healthier gut microbiome. Freshpet has also undergone testing by the AAFCO to ensure that their products are nutritionally complete and balanced. Overall, Freshpet is a great choice for pet parents who want to provide their dogs with the best possible nutrition.


Hannah Elizabeth is an English animal behavior author, having written for several online publications. With a degree in Animal Behaviour and over a decade of practical animal husbandry experience, Hannah's articles cover everything from pet care to wildlife conservation. When she isn't creating content for blog posts, Hannah enjoys long walks with her Rottweiler cross Senna, reading fantasy novels and breeding aquarium shrimp.

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