Ollie vs. Farmer’s Dog

As the wellness wave continues to sweep across our world, it’s not just humans who are benefitting. The emphasis on holistic health and nutrition has spilled over into our pet’s lives as well. Now, we have a selection of premium pet food brands aiming to provide “human-grade” meals for our canine companions. Among these, two brands that stand out are Ollie and Farmer’s Dog.

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Ollie and Farmer’s Dog: An Introduction

Ollie and Farmer’s Dog are two leading brands in the fresh pet food industry, renowned for providing personalized meal plans based on your dog’s breed, age, weight, and health conditions. They emphasize whole, real foods and nutritionally balanced recipes vetted by veterinary nutritionists. But which one is right for your furry friend? Let’s delve in.

Ollie’s Canine Cuisine

Ollie sources fresh, high-quality ingredients from trusted farmers and ranchers. With a promise of no by-products, artificial flavors, or preservatives, Ollie prepares all meals in their USDA-regulated kitchens. Their recipes cater to various nutritional needs with options like beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb. Ollie meals are gently cooked to preserve nutritional integrity and then portioned into customized serving sizes based on your pup’s profile.

Farmer’s Dog: Farm Fresh Pet Fare

Farmer’s Dog takes pride in providing meals that are as fresh as possible. They use human-grade USDA ingredients, prepare meals in small batches to preserve freshness, and deliver directly to your doorstep. This brand too avoids preservatives and additives and offers three primary recipes – turkey, beef, and pork.

The Ollie vs. Farmer’s Dog Showdown: Which is Better?

Quality of Ingredients

Both brands prioritize high-quality, fresh ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers. While Ollie’s variety in recipes might edge out Farmer’s Dog, the latter’s commitment to using only USDA-certified ingredients gives it a slight advantage in terms of ingredient quality.


Both Ollie and Farmer’s Dog excel in offering meal plans tailored to your dog’s specific needs. They consider factors like breed, size, age, activity level, and health conditions. However, Ollie’s detailed questionnaire provides more comprehensive customization, which may be beneficial for dogs with unique health needs.

Packaging and Delivery

Both brands deliver meals directly to your door in eco-friendly, insulated packaging. Ollie provides a handy scooper for portioning meals, which some pet parents might appreciate. Farmer’s Dog, on the other hand, packages each meal individually, which is great for convenience but may generate more waste.


The price for both services varies depending on your dog’s size and specific dietary needs. However, in general, Farmer’s Dog tends to be slightly more expensive than Ollie, making Ollie the more budget-friendly option.

Nutritional Value: Ollie vs. Farmer’s Dog

Ollie’s Nutritional Transparency

Ollie makes it a point to keep pet parents informed about the nutritional breakdown of their dog’s meal plan. For each recipe, Ollie provides a full ingredient list and a comprehensive breakdown of crude protein, fat, fiber, and moisture content. This transparency is ideal for dog owners who like to keep tabs on their pet’s nutritional intake. Additionally, Ollie meals are designed and approved by a team of veterinary nutritionists, ensuring your dog gets a balanced diet.

Farmer’s Dog Nutritional Promise

Farmer’s Dog, too, provides a detailed list of ingredients for each meal but does not give as extensive a nutritional breakdown as Ollie. They guarantee that all their recipes meet AAFCO standards for complete and balanced nutrition. Farmer’s Dog also highlights their commitment to providing a high meat content in their meals, which is essential for our carnivorous companions.

Meal Prep and Preservation: Ollie vs. Farmer’s Dog

Ollie’s Cooking Process

Ollie prepares meals using a slow-cooking process at low temperatures, which helps retain maximum nutrient content in the food. Once prepared, the meals are flash-frozen to preserve freshness and nutritional value. Upon delivery, you can store the meals in your refrigerator or freezer.

Farmer’s Dog’s Fresh Approach

Farmer’s Dog adopts a similar approach, slow-cooking their meals in small batches to ensure nutrient retention and quality control. Their meals are also frozen shortly after cooking to maintain freshness. Farmer’s Dog emphasizes that their meals are never deep-frozen or stored for extended periods, ensuring the meal your pet eats is as fresh as possible.

Customer Service and Flexibility: Ollie vs. Farmer’s Dog

Ollie’s Customer Support and Flexibility

Ollie is known for their excellent customer support. They offer flexible meal plans, and you can easily adjust delivery schedules, meal selections, and even portion sizes through your online account. You can also pause or cancel your subscription anytime without penalties.

Farmer’s Dog’s Responsive Service

Farmer’s Dog also scores high in customer service. Their team is responsive and ready to assist with your pet’s dietary needs. You have the flexibility to adjust your pet’s meal plan or delivery schedule, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, Farmer’s Dog requests a bit more lead time for changes or cancellations compared to Ollie.

Sustainability Practices: Ollie vs. Farmer’s Dog

Ollie’s Sustainable Packaging

Ollie is committed to sustainability. Their meal trays are made from recyclable, BPA-free plastic, and the insulation in their boxes is made from recycled denim and is biodegradable.

Farmer’s Dog’s Eco-conscious Approach

Farmer’s Dog follows an eco-friendly approach with their packaging. The meals come in recyclable packaging, and their boxes are insulated with biodegradable materials. They use less plastic per meal as each serving comes in a single package, compared to Ollie’s bulk packaging approach.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between Ollie and Farmer’s Dog ultimately depends on your pet’s needs and your personal preferences. Both offer top-tier, personalized meals for your furry friend, focusing on freshness, quality, and convenience. While Ollie offers more variety and is generally more cost-effective, Farmer’s Dog wins in ingredient quality with its use of USDA-certified ingredients. No matter which you choose, rest assured, your pup will enjoy a nutritious, delicious meal that supports their overall wellbeing.

FAQs: Ollie vs. Farmer’s Dog

What type of ingredients do Ollie and Farmer’s Dog use?

Ollie’s Ingredient Quality

Ollie prides itself on using high-quality, human-grade ingredients in their meals. They source meats like chicken, beef, and turkey from family-run farms in the U.S. and Australia. The fruits, vegetables, and superfoods included in the recipes are carefully selected for their nutritional benefits. Ollie avoids the use of any by-products, fillers, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

Farmer’s Dog Ingredient Standards

Farmer’s Dog follows a similar approach, using fresh, human-grade meats and produce. They focus on providing high protein meals with quality meat sources like turkey, beef, and pork. Farmer’s Dog also excludes fillers, preservatives, and artificial flavors from their recipes.

Can Ollie and Farmer’s Dog accommodate dogs with allergies or special dietary needs?

Ollie’s Customization for Special Diets

Yes, Ollie can accommodate dogs with specific dietary needs. When you sign up, you provide details about your dog’s breed, age, weight, activity level, and any allergies or health issues. Ollie uses this information to customize your dog’s meal plan. If your dog has a severe or unique dietary requirement, it’s best to consult with a vet and relay the information to Ollie’s customer support team.

Farmer’s Dog’s Approach to Dietary Needs

Farmer’s Dog also personalizes meal plans based on the information you provide during sign-up. If your dog has food allergies or special dietary needs, these can usually be accommodated in your dog’s meal plan. However, for complex dietary needs, it’s recommended to discuss with your vet and contact Farmer’s Dog’s customer support for detailed guidance.

How are Ollie and Farmer’s Dog meals delivered?

Ollie’s Delivery System

Ollie delivers meals directly to your door, flash-frozen to maintain freshness. The frequency of delivery depends on your chosen plan and can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The meals come in an insulated box to keep them fresh during transit.

Farmer’s Dog’s Delivery Schedule

Farmer’s Dog follows a similar delivery process. The meals are delivered frozen in an insulated box. The frequency of delivery can be set based on your preferences.

How are Ollie and Farmer’s Dog different in terms of price?

Both Ollie and Farmer’s Dog base their pricing on factors like your dog’s size, age, breed, and dietary needs, so prices will vary. Ollie’s meals can range from about $2 to $5 per day for small dogs, and go up for larger dogs. Farmer’s Dog typically starts at around $2 per day for small dogs and increases for larger dogs or dogs with specific dietary requirements. Be sure to review each company’s pricing model carefully to understand what you’ll be paying for your specific pet’s needs.

Do Ollie and Farmer’s Dog offer a trial period or discounts?

Ollie’s Introductory Offer

Ollie offers a 50% discount on your first box, giving you a chance to try their service without a full commitment.

Farmer’s Dog Trial Period

Farmer’s Dog provides a similar introductory offer, with 50% off your first box. It’s a risk-free way to test whether their service suits your dog’s needs and your lifestyle.

How do Ollie and Farmer’s Dog Customize Meal Plans?

Ollie’s Personalization Method

Ollie customizes meal plans based on the detailed profile you provide about your dog, including breed, age, weight, activity level, and dietary restrictions. They use this information to calculate the exact calories your dog needs per day and customize portion sizes accordingly.

Farmer’s Dog’s Customization Approach

Similarly, Farmer’s Dog tailors meal plans based on your dog’s profile. The factors considered include age, breed, size, activity level, and health status. The company prides itself on creating meals specifically designed to meet your dog’s unique nutritional requirements.

Are Ollie and Farmer’s Dog Meals Easy to Serve?

Ollie’s Easy Serving

Ollie meals come in a tray with a custom scoop, allowing you to serve the right amount each time without any mess. The meals can be easily mixed with your dog’s current food or served alone.

Farmer’s Dog’s Serving Convenience

Farmer’s Dog meals come in pre-portioned pouches, eliminating the need for measuring or guesswork. You can serve the meal directly from the pouch, making meal times convenient and mess-free.

What Happens if My Dog Doesn’t Like the Food from Ollie or Farmer’s Dog?

Ollie’s Satisfaction Guarantee

Ollie offers a money-back guarantee on your first box if your dog doesn’t like the food. They also provide options to donate the unwanted food to a local shelter.

Farmer’s Dog’s Refund Policy

Farmer’s Dog also offers a similar policy. If your dog isn’t a fan of their first Farmer’s Dog box, they will refund your money, and you can donate the remaining food to a local shelter.

Do Ollie and Farmer’s Dog Use High-Quality Ingredients?

Ollie’s Ingredient Quality

Ollie prioritizes high-quality ingredients in their meals. They use human-grade meat and vegetables and avoid any fillers, by-products, or artificial preservatives. Ollie also provides full transparency of the ingredient list for each recipe.

Farmer’s Dog’s Ingredient Standards

Farmer’s Dog follows similar high standards for their ingredients. They use fresh, human-grade meats and vegetables, and their recipes are devoid of artificial preservatives or fillers. They also provide a complete ingredient list for each recipe.

How Frequently Do Ollie and Farmer’s Dog Deliver?

Ollie’s Delivery Schedule

Ollie offers flexible delivery schedules that you can adjust according to your convenience. You can choose to have the meals delivered every week, every two weeks, or every four weeks.

Farmer’s Dog’s Delivery Frequency

Farmer’s Dog also offers a flexible delivery schedule, but the frequency is determined by your dog’s portion size. Typically, deliveries are scheduled every two to twelve weeks. You can adjust the delivery schedule and frequency through your online account.

Are Ollie and Farmer’s Dog Meals Vet Approved?

Ollie’s Vet-Approved Meals

Ollie’s meals are designed by a team of veterinary nutritionists to ensure they are balanced and healthy for your pet. They meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

Farmer’s Dog’s Veterinary Endorsement

Farmer’s Dog also ensures that all their recipes meet AAFCO standards and are vet-approved for a balanced diet. They use whole, fresh ingredients, which provide a wide range of nutrients essential for dogs.

How Can I Transition My Dog to Ollie or Farmer’s Dog Food?

Transitioning to Ollie’s Food

When transitioning your dog to Ollie’s food, the company recommends a gradual process over a week. Start by mixing 25% Ollie food with 75% of your dog’s current food for the first two days, then gradually increase the Ollie portion to 50% for the next two days. After that, serve a mix of 75% Ollie and 25% of your dog’s current food for the next two days. By the seventh day, you can serve 100% Ollie food.

Switching to Farmer’s Dog Food

Farmer’s Dog also recommends a similar gradual transition over a week. Begin with a mix of 50% Farmer’s Dog food and 50% of your dog’s current food for the first two days. Then, gradually increase the portion of Farmer’s Dog food by 25% every two days. By day seven, your dog should be comfortably eating 100% Farmer’s Dog food.

Do Ollie and Farmer’s Dog Accommodate Dietary Restrictions?

Ollie’s Dietary Accommodation

Yes, Ollie accommodates dietary restrictions. In your dog’s profile, you can specify any allergies or sensitivities, and Ollie will recommend suitable recipes that avoid those ingredients.

Farmer’s Dog Dietary Considerations

Farmer’s Dog also accommodates dietary restrictions. When creating your dog’s profile, you can mention any allergies or food sensitivities, and Farmer’s Dog will tailor the meals accordingly, avoiding any harmful ingredients.

How Are Ollie and Farmer’s Dog Packages Shipped?

Ollie’s Shipping Process

Ollie’s meals are shipped in an insulated box with dry ice to keep the meals cold. They are packaged in recyclable materials to minimize environmental impact.

Farmer’s Dog Shipping Method

Farmer’s Dog uses a similar shipping process. Their meals are shipped in eco-friendly, insulated boxes with ice packs to ensure they remain fresh during transit.

Do Ollie and Farmer’s Dog Offer Single Protein Recipes?

Ollie’s Single Protein Options

Yes, Ollie does offer single protein recipes. If your dog has certain dietary needs or allergies, you can choose from their single protein options like chicken, beef, turkey, or lamb.

Farmer’s Dog Single Protein Availability

Similarly, Farmer’s Dog also offers single protein recipes. You can select from beef, pork, turkey, or chicken, depending on your dog’s dietary requirements or preferences.

How Often Should I Feed My Dog Ollie or Farmer’s Dog Meals?

Feeding Frequency with Ollie

Ollie recommends feeding frequency based on your dog’s age and lifestyle. Puppies usually require multiple feedings a day, while most adult dogs do well with two meals a day. Ollie provides a feeding guide along with your customized meal plan.

Feeding Schedule with Farmer’s Dog

Farmer’s Dog also suggests feeding frequency based on your dog’s individual needs. As a general guideline, they recommend feeding puppies three to four times a day and adult dogs twice a day. The specific feeding recommendations are provided with your dog’s meal plan.

Can I Freeze Ollie or Farmer’s Dog Food?

Freezing Ollie’s Meals

Yes, Ollie’s meals can be frozen. If you don’t plan on feeding the meals to your dog within the shelf-life period indicated on the packaging, it’s recommended to freeze them. Defrost the meals in the refrigerator 24 hours before feeding.

Storing Farmer’s Dog Meals

Farmer’s Dog meals can also be frozen. If you’re not going to use them within the shelf-life period, place them in the freezer. For best results, thaw the meals in the fridge a day before feeding.

What If My Dog Doesn’t Like Ollie or Farmer’s Dog Food?

Ollie’s Satisfaction Guarantee

Ollie offers a 100% money-back guarantee on your first box if your dog doesn’t like their food. They also provide assistance in altering your dog’s meal plan to better suit their taste preferences.

Farmer’s Dog Return Policy

Similarly, Farmer’s Dog offers a full refund for the first box if your dog doesn’t enjoy their food. They’ll also work with you to adjust your dog’s meal plan according to their preferences.

Can I Modify My Ollie or Farmer’s Dog Subscription?

Modifying Ollie Subscription

Yes, you can modify your Ollie subscription at any time. This includes changing your dog’s meal plan, delivery schedule, or canceling your subscription. All changes can be made through your online account.

Adjusting Farmer’s Dog Subscription

Farmer’s Dog also allows changes to your subscription at any time. You can adjust your dog’s meal plan, delivery frequency, or cancel the subscription through your online account.

Are Ollie and Farmer’s Dog Packaging Materials Recyclable?

Ollie’s Packaging Recyclability

Ollie’s commitment to sustainability extends to its packaging. The insulation in their boxes is made from recycled denim and is 100% recyclable. Their meal trays are also recyclable.

Farmer’s Dog Eco-Friendly Packaging

Farmer’s Dog also uses eco-friendly packaging. Their insulation is made from biodegradable materials, and the meal pouches are recyclable where facilities exist.

How Do I Cancel My Ollie or Farmer’s Dog Subscription?

Canceling Ollie Subscription

You can cancel your Ollie subscription through your online account. If you have difficulties, you can reach out to Ollie’s customer service team for assistance.

Ending Farmer’s Dog Subscription

Similarly, you can cancel your Farmer’s Dog subscription via your online account. If you need help, Farmer’s Dog’s customer service is available to assist you.

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