5 Best in Show Dog Groomings

These best-in-show dog groomings will help your dog look and feel their best.

1. Best in Show Doggy Day-care, Groom & Board

Best In Show is a grooming, day-care and boarding facility located in Atlanta, Georgia. They offer traditional grooms, show/competition grooms, nail trimming and ear cleaning.

For day-care, they offer a free temperament test to check the suitability of dogs playing together. The center also offers boarding facilities for overnight stays. Prices start from $20 for grooming, $15 for day-care and $25 per night for boarding.

Best In Show boarding also has extras available such as additional playtime, indoor-outdoor kennels and multi-dog discounts.

2. Best In Show Pet Resort

Best In Show Pet Resort is a facility based in Mineola, offering grooming, day-care and boarding for dogs and cats.

The grooming salon uses state-of-the-art equipment and grooming techniques to ensure a professional, high-quality service. Services include baths, nail trimming, ear cleaning, facials, aromatherapy treatments and breed-specific cuts.

Boarding starts at $29 per day and dogs are assessed to ensure personality matches during playtime. They have more than 7200 square feet of indoor play space to provide ample room for all their dogs to get the exercise and socialization they need.

Boarding offers 4×4 and 4×8 kennels, as well as doggy suites. All staff ensures hospital quality cleaning in all kennels to ensure the health and safety of all overnight guests.

3. Central Bark Doggy Day Care Grayslake

Central Bark, based in Grayslake, Ilinois, is a spa, daycare and training facility.

Enrichment doggy daycare offers dogs the chance to socialize, play and learn. All dogs are offered nap time and a rest period with enrichment activities. Prices start at $37 per day. One-to-one sessions and rest period enrichments can be added as extras.

In the salon, Central Bark offers baths, full and part grooms, nail trimming, teeth cleaning and much more. Grooms start from $30, with smaller treatments like teeth cleaning starting from $5.

Overnight boarding is $55.50 and includes a 24-hour stay with enrichment daycare included.

  • Address: 256 Commerce Dr, Grayslake, IL 60030
  • Phone: (847) 548-2275
  • Appointments: centralbarkusa.com

4. Best Friend Dog Grooming

Best Friend Dog Grooming is a salon based in Highland, California. They specialize in show clips/breed-specific cuts, but they also offer nail trimming, ear cleaning, de-shedding and much more.

The salon was purchased by new owners in 2014 and they have built and loyal client base since then with lots of happy returning clients.

They are open 6 days per week and are considered very reasonable in terms of pricing and value for money.

5. Man’s Best Friend Dog Grooming

Man’s Best Friend is a dog grooming salon located in Arizona, offering high quality dog grooming and related services. They even offer cat grooming services!

They offer baths and brushing services from $35 and full grooming sessions starting at $45.

The salon is open Tuesday through Saturday from 7 am until 4 pm.


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