Blue Buffalo Dog Food Making Dogs Sick: Is Blue Buffalo Bad for Dogs?

Pet food contamination is no laughing matter. It affects your pets, their happiness, well-being, and their health. Recently, Blue Buffalo dog food was caught in a controversy of making dogs sick. Then what is the problem with Blue Buffalo dog food?

Blue Buffalo Making Dogs Sick

Is Blue Buffalo bad for dogs?

Blue Buffalo is the pet food brand to watch out for. It has been the subject of many online reviews and complaints from pet owners who report that their dogs have experienced symptoms associated with the use of Blue Buffalo dog food.

During recent years, thousands of pet owners have claimed that the pet food has made their dogs sick and even killed a significant number of pets. The complaints are wide-ranging: vomiting, lethargy, and general bad health, including stomach upset and allergies. There were reports of dogs literally wasting away before their owner’s eyes while on Blue Buffalo dog food.

Blue Buffalo dog food complaints

Blue Buffalo has been in the news a lot lately and not for positive reasons. It seems many dog owners are not happy with the recent changes in their dog food formulas. They say that the food has changed, and it doesn’t seem to be as good as it was before.

Many reviews of Blue Buffalo say their dogs have become ill after eating this brand. Some of these people blame the change on the manufacturer, others blame it on the ingredients used by Blue Buffalo and still others think it may be a virus or bacteria that is causing problems for dogs eating these foods.

Some of these dog owners believe that their dogs have become ill from parasites or other infections that were present in their food when they purchased it. Other pet owners think that some ingredients have been changed in the dog food, which is resulting in illness in some dogs who consume this brand of dog food.

The number of complaints about Blue Buffalo dog foods has increased dramatically over the past year, especially since this company was sold to another corporation.

“I bought the small bag of dog food for my 9lb puppy. I was really excited about it cause I love the ingredients that are in it and I always buy high-quality foods for my dog. When she started eating it, she wouldn’t even touch the food. She kept putting her nose up to it, then walking away. I had never seen her do that with any other dog food I have given her before. Then when she did taste it, she spat it right out and puked. My husband and I tried mixing it with her old food, but she still had no interest in eating it. After a few days of trying to get her to eat this dog food, I gave up and went out and bought some generic brand dog food that she will eat … so needless to say… this Blue Buffalo Dog Food was a complete waste of money and time!”

“I purchased several cans and my dog ate them all within 15 minutes. He seemed to really enjoy it but then he started vomiting uncontrollably for a few hours.”

“I wish I could give this brand zero stars. The first time I fed my new puppy food from this brand, she immediately threw it up. After that, we switched to another brand and had no problems.”

“My dog has been having digestive issues for almost a year now and I was at my wit’s end trying to figure out why. Nothing would help. It was like clockwork every 10 days he had diarrhea and then he would be fine until the next bout. I had him tested for worms twice, blood work done, etc. We changed his food hoping that would help but it didn’t seem to make a difference… I was really skeptical about switching his food because he seemed to like what he was eating but my gut told me it was time for a change.”

Is Blue Buffalo killing dogs?

Blue Buffalo has been hit with a class-action lawsuit alleging its pet food causes serious illnesses and possible death in dogs.

The complaint says the company falsely advertises that its pet foods are free of animal byproducts and contain natural, healthy ingredients. But according to the lawsuit, tests show otherwise.

It also alleges Blue Buffalo is aware of the problem but hasn’t warned consumers.

The lawsuit alleges that the following dog food products caused kidney failure, liver disease, and other ailments, according to Petful:

  • Blue Wilderness Chicken Recipe for Small Breed Adult Dogs
  • Blue Freedom Grain-Free Chicken Recipe for Small Breed Adult Dogs
  • Blue Basics Grain-Free Turkey & Potato Recipe for Adult Dogs
  • Blue Life Protection Formula Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe for Small Breed Senior Dogs
  • Blue Life Protection Formula Natural Small Breed Adult Dog Lamb & Brown Rice

The suit has been brought by two dog owners who claim that their pets became ill or died after eating Blue Buffalo products. The plaintiffs allege that their dogs suffered from a number of symptoms associated with poultry by-product consumption, including vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration.

This lawsuit is just one of many class-action lawsuits filed against the company in recent years. All of these lawsuits allege some form of false advertising on the part of the company. In some cases, plaintiffs are questioning whether or not Blue Buffalo’s products actually contain the vitamins and nutrients they claim to contain. The latest complaint alleges that Blue Buffalo’s products contain dangerous levels of lead.

Positive reviews

Consumers who have reviewed Blue Buffalo dog food seem to be very happy with their purchase.

There are hundreds of reviews by customers on Amazon that claim that they have switched their dogs over to Blue Buffalo dog food and they have not had a problem since.

Some customers even claim that this has saved them money in the long run because there is no longer any need to buy special food for skin or stomach-related problems.

Blue Buffalo reviews from customers state that they’ve had great experiences with this company and that their pets love it too! People say that after switching to Blue Buffalo, their pets’ coats look healthier and shinier.

One reviewer said that the dog food is excellent, but it’s expensive. Another reviewer said that Blue Buffalo is the best dog food on the market and that she would never switch to another brand of dog food.

Reviewers on said that Blue Buffalo is one of the best dog food brands they’ve ever used. They also said they prefer Blue Buffalo dog food because it’s better than other brands, especially at helping dogs maintain a healthy weight.

Pet owners say their dogs enjoy the taste of Blue Buffalo and seem to do well on it for years without getting sick.

Consumers also love how easy it is to purchase Blue Buffalo dog food online. You can order it directly from the company’s website or you can purchase it on places like

Blue Buffalo Wilderness for Dogs | Chewy

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  1. Blue Buffalo senior has made my dogs act very differently in their behaviors. I changed to Blue Buffalo about 2 or so weeks ago. I’ve been gradually introducing about 25/100 and had recently up it a bit. We started noticing changes in my 3.5lb Chihuahua within the first couple of days. She doesn’t bark at all now and her left eye is oozing, she can’t hear, and she is looking like she’s going blind. It’s almost as if she is really drunk. My 55lb Aussie has started showing similar signs in the last few days. Never thought about the food doing this to them. I called the vet and said to take them off it and if there isn’t any change to getting back to normal in a few days to bring them in. I’m super worried about my Sugar (Chihuahua). She has gotten so bad today. I live quite away out in the country to just jump on over to any vet emergency that may or may not be open. Do Not Buy This Food!!!!

  2. I’m not sure what is going on, but in the past year, my dog has been having bouts (about every two-three weeks or so) of diarrhea and sometimes vomiting, increase thirst and urination, and sleeps a lot. I never guessed it could be the dog food who advertises all these wholesome ingredients! I am taking her off the food today and will give her chicken and rice for about a week and go to another dog food. If I see a difference I will write back!

    1. Sounds like pancreatitis. My dog had the same symptoms on blue buffalo then it became very bad! I spent $1600 to hospitalize my dog to save him. Now back to 100 percent on science diet.

  3. Spent 6000.00 dollars on vet bills, nothing found, took my dog off of Blue 2 weeks later find. Dog could not walk or seemed drunk, and at 1 time almost died. Anybody with same issue?

    1. My 3 year old dog has been refusing to eat off and on for a few days, seems to be possibly going deaf and blind. Has attacked the other 2 dogs in the house for no reason and tonight seems drunk. I just started doing research on the dog food to see if that’s an issue. She just started eating it 2 weeks ago.

  4. I switched my dog to Blue Buffalo dog food last month and she is doing better than she was on her other dog food. She no longer has stomach issues or dandruff. I have been very happy with the food.

  5. Blue Buffalo has caused my dog serious gastric problems including vomiting and diarrhea. For such a high priced, tauted as healthy and nutritious dog food to cause such problems is unacceptable! STAY AWAY FROM BLUE BUFFALO!!!

  6. Costco recently started carrying Blue Buffalo kibble. Mixed half and half with their regular food. Shortly thereafter, one of my dogs started with diarrhea, vomiting, refusing to eat, extreme thirst, red, irritated eyes, and lethargy. A visit to the vet showed no particular problems but has seen several dogs recently with similar symptoms, all after starting on Blue Buffalo. Symptoms decreased after discontinuing the food 3 days ago.

    1. Elaine my pup has the same symptoms. Its been a couple of weeks since you’ve discontinued, any more improvements?

  7. I feed my dog Blue Buffalo and there are no issues at all. A friend of mine fed her skin sensitive dog the salmon and potato food and his skin issues cleared up. I think this is a smear campaign against Blue Buffalo. I lost a dog who got very sick AFTER I started feeding him Beneful. My dog eats both dry and canned Blue Buffalo.

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