Greenies Making Dogs Sick: Are Greenies Safe for Dogs?

Greenies® are dog treats that come in different shapes and flavors with the same goal: to help dog owners keep their dogs healthy. Unfortunately, this popular treat is making pets sick in a variety of ways. In fact, an entire website has been dedicated to documenting stories of pets that were made ill or died by greenies.

Greenies Making Dogs Sick

Greenies complaints

Greenies are the most popular dental chews on the market. But they have been known to cause choking and blockages in the digestive tract of dogs, which can cause death.

Many vets feel that Greenies are a choking hazard because they can get stuck in a dog’s throat when not properly chewed and swallowed by the dog.

Some dog owners have reported that the Greenies dental chews were making their dogs sick. Many of the reports were posted on the company’s Facebook page.

One Greenies customer wrote: “My 9-year-old terrier, Tucker, ate his last greenie on Saturday afternoon at 1 pm. Then he threw up about 3 times by 6 pm when we took him to the emergency vet hospital. He had diarrhea all night long and then between 4:30 am and 7:30 am he had 2 seizures.”

“My dog just had greenies for the first time and became lethargic, sick (vomiting), and uncoordinated. My vet said she has never seen this reaction before, but it is possible. I think it was a fluke reaction because none of the other reviews say anything about this.”

“I have been giving my dog Greenies for a couple of years now and have noticed that she has increased gas. I was concerned about Greenies being the cause so I did some research. Apparently, the ingredients in Greenies are not easily digested by dogs and this causes gas. I am going to try different brands and see if her gas improves.”

Greenies are marketed as a healthy dental chew for dogs because they claim to freshen breath, clean teeth, and help prevent plaque build-up. However, many pet owners are now questioning whether this product is actually doing more harm than good.

Are Greenies safe for dogs?

Yes, Greenies are safe. However, if not chewed properly they can be dangerous. Because the treats are tough, if a dog tries to swallow them in large pieces they could cause choking or blockage of the esophagus or intestines. This is especially true for small dogs and puppies.

Greenies are very popular in the dog world. They are a hard treat shaped like a toothbrush and are supposed to help clean your dog’s teeth. They are made out of wheat, rice, oats, vegetables, corn, and some other ingredients.

Greenies are a flavored dog treat made from compressed vegetable fibers. You can buy them in most pet supply stores or online. Some veterinarians carry them in their offices as well.

Dog owners report that their dogs love Greenies because they taste good and provide a nice crunch when eaten. The treats have a long shelf life, which makes them ideal for pet owners who have difficulty remembering to buy fresh treats often enough to keep their dogs happy.

They come in different sizes, including a puppy/small size that’s great for smaller dogs. But veterinarians say Greenies can pose health risks to dogs, especially when they don’t follow the directions on the package.

Most dogs love their Greenies and will chew them up in just a few bites, but what if your dog isn’t one of those? Well, then you will have to supervise while your dog has his treat, or try another type of dental treatment.

Can greenies make dogs sick?

Unfortunately, many dogs have negative reactions to this product. Here is an overview of some of the problems that are associated with Greenies.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Greenies contain several ingredients which can bring on gastrointestinal problems including diarrhea and other digestive issues.

This can occur if your dog has a sensitive stomach and is unable to digest the treat properly. If your dog shows signs of not being able to tolerate Greenies, such as vomiting or diarrhea, you should avoid giving him the treats in the future.


Some dogs have allergies to ingredients in Greenies. If your dog is allergic to any of these ingredients, he will likely exhibit signs like diarrhea and vomiting after eating them. It is important for you to be aware if your dog has any allergies so you can prevent him from eating things that will harm him.

If you believe that your dog is allergic to certain ingredients in Greenies, such as wheat gluten, don’t give him the treats and consult your veterinarian for further advice.

Greenies reviews

Greenies are a healthy treat that can be given to dogs as a reward or just for fun. They have been made with the intent of cleaning your dog’s teeth and freshening their breath. The recipe has been designed by veterinarians and has been endorsed by the VOHC.

“Greenies are by far the best dog treat on the market. They are unique in their shape, size, and flavor. My dogs have tried many different flavors of Greenies and love them all. I have found that Greenies help keep my dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh. My dogs have a lot of trouble with their teeth and Greenies are by far their favorite snack. The only problem I have is finding the correct size for my small dog; otherwise, it is a great product.”

“My dog loves these treats. He has no problem chewing them and I like that they help keep his teeth clean. This is a great price too!”

“My 8-year-old lab/boxer mix LOVES these. She is blind and deaf so she doesn’t chew her food very good and this helps clean her teeth and freshen her breath.”

“I have a 5-year-old Pomeranian and I have been using greenies from the beginning. She loves them. I use them for training and as a treat. She has never had any dental problems or bad breath so I think they are working. She does try to eat them in one bite so that is why I use the small ones for her size. The price is about the same as other treats and she gets 1-2 a day so it’s worth it to me to keep her healthy.”

“I’ve been buying these for years. They do a great job keeping my dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh. This is a great product.”

Conclusion of Greenies for dogs

As you can see, there are many benefits to giving your dog Greenies. They will help keep your dog’s teeth clean and fresh, as well as their breath. If you feed your dog other kinds of dental treats, you may want to consider switching them over to Greenies. Not only will they be helping their teeth, but they will also be eating something that is good for them.

When it comes to buying Greenies for dogs, there are several different places that you can get them from. You can purchase them at pet stores and specialty shops, or if you prefer you can even buy them online. It is important to remember though that not all Greenies products are the same. There are different sizes available and depending on what size you need, they may not all be suitable for your dog.

If you’re looking for an all-natural way to help maintain good dental health in your dog, then Greenies are definitely worth considering!

Just make sure that you monitor them while they eat it so that it can be swallowed properly. If you want to give your dog the best dental care possible but don’t think that Greenies will work for them, you can also look into other dental products or even regular brushing at home.

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  1. My dog had a severe anaphylactic reaction to Greenies. A few hours after eating one, she vomited, had diarrhea and collapsed. It all happened so quickly. We rushed her to the emergency vet and she ended up needing several transfusions and we were told to say goodbye to our dog. Thankfully (and $11,000 in vet bills) later, she survived. I wished there were warning labels on these. I wrote to them and got no response. I wish more people knew.

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