Ketona Dog Food Reviews

Ketona dog food reviews are generally favorable, but pet owners should be aware that this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Ketona is a high protein diet for dogs, similar to meat based diets such as “Kangaroo,” which are becoming more popular.

Ketonatural dog food reviews

Ketona dog food reviews indicate that this product may help dogs with allergies, digestive issues and obesity. The main complaint about the product was that it did not agree with a dog’s stomach. According to Ketona dog food reviews, the product must be introduced slowly into a dog’s diet to avoid any stomach upset.

The owner of Keto Natural Pet Products Inc., the company that produces Ketona, claims that his dog food has a high-protein formula and contains no grains or carbohydrates, making it easier on pets’ digestive systems. This type of diet is not suitable for all dogs, however, because it lacks essential dietary fiber. Keto contains no grains so it is not an appropriate diet for dogs with diabetes or hypoglycemia.

Ketonatural dog food reviews

Ketona’s customers have left many positive reviews about this brand of pet food on their website. One customer commented, “My dog loves this dog food; she cannot wait until dinner time so she can eat her dinner.” Another happy customer noted, “This is one of the best brands I have ever bought; it smells great and my puppy loves it!”

“I have been using Ketona since I received my sample and will continue to use it for my dogs’ weight management needs. I am also very impressed with the customer service at Ketona. They have assured me if I ever have any questions regarding their product or if I need anything else from them, they are just an email away!”

“I bought this food for my lab who has a sensitive stomach. The vet said he should be on a grain free diet and came to me with concerns about the food. I tried the food out of curiosity, and like most dog foods, it is not cheap. However, my dog loved it and actually looked forward to his meals again. His energy level went up dramatically, and he looked healthier and happier. So I continued to buy the food, and have been happy with the results. I am now transitioning him to another brand that is also grain free but costs less than half of what this one does per bag. Even though the other brand is cheaper, my dog still really likes this one better so I’ll keep buying it for him until he tells me otherwise!”

“Just wanted to share my dog’s results from this product. I have a young Irish Setter, “Copper”. He was on a grain free diet for about 3 months prior to us starting him on the Keto Natural Grain Free food. First, I would like to say that he has always been a picky eater. We tried all types of dog food and he never really seemed to enjoy any of them. I was skeptical at first but decided to try it anyway since he would eat any table scraps we gave him. Copper has been eating Keto Natural Grain Free now for three weeks. His coat is shinier and softer than ever before! He’s not shedding nearly as much as before. He LOVES his new food! I am so happy that we finally found something he loves to eat and will stick with! Thank You Keto Natural!”

“I read the reviews of so many dog foods but finally came across this one. There were so many positive reviews about this product and it was the best price for dog food that I could find. I am so glad I bought this, my dogs love it and they are now on their way to being healthy. It has really helped them with their digestion and they have more energy. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a dog that needs help gaining weight or just looking for a healthier dog food.”

“Good product, good price. That’s all I need to know, and that’s what I got. It seems to be working pretty well too. From my understanding, you’re supposed to feed it for 8 weeks, but if your dog is really overweight you could probably go longer than that. Anyways, I’m happy with this product and would recommend it to someone looking for something to help their dog lose weight without exercising.”


With all the different types of Ketona dog food available, most reviewers agree that this formula has a mild taste. Some reviewers said that the taste was just okay while others said that they loved how much their dogs enjoyed eating this formula. A lot of owners said they liked how they didn’t have to add anything to the food to make it taste better.


A lot of Ketona dog food reviews show that this formula is easily digested. Most reviewers said that they noticed their dogs’ bowel movements were firmer than usual after feeding them this formula. A few people complained that their dogs’ stools were too firm and hard after feeding them Ketona dog food, but the majority of reviewers seemed very pleased with its effects on their pet’s digestion.


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