True Dog Food Reviews

According to True Dog Food reviews, customers highly recommend this product to other pet owners because they are guaranteed that their pets will be healthy and given the right nutrients that they need. The price is just right for most people since they can afford it without worrying about how much it costs them monthly.

Customers are happy with their purchases because the product really works. They were able to notice the difference after only a week of using this product on their dogs. True Dog Food contains no artificial flavors or preservatives which makes customers feel safe about giving this dog food to their pets.

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a dog food is whether or not your pet will like it. You certainly want to pick a food that makes them salivate, but you do not want to force-feed your pet if they are not interested in eating it. If you are having trouble getting your pet to eat their food, try adding some cheese or meat to it until they get used to it.

“I’m Samantha and this is my dog, Cookie. I’ve been feeding her True Dog Food for about 9 months now. She’s a German Shepherd and I purchased the Large Breed formula for her because she’s a big girl. True Dog Food was recommended to me by a friend who swore by it. She told me that she had tried everything before finding True Dog Food and that her pup loved it. I decided to give it a shot. My dog has never been picky with her food as long as it’s edible but I have noticed that she is more excited when I prepare True Dog Food than any of the other brand dog foods. She eats True Dog Food up like she can’t get enough which makes me feel good because I know she is eating something nutritious. The vet has complimented me on Cookie’s weight and coat condition since I started feeding her True Dog Food. Now, our other dog, “Wally” gets excited when he hears the bag open so I think we’ll be ordering him some too!”

” I’m Sue from Los Angeles, CA. My dog Molly was diagnosed with allergic dermatitis last year and she’s been on Prednisone ever since. I saw the ad for True Dog Food and decided to give it a try. Molly’s been on it for 2 weeks now and there are already tremendous improvements. Her skin looks great and she seems more energetic than usual. Thanks a lot!”

“I have a golden retriever mix and she absolutely loves this food! I’ve tried many other dog foods, but this is the best one yet! She’s more energetic and her skin and coat are so much healthier since switching. I’m very glad to have found this product at a reasonable price. My dog is my baby and I want her to stay happy and healthy for a long time. True Dog Food has certainly helped with that. Thank you!”

“I was looking for a product to help with my dog’s weight. I was hesitant at first because I had tried many different things that didn’t work. My vet recommended True Dog food and it has been the best decision I have ever made. My dog has lost over 6 lbs in two months. He is 10 years old and looks and acts like he is 4 again. The difference in him has been amazing! I am so happy that I gave this product a try. They use all natural ingredients and no fillers. This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone who loves their pets.”

“I have a black lab and she is 10 years old. She has been eating the True Dog food for the last 3 years. She is really into the chicken flavored one. I also have a border collie who is 6 years old and he will only eat the lamb flavored one. The containers are really big so they last a long time. They do not make my dogs sick or anything and they are always energetic and ready to go. I like that it has no corn, wheat, soy, or artificial ingredients in it. It does contain some natural preservatives but for their size and life span I think it is fine.”

“We have just put our beloved dog to sleep today. He was 14 years old. For the most part, he was healthy for his age but in the last few months, he had been suffering from arthritis in his hind legs and also a heart murmur that we knew could only get worse with time. We did not want him to suffer so we decided to let him go. It was a very difficult decision to make but now I am glad we did it when we did. He had a quality of life up until the day of his death and he didn’t have to suffer living the way he had been for the last few months. We were feeding him True Dog Food and he loved it, so much so that at times he would beg to be fed even when he wasn’t hungry! We also gave him fish oil pills which according to my vet are good for your dog’s joints.”


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