Freshpet Out of Stock Everywhere

Are you and your furry friend facing the Freshpet famine? With shelves stripped of your pup’s preferred provisions, pet parents are pawing for answers and alternatives. Here’s your comprehensive guide to enduring the Freshpet shortfall and where to potentially procure these prized pet products.

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Understanding the Freshpet Fiasco

The Crux of the Crunch

Freshpet has become a coveted choice for pet parents due to its fresh, refrigerated meals that offer a healthier alternative to traditional kibble. However, this surge in demand has left the brand struggling to keep up, resulting in widespread stock shortages.

Freshpet’s Response

The company has acknowledged the distress and is doubling kitchen spaces to bolster production. Co-founder updates assure that food production is a round-the-clock operation. Yet, the promise of increased inventory has not yet met the pace of pet appetites.

Seeking Out Stock – Where to Sniff Out Freshpet

In this table, discover where Freshpet might still be hiding and how you can fetch it for Fido.

Retailer Availability Online Ordering Direct Shipping In-Store Pickup Notes
Costco 🟢 (Varies by region) 🟢 Cheaper than most pet stores.
Petco 🟡 (Limited stock) 🟢 🟢 🟢 Online ordering recommended.
Target 🟡 (Limited stock) 🟢 🟢 🟢 Check availability online.
Walmart 🟡 (Limited stock) 🟢 🟢 🟢 Wide range but often sold out.
Local Pet Stores 🟢 (Varies by store) 🟡 🟢 Call ahead to confirm stock.
Chewy 🟢 🟢 Does not carry Freshpet.

Fresh Alternatives to Freshpet

Embrace the DIY Dog Diet

While not an option for everyone, preparing your dog’s meals at home can be a fulfilling substitute. Ensure you consult with a vet for a balanced diet plan.

Explore Other Fresh Brands

Several other brands offer fresh, refrigerated dog food similar to Freshpet. Do a taste-test with options like “The Farmer’s Dog” or “NomNomNow”.

Dry Food in the Meantime

Consider high-quality dry foods while you wait for Freshpet to restock. Brands like “Orijen” and “Acana” might tickle your pup’s taste buds.

Paws for Thought: Key Takeaways

Keep Your Cool: Panicking won’t fill the bowl. Stay informed on Freshpet restocking through their official channels.

Flex Your Flexibility: Be willing to explore other retailers and online platforms where Freshpet might be in stock.

Health First: If switching foods, do it gradually to avoid upsetting your pet’s stomach.

Plan B: Have a backup brand that your pet also enjoys to circumvent future shortages.

Wrapping It Up with a Bow(wow)

In the tail-wagging turmoil of the Freshpet food shortage, savvy shopping and a dab of dogged determination will help you navigate this nosedive in inventory. Keep your ears perked for updates and remember that the most important meal is the one that keeps your canine companion content and healthy. Stay tuned, stay stocked, and stay smiling alongside your four-legged family members.

FAQs: Freshpet Food Shortage

What can I do if Freshpet is out of stock at my local stores?

Stay persistent and proactive. Regularly check in with local stores to get updates on their inventory. Utilize store locators on retailer websites, and don’t hesitate to reach out to customer service for stock information. Consider setting up alerts where possible so you’re notified as soon as Freshpet is back on the shelves.

How can I safely transition my pet to a new food?

When introducing new food, especially if it’s due to a shortage of your regular brand, it’s crucial to transition slowly. Mix the new food with the old, gradually increasing the proportion over a period of 7-10 days. This gradual change helps prevent digestive upsets.

Can I buy Freshpet directly from the manufacturer?

Currently, Freshpet does not offer direct purchasing from their manufacturing facilities. They rely on their retail partners to distribute their products. However, they’re actively working to improve the supply situation.

Is there a way to DIY a similar diet at home?

Yes, you can prepare homemade meals for your pet, but it’s essential to get a veterinarian’s or a pet nutritionist’s guidance to ensure the meals are nutritionally balanced. Homemade diets require careful planning to meet all of a dog’s nutritional needs.

What are the best alternatives to Freshpet?

Look for other brands that prioritize natural ingredients and minimal processing, such as “The Farmer’s Dog,” “NomNomNow,” or “PetPlate.” These brands often offer delivery services that ensure a steady supply of food.

Will changing my pet’s diet due to the shortage affect their health?

Diet changes can affect your pet, particularly if they have a sensitive stomach. Monitor your pet closely during the transition and consult a vet if you notice any health issues. Look for signs like changes in appetite, digestive issues, or alterations in energy levels.

What if my pet only likes Freshpet?

Pets can be picky, but they can also adapt. Try mixing a little of the new food with a familiar Freshpet product to make the transition smoother. Sometimes, warming up the food or adding a topper can also entice a picky eater.

Are there any preservatives in Freshpet that keep it fresh longer?

Freshpet does not use preservatives in their food. They rely on refrigeration to maintain freshness, just like human-grade fresh foods. This commitment to freshness means that their products do have a limited shelf life compared to dry or canned foods.

How can I store Freshpet food to ensure it lasts until I can find more?

Proper storage is vital. Keep unopened rolls or bags in the refrigerator and adhere strictly to the use-by dates. Once opened, Freshpet food should be used within seven days, and always sealed properly when stored.

Can I freeze Freshpet dog food to extend its shelf life?

Freshpet advises against freezing their dog food, as it can affect the texture and nutritional value. However, in a pinch, you may freeze it if you’re facing a significant shortage, but be sure to thaw it in the refrigerator and use it within a couple of days.

How often does Freshpet restock at local retailers?

The restocking schedule can vary based on several factors, including demand, production rates, and logistics. Some stores may receive shipments weekly, while others might have different schedules. Contacting your local retailer directly will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding restock dates.

Can I get notified when Freshpet is back in stock?

Many retailers offer notification services where you can sign up to receive alerts when an out-of-stock product is available again. Check the retailer’s website or inquire in-store about setting up these notifications for Freshpet products.

What steps are being taken to resolve the Freshpet shortage?

Freshpet has acknowledged the high demand and is taking steps to mitigate shortages, such as expanding their production capacity and enhancing their distribution network. The opening of new kitchen spaces is a testament to their efforts in trying to meet consumer needs.

Are there any smaller retailers or local pet stores that might have Freshpet in stock?

Smaller pet boutiques and local stores sometimes have a different supply chain and may still carry Freshpet products when larger retailers run out. It’s worth calling around to these local establishments to check their current stock levels.

Is it safe to switch between different Freshpet recipes?

Generally, Freshpet designs its recipes to be interchangeable to provide dietary variety. However, as with any diet change, it’s advisable to make any transitions gradually to avoid upsetting your pet’s stomach.

What’s the closest Freshpet equivalent in terms of nutritional value?

When looking for an alternative, seek out foods that have a similar protein content, are grain-free if that’s a dietary requirement for your pet, and include a range of vegetables for balanced nutrition. It’s important to compare the guaranteed analysis on the food labels for a close match.

How can I extend the freshness of Freshpet food without freezing?

To maximize freshness, always keep the food sealed tightly and store it at the back of the refrigerator where the temperature is most constant. Additionally, using an airtight container can sometimes help to preserve the food longer than the original packaging.

Is there a particular time of day or week when Freshpet is more likely to be restocked?

This can depend on the retailer’s delivery and stocking schedules. Many stores receive new inventory overnight and restock in the early morning hours. Others may restock during specific days of the week. It can be beneficial to ask your local store manager for the days when restocking is likely to occur.

Can I contact Freshpet for assistance if I can’t find their products in my area?

Yes, reaching out to Freshpet’s customer service can be helpful. They may be able to provide information on specific retailers that have recently received shipments or suggest alternative purchasing options.

If my pet has a prescription diet from Freshpet, what should I do if it’s unavailable?

In the case of prescription diets, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. They can recommend an alternative that suits your pet’s health needs until your preferred Freshpet recipe is back in stock.

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