Does PetSmart Drug Test?

PetSmart, like many companies, has evolved its drug testing policy over time. Up until around 2018, the company reportedly conducted pre-employment drug tests, typically in the form of urine tests. However, these procedures seem to have changed.

In recent years, multiple sources suggest that PetSmart has ceased pre-employment drug testing, a possible strategy to cut down on hiring costs and expedite the hiring process. The information suggests that as of 2018, PetSmart no longer requires candidates to undergo a drug test before being hired. This might be a relief for potential applicants worried about the testing process.

Exceptions to the Rule

While PetSmart may no longer require pre-employment drug tests, there are still situations where the company reserves the right to implement them.

Drug Testing in Case of Suspicion

PetSmart’s current policy seems to allow for drug testing under ‘reasonable suspicion.’ If an employee’s behavior suggests potential drug use while on the job, management may call for a test.

Workplace Injuries and Drug Testing

PetSmart may also employ drug tests in the event of a workplace injury. If an accident occurs and it’s suspected that the employee involved was under the influence of drugs, the company may require a drug test as part of the incident investigation.

State-Specific Policies

It’s worth noting that PetSmart’s drug testing policy might differ based on the legal framework of different states. For example, in states where recreational marijuana use is legal, the approach to testing may differ from that in states where it’s illegal.

PetSmart’s Drug Test and Cannabis

The legalization of cannabis in several U.S. states has led to questions about how it impacts workplace drug testing. While it’s not entirely clear how PetSmart handles this issue, it seems they are not conducting specific pre-employment tests for cannabis. However, if they suspect its use while an employee is on the job, a “random” drug test may be administered.

The Nuances of PetSmart’s Drug Testing Policy

While it’s clear that PetSmart does not routinely carry out pre-employment drug testing, the subtleties in their drug testing policy warrant a deeper exploration. The policies are far from uniform, presenting a complex framework that might be challenging for employees to navigate.

The Role of ‘Reasonable Suspicion’

‘Reasonable suspicion’ holds a significant position in PetSmart’s drug testing policy. While the term is not precisely defined, it usually refers to circumstances where an employee’s behavior or conduct suggests possible drug use. Examples might include noticeable impairment, unusual behavior, or evidence of drug use at the workplace.

Understanding Random Drug Tests at PetSmart

Despite the absence of regular pre-employment tests, PetSmart reserves the right to implement ‘random’ drug testing. In these cases, the test is typically unannounced and can target any employee without any specific reason. However, it’s believed that these tests are primarily carried out when there’s suspicion of drug use.

Drug Testing Following Workplace Accidents

Workplace injuries and accidents can also prompt a drug test at PetSmart. If an employee is involved in a workplace accident and there’s reason to believe that drug use might have contributed to the incident, the company may require the individual to undergo a drug test. This not only helps determine the cause of the accident but also serves as a preventive measure, discouraging drug use that could compromise workplace safety.

Considerations for Legalized Cannabis

The increasing trend of marijuana legalization across several U.S. states raises questions about how PetSmart, and indeed other companies, manage their drug testing policies in response. It appears that PetSmart doesn’t specifically test for cannabis in their pre-employment screenings, reflecting the shifting societal and legal attitudes towards the substance. However, as with other drugs, if cannabis use is suspected during working hours, a drug test may be administered.

State-Specific Drug Testing Policies

While we have a general idea about PetSmart’s drug testing policy, it’s crucial to remember that these policies can differ based on the state laws and regulations. For instance, states where recreational marijuana is legal might have different policies compared to states where it’s still illegal. It’s recommended to understand the specific laws of your state and how they might influence the company’s drug testing policy.

Navigating PetSmart’s Drug Testing Policy

While PetSmart’s shift away from routine pre-employment drug testing might be seen as a progressive move, it’s important for potential and current employees to be fully aware of the circumstances under which a drug test might still be required. Understanding the nuances of the company’s drug testing policy can help employees maintain a responsible attitude towards drug use, ensuring a safe and productive work environment.


In conclusion, while PetSmart does not appear to conduct regular pre-employment drug testing as of 2018, they maintain the right to implement drug tests under certain circumstances. As a potential employee, it’s essential to be aware of these policies to ensure you maintain a professional and responsible approach to your work.

With the legal landscape around drug use continuously changing, particularly in relation to cannabis, corporate policies will likely continue to evolve. Always ensure you’re up-to-date with your employer’s current stance on drug testing.

FAQs about PetSmart’s Drug Testing Policy

1. What type of drug test does PetSmart use?

When PetSmart does implement drug testing, they typically utilize urine tests. This method is common due to its relative accuracy and simplicity. However, it’s important to note that this can vary, and other types of tests may be used if deemed necessary.

2. Does PetSmart conduct pre-employment drug tests?

Based on the information available, PetSmart stopped performing regular pre-employment drug tests around 2018. This change may have been initiated to expedite the hiring process and reduce associated costs. However, the company retains the right to conduct such tests under certain conditions, such as suspicion of drug use.

3. What happens if a PetSmart employee is suspected of using drugs?

If a PetSmart employee is suspected of using drugs while on the job, the company may initiate a ‘reasonable suspicion’ drug test. The term ‘reasonable suspicion’ generally refers to instances where an employee’s behavior or conduct suggests potential drug use.

4. Does PetSmart conduct drug tests after workplace injuries?

Yes, in the event of a workplace accident, PetSmart may conduct a drug test if there’s reason to believe that drug use may have contributed to the incident. This policy is typically in place to help determine the cause of the accident and promote a safe working environment.

5. Does PetSmart test for cannabis during pre-employment screenings?

While the use of cannabis has been legalized in several U.S. states, it doesn’t appear that PetSmart specifically tests for this substance during pre-employment screenings. However, if the company suspects an employee is using cannabis while on duty, they may administer a drug test.

6. Can PetSmart’s drug testing policy vary by state?

Indeed, PetSmart’s drug testing policy can vary based on state laws and regulations. Some states may have specific rules or guidelines regarding workplace drug testing, especially in areas where the use of substances like cannabis has been legalized. Therefore, understanding your state’s laws and their potential impact on company policy is crucial.

7. Does PetSmart conduct random drug tests?

While routine or random drug tests are not a standard part of PetSmart’s policies, the company maintains the right to carry out ‘random’ drug tests, typically when there’s a suspicion of drug use. The aim is to ensure workplace safety and productivity, discouraging the use of substances that may impair job performance.

8. What happens if an employee fails a drug test at PetSmart?

PetSmart, like any other employer, likely has specific protocols in place for instances where an employee fails a drug test. While these procedures might vary, they typically involve disciplinary actions, which could range from a warning or probation to termination, depending on the severity of the situation and the company’s policy.

9. Can PetSmart request a drug test post-employment?

Yes, while PetSmart does not typically conduct regular drug tests for their employees, they retain the right to administer a test if there is a reasonable suspicion of drug use. This could be influenced by observed behavior, performance issues, or following a workplace incident.

10. What constitutes ‘reasonable suspicion’ for a drug test at PetSmart?

‘Reasonable suspicion’ is a term used to describe situations where an employer has legitimate reasons to believe an employee may be impaired due to drug use. These suspicions might be based on physical evidence, noticeable changes in behavior, performance issues, or specific patterns of erratic or unusual behavior.

11. How does PetSmart handle medical marijuana use?

Specific information about how PetSmart handles medical marijuana use isn’t readily available. However, companies typically adhere to local and state laws. In states where medical marijuana is legal, the company may make exceptions, provided the employee has a valid prescription and isn’t impaired while at work.

12. Does PetSmart perform drug tests on part-time employees?

The status of employment, whether part-time or full-time, does not typically influence the application of a company’s drug policy. If circumstances warrant a drug test, PetSmart can require one, regardless of the employee’s work schedule or position.

13. Are managers or supervisors at PetSmart subjected to drug tests?

Managers and supervisors, like any other employees, can be subjected to drug tests at PetSmart. Leadership positions don’t exempt an individual from the company’s drug testing policy. In fact, in some cases, they may be held to even higher standards due to their roles and responsibilities.

14. What is the process if a PetSmart employee refuses a drug test?

Refusal to take a drug test when requested can lead to disciplinary actions, similar to testing positive. The exact consequences can vary depending on the company’s policy, but it may result in termination of employment.

15. Are applicants informed about PetSmart’s drug testing policy during the hiring process?

Typically, during the hiring process, companies like PetSmart outline their policies, including those on drug testing. It’s important for applicants to fully understand these policies as they move forward with their application. If the policy isn’t explicitly discussed, candidates are encouraged to ask the HR representative for clarity.

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