Savings for Heroes: PetSmart’s Military Discounts

PetSmart honors our military heroes with exclusive discounts. Here’s a detailed look at what they offer:

Grooming Salon: Pampering Your Pets with Discounts

Military and Senior Discount: Every Tuesday, PetSmart’s Grooming Salon offers a 10% discount for military members and seniors. This is a token of appreciation for their service and dedication. Valid identification or a DD214 Form is required for verification​.

PetsHotel: Comfortable Stays with Special Rates

Discount for Military, Seniors, and First Responders: PetSmart’s PetsHotel provides a 10% discount on any overnight stay for these groups. This offer extends to first responders, including active, retired, or volunteer firefighters, EMTs, EMS, and local police, acknowledging their selfless contributions​.

Key Takeaways

Eligibility: The discounts are available for all active, retired, or former military members, seniors aged 65+, and first responders.

Identification: Government-issued identification or proof of service is necessary.

Exclusions: These discounts do not apply to merchandise and may have specific exclusions based on store policy.

Check Local Availability: Discounts may vary by location, and it’s advisable to check with your local PetSmart for details.

Engaging with PetSmart’s Offers

Book in Advance: For grooming services, booking in advance is recommended to secure your slot.

Inquire About Additional Offers: Occasionally, PetSmart runs special promotions like the “Buy 2, Get 3rd Free” for grooming services. These can provide additional savings.

Stay Updated: Visit PetSmart’s monthly services offers page regularly to stay informed about the latest deals and discounts.


PetSmart’s military discounts are a meaningful gesture of gratitude towards those who serve and have served our country. By offering these savings, PetSmart not only acknowledges their sacrifices but also makes pet care more accessible and affordable for them.

Chart Summary

Service Offered Discount Eligibility
Grooming Salon 10% off Military & Seniors
PetsHotel 10% off Military, Seniors, & First Responders

Note: The information in this article is based on the latest data available as of November 2023 and may be subject to change. Always check with your local PetSmart for the most current details.

FAQs on PetSmart’s Military Discounts

Q1: Can I use the military discount for online purchases at PetSmart?

A1: Currently, PetSmart’s military discounts are applicable in-store only. This ensures verification of eligibility through government-issued identification or DD214 Forms. For online discounts and promotions, it’s advisable to check PetSmart’s website or subscribe to their newsletter.

Q2: Are there any restrictions on the type of services I can get with the military discount at the Grooming Salon?

A2: The 10% military discount at PetSmart’s Grooming Salon applies broadly, but it doesn’t include merchandise or certain add-on services. It’s best to consult with salon associates for specific details about eligible services.

Q3: Is the military discount at PetsHotel applicable to all types of pets?

A3: PetsHotel primarily caters to dogs and cats, and the military discount is applicable to these pets. However, the availability of services and accommodations may vary based on the pet’s size, breed, and health requirements. Always check with PetsHotel for specific pet eligibility.

Q4: How often can military members avail of these discounts at PetSmart?

A4: There’s no set limit on how frequently military members can use the discounts at PetSmart. However, the grooming salon discount is specific to Tuesdays, and hotel discounts are subject to availability, so it’s prudent to plan ahead.

Q5: Are there any special procedures to follow to avail of the military discount?

A5: To avail of the discount, eligible individuals must present valid identification verifying their military status or age (for seniors). It’s recommended to discuss the discount with a store associate beforehand to understand the process and ensure a smooth experience.

Q6: Can family members of military personnel use the discount?

A6: The discount is intended for the military personnel themselves. Family members cannot use the discount unless the military member is present and can provide the necessary verification.

Q7: Does PetSmart offer any other discounts or loyalty programs that can be combined with the military discount?

A7: PetSmart has various loyalty programs and promotional offers, but the combination of discounts depends on store policy. Customers are encouraged to inquire at the time of service for potential additional savings opportunities.

Q8: How does PetSmart verify First Responder status for the PetsHotel discount?

A8: First responders must provide validation of their status, such as an official badge or identification, to avail of the discount at PetsHotel. This includes active, retired, or volunteer personnel from local law enforcement, EMT, EMS, and firefighting services.

Q9: Are there any seasonal or limited-time military discounts offered by PetSmart?

A9: PetSmart occasionally runs seasonal promotions and special discounts for military members, especially around holidays like Veterans Day. Keep an eye on their website or in-store announcements for these limited-time offers.

Q10: Is the military discount applicable on top of sale prices?

A10: Generally, the military discount at PetSmart is applied to regular-priced services. Whether it can be combined with sale prices may vary by location and specific promotions. It’s always wise to ask a store associate for clarification.

Q11: Are service animals eligible for additional discounts at PetSmart?

A11: While service animals are welcomed and catered to at PetSmart, the military discount applies uniformly to all pets, regardless of their status as service animals. PetSmart does provide specialized services for service animals, and staff can assist with specific needs during your visit.

Q12: How do I prove my eligibility for the first responder discount at PetsHotel?

A12: Eligible first responders can demonstrate their status through official identification, such as a badge or ID card from their respective services. This includes active, retired, or volunteer roles in local firefighting, EMT, EMS, and police departments.

Q13: Does the military discount extend to training services offered at PetSmart?

A13: The military discount at PetSmart primarily focuses on grooming and PetsHotel services. For discounts on training services, it’s recommended to directly inquire at your local PetSmart as offers and promotions can vary by location.

Q14: Can the military discount be used in conjunction with PetSmart’s reward points program?

A14: PetSmart’s reward points program is separate from its discount offerings. However, customers can accumulate points on discounted purchases. The exact details of how rewards points interact with discounts can be clarified with store associates.

Q15: Is there a limit to the number of pets that can receive the military discount?

A15: There is no specified limit to the number of pets that can benefit from the military discount per eligible individual. However, it’s subject to the availability of services and appointments, especially for grooming and hotel stays.

Q16: Does PetSmart offer a military discount during peak holiday seasons?

A16: PetSmart’s commitment to honoring military members extends throughout the year, including peak holiday seasons. However, availability of services during these times might be limited, so advanced booking is advisable.

Q17: Are there any breed-specific restrictions or considerations for the military discount at PetSmart?

A17: The military discount is applicable regardless of pet breed. However, PetSmart adheres to specific health and safety standards, and some services may have breed-specific considerations or restrictions. It’s best to consult with PetSmart professionals regarding your specific breed’s needs.

Q18: How can I stay informed about changes or updates to PetSmart’s military discount program?

A18: The best way to stay updated is by regularly checking PetSmart’s official website, subscribing to their newsletters, or directly contacting your local PetSmart. They often update their policies and offers, and staying informed ensures you don’t miss out on any new opportunities.

Q19: Are there any special considerations for military members with multiple pets?

A19: PetSmart values the service of military members and strives to accommodate those with multiple pets. While no specific policy caters exclusively to multiple pet owners, the staff at PetSmart are typically helpful in managing appointments and services for multiple pets.

Q20: What should I do if my local PetSmart is unaware of the military discount program?

A20: In rare cases where there might be confusion at a local PetSmart regarding the military discount, it’s advisable to politely request a consultation with the store manager or contact PetSmart’s customer service for clarification and assistance.

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