Does PetSmart Sell Puppies?

PetSmart, a household name for pet products and services, has been a subject of numerous discussions on platforms such as Reddit. A common query pops up now and then: Does PetSmart sell puppies?

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FAQs: PetSmart and Puppy

1. A Brief Overview of PetSmart’s Philosophy

Before diving into the specifics, it’s crucial to understand PetSmart’s mission. PetSmart, as a brand, emphasizes pet welfare, and their policies lean heavily towards promoting adoptions rather than sales of pets.

2. So, Does PetSmart Actually Sell Puppies?

No, PetSmart does not sell puppies or even cats for that matter. According to several discussions on Reddit, PetSmart associates and customers have confirmed that the store promotes adoption, primarily working in collaboration with local shelters and rescue groups.

3. The In-Store “Sale” Confusion

Why do so many believe PetSmart sells puppies then? Here’s where the mix-up often occurs:

  • Adoption Events: PetSmart frequently hosts adoption events in partnership with local rescue organizations. During these events, it might seem like pets are being sold, but they are, in fact, up for adoption.
  • Presence of Animals: Yes, you might see puppies, kittens, or other animals in the store. However, these are generally rescue animals showcased to find them a forever home. They are not “for sale” in the traditional retail sense.

4. PetSmart’s Commitment to Animal Welfare

PetSmart Charities, a subsidiary of the brand, is dedicated to ending pet homelessness. Instead of encouraging the sale of cats and dogs, which might contribute to overpopulation and related issues, they champion the cause of adoptions.

5. What About Other Animals?

While PetSmart doesn’t sell cats or dogs, they do offer other animals like fish, birds, reptiles, and small pets. It’s essential to approach this with a sense of responsibility, ensuring that any animal you consider bringing home suits your lifestyle and living conditions.

6. The Importance of Adopting, Not Shopping

With millions of pets waiting in shelters for a loving home, the mantra “Adopt, Don’t Shop” has gained momentum. Adopting a pet can save a life, and brands like PetSmart bolster this sentiment by not selling puppies or kittens.


In a world where pet overpopulation is a pressing issue, PetSmart has made a commendable decision not to sell puppies. Instead, they work hand-in-hand with local shelters to promote the adoption of pets, ensuring they find a caring, permanent home. If you’re considering adding a furry friend to your family, remember the benefits of adoption – it’s a decision that changes lives.

FAQs: PetSmart and Puppy

Q1. Why does PetSmart prefer adoption over selling puppies?

A1: PetSmart advocates for adoption as it aligns with their mission of pet welfare. Adoption helps combat pet overpopulation and ensures that rescue animals find forever homes. This approach diminishes the demand for puppy mills and promotes responsible pet ownership.

Q2. What should I expect at a PetSmart adoption event?

A2: At these events, you’ll find pets from local shelters and rescues displayed prominently, allowing prospective adopters to interact and get to know the animals. The staff and volunteers will provide information about each pet’s temperament, medical history, and any other relevant details. Remember, the primary goal is to match pets with the right home, ensuring a lasting bond.

Q3. Are the animals at PetSmart adoption events spayed or neutered?

A3: Yes, the majority of animals showcased at PetSmart adoption events are spayed or neutered. This practice is consistent with their aim to reduce pet overpopulation. Additionally, these pets are generally vaccinated and vet-checked to ensure they’re in good health.

Q4. Can I return an adopted pet to PetSmart if things don’t work out?

A4: While PetSmart promotes adoption, the actual adoption process is managed by the local shelters and rescues. If, for any reason, the adoption doesn’t work out, you would typically need to contact the shelter or rescue organization directly. They often have policies in place to handle such situations, aiming for the best interest of the animal.

Q5. How is PetSmart involved in the broader animal welfare community?

A5: Beyond the adoption events, PetSmart Charities actively funds spay/neuter initiatives, emergency relief efforts, and microchipping services. They’ve granted millions to animal welfare organizations and have been instrumental in supporting efforts that directly impact pet well-being and community engagement.

Q6. Apart from dogs and cats, what other animals can be found at PetSmart?

A6: PetSmart offers a variety of small animals, including guinea pigs, hamsters, and birds. They also have a section for reptiles and fish. These animals are sourced from responsible suppliers, and potential buyers are educated on proper care requirements.

Q7. How can I ensure that I’m making a responsible decision when adopting?

A7: Do thorough research beforehand. Understand the needs and characteristics of the pet you’re considering. Factor in your living conditions, financial situation, and time availability. When at an adoption event, ask plenty of questions and be honest about your circumstances. The goal is a lifelong match, so ensuring a good fit is crucial.

Q8. Do PetSmart stores offer resources or training for new pet owners?

A8: Yes, many PetSmart locations offer training sessions, especially for dogs. These classes cover basic commands, behavior issues, and even advanced training techniques. They also have in-store associates who can provide guidance on diet, habitat, and general pet care.

Q9. How does PetSmart ensure the welfare of animals at their stores?

A9: PetSmart has a dedicated team to oversee the health and well-being of animals in their care. This includes regular health checks, ensuring clean living environments, and providing appropriate nutrition. Moreover, they engage with third-party audits to validate the welfare practices in place.

Q10. What role do PetSmart associates play in the adoption process?

A10: While the actual adoption process is managed by local shelters and rescues, PetSmart associates are trained to provide information about the adoption events, answer basic queries, and direct potential adopters to the right people from the rescue organizations present.

Q11. Can I volunteer at a PetSmart adoption event?

A11: While PetSmart partners with local rescue groups and shelters for adoption events, these organizations often welcome volunteers. If you’re interested, reach out to the specific shelter or rescue group associated with the upcoming event. Volunteering is a commendable way to support animal welfare.

Q12. Are there post-adoption support services offered through PetSmart?

A12: Yes, PetSmart offers a range of services beneficial for new pet owners, such as grooming and training. They also have Puppy Guides, resources filled with advice on training, nutrition, and care, designed to help new owners transition smoothly into pet parenthood.

Q13. How are PetSmart’s adoption events different from other adoption avenues?

A13: PetSmart’s events provide a platform for multiple local shelters and rescues to showcase their animals, making it a hub of diverse choices for potential adopters. Their wide reach and regular footfall also increase visibility for these rescue animals, facilitating quicker adoptions.

Q14. How does PetSmart handle animals that might be perceived as ‘less adoptable’?

A14: PetSmart, in collaboration with its partners, emphasizes the unique qualities of each animal, recognizing that every pet has its charm. They strive to educate potential adopters on the merits of adopting older pets, pets with health conditions, or breeds that might often be overlooked.

Q15. If I can’t adopt, are there other ways to support PetSmart’s animal welfare initiatives?

A15: Certainly! You can donate to PetSmart Charities directly, purchase items where proceeds go to their welfare initiatives, or even participate in their fundraising events. Raising awareness about their events and sharing their stories on social media can also make a significant difference.

Q16. Does PetSmart have any initiatives to combat puppy mills?

A16: By promoting adoptions and partnering exclusively with shelters and rescue organizations, PetSmart inherently discourages the demand for puppy mills. Additionally, through PetSmart Charities, they fund programs that emphasize responsible pet ownership and breeding practices.

Q17. Are all animals at PetSmart adoption events from local shelters?

A17: Predominantly, yes. The majority of the animals at these events are from local shelters and rescues. However, occasionally, they might also showcase pets from neighboring communities or specialized rescue groups.

Q18. How does PetSmart address the concerns of potential allergic reactions to pets?

A18: Before adoption, PetSmart encourages potential pet owners to spend time with the animal to gauge any allergic reactions. They also provide information on hypoallergenic breeds and share tips on managing pet allergies at home.

Q19. Can adopters return pets if the adoption doesn’t work out?

A19: While PetSmart facilitates adoptions, the return policy is typically governed by the individual rescue organizations. Most organizations prefer that animals are returned to them if any issues arise, ensuring the pet’s welfare and finding a more suitable match.

Q20. What measures are in place to ensure animals at PetSmart are in good health during adoption events?

A20: PetSmart mandates that all animals participating in adoption events undergo health check-ups. Collaborating shelters and rescues are required to provide health records, ensuring all vaccinations are up-to-date and the pet is medically fit.

Q21. Are there any fees involved in adopting a pet from a PetSmart adoption event?

A21: Adoption fees vary based on the rescue organization and the specific needs of the animal. These fees often cover vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and other initial medical care, ensuring that adopters receive a pet that’s well-cared for.

Q22. How does PetSmart promote responsible pet ownership post-adoption?

A22: Beyond offering resources like the Puppy Guides, PetSmart hosts training classes and provides a plethora of information on their website about pet care, health, and behavior. Their commitment extends beyond the point of adoption, aiming to support pet parents throughout their journey.

Q23. How can adopters ensure their home is ready for their new pet?

A23: PetSmart provides a checklist for potential adopters, which includes essentials like food, bedding, toys, and safety equipment. Furthermore, their associates can guide adopters on setting up a safe and welcoming environment for their new furry friend.

Q24. Does PetSmart collaborate with international rescue organizations for adoption events?

A24: While the primary focus is on local and regional rescues, there are occasions where PetSmart collaborates with international organizations, especially during large-scale rescue missions or specific awareness campaigns.

Q25. What role do customer feedback and experiences play in shaping PetSmart’s adoption events?

A25: PetSmart values customer feedback greatly. Experiences shared by adopters help refine the process, ensuring that the adoption experience is seamless and rewarding for both the pets and their new families.

Q26. How does PetSmart support senior pets or those with special needs during adoption events?

A26: Senior pets and those with special needs hold a special place at PetSmart adoption events. They often have dedicated sections, and the staff is trained to provide additional information about the unique care these animals might require, ensuring they find homes that can cater to their specific needs.

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