How Much Are Bearded Dragons at PetSmart?

Are you considering the charismatic bearded dragon as your next pet companion? If PetSmart is your go-to for pet needs, this article will unfold everything you need to know about their bearded dragon offerings, costs included.

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🐉 The Bearded Dragon Breakdown at PetSmart

PetSmart, a well-known pet retailer, offers a variety of bearded dragons, each with its unique charm and price tag. The costs can vary based on age, size, and morph, which is a term used to describe distinctive color and pattern variations.

Bearded Dragon Type Price Range Availability Health Guarantee
Standard Juvenile $30 – $60
Fancy Juvenile $70 – $90
Adult $90 – $150
Rare Morphs $150 – $300+

Prices are approximate and subject to change. Availability may vary by location.

🛒 Shopping Smart for Your Bearded Companion at PetSmart

When opting for PetSmart for your bearded dragon purchase, you’re not just buying a pet; you’re also getting peace of mind with their health guarantee. Plus, the stores often run promotions and discounts, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Key Takeaways:

  • Variety: PetSmart offers a range of bearded dragons, from juveniles to the more expensive and rare morphs.
  • Health Guarantee: Your bearded dragon will come with a guarantee for added security.
  • Physical Stores: Availability can vary, so visiting your local PetSmart can offer real-time information and the chance to see the reptiles in person.

🏠 Setting Up Your Bearded Dragon’s Habitat

Once you’ve chosen your bearded buddy, it’s time to think about their new home. PetSmart also provides a wide range of terrariums and starter kits.

Habitat Essentials:

  • Terrarium: A 40-gallon breeder tank is ideal for adults, while juveniles can start in a 20-gallon.
  • Heating and Lighting: Vital for simulating their natural environment.
  • Substrate: Ensures easy clean-up and comfort for your pet.
  • Decor: Provides enrichment and basking spots.

📋 Checklist for Bearded Dragon Essentials at PetSmart:

  • [✅] Terrarium Kit (20 Gallon for juveniles, 40 Gallon for adults)
  • [✅] UVB Lighting
  • [✅] Basking Lamp
  • [✅] Thermometer and Hygrometer
  • [✅] Substrate
  • [✅] Food and Water Dishes
  • [✅] Decor: Basking Platforms and Hideaways

🍽️ Feeding Your Bearded Dragon: A Balanced Diet

Feeding your bearded dragon a balanced diet is crucial for their well-being. PetSmart stocks a variety of food options, from live insects to specially formulated pellets.

Food Type Juvenile Frequency Adult Frequency Available at PetSmart
Live Insects Daily 3-4 times/week
Vegetables Daily Daily
Pellets Daily Daily
Calcium Supplement Daily 2-3 times/week

💡 Is PetSmart the Right Choice for You?

Choosing where to buy your bearded dragon is a personal decision. While PetSmart offers convenience and a health guarantee, some enthusiasts prefer specialized breeders for their reputation and quality assurance.


  • Support: PetSmart provides customer support and care guides.
  • Convenience: Physical locations nationwide for in-person shopping.
  • Expertise: Staff knowledge can vary, so doing your research is key.

🔍 The Bottom Line: Your Scaly Friend Awaits

Buying a bearded dragon from PetSmart can be a great option for many prospective pet owners. With the convenience of various locations and a one-stop shop for all your reptilian needs, it’s an accessible choice. Remember to check local availability and perhaps visit multiple stores to find the perfect bearded dragon for you.

FAQs: Purchasing Bearded Dragons from PetSmart

How much does a Bearded Dragon cost at PetSmart?

The cost of a bearded dragon at PetSmart can vary depending on several factors, including age, type, and the time of year (as promotions may apply). Typically, the price range for a standard bearded dragon can fall anywhere from $30 to $100. For instance:

  • Standard Bearded Dragon: Around $30 – $60
  • Fancy Bearded Dragon: Approximately $70 – $100

Prices are subject to change, and it’s best to contact your local PetSmart for the most accurate and current pricing.

Is it advisable to purchase Bearded Dragons from PetSmart?

While PetSmart is a convenient option for many pet owners, it’s essential to assess each individual store’s conditions and the health of their reptiles. Some stores maintain exemplary standards of care, while others may not. It’s advisable to:

  • Inspect the Health: Look for active, alert dragons with clear eyes and no signs of injury.
  • Ask Questions: Inquire about the origin of the dragons and the care they’ve received.
  • Be Wary of Red Flags: Overcrowded habitats or dragons with signs of neglect are major concerns.

What is the most affordable Bearded Dragon option?

The “standard” or “normal” morphs of bearded dragons tend to be the most affordable. These are the ones without special coloration or patterns. During sales or special promotions, the prices can be even more wallet-friendly.

How long do Bearded Dragons from PetSmart live?

With proper care, bearded dragons can live 10-12 years, regardless of where they are purchased. It is crucial to provide a balanced diet, proper habitat, and regular veterinary care to ensure their longevity.

Are there any additional costs involved after purchasing a Bearded Dragon from PetSmart?

Yes, initial setup and ongoing costs should be considered:

  • Habitat: A sizable tank (40 gallons or larger) is necessary as they grow, with prices ranging from $100 to $300.
  • Lighting and Heating: Special UVB lighting and heating lamps are critical for their health, adding about $20-$50 each.
  • Accessories: Thermometers, hides, and climbing décor can add another $50-$100.
  • Food: A diet of insects, greens, and occasional fruits can cost $20-$30 monthly.
  • Veterinary Care: Annual check-ups and unexpected health issues can add to the cost, potentially reaching several hundred dollars for serious conditions.

What should I do before deciding to buy a Bearded Dragon from PetSmart?

  • Research: Thoroughly understand the care requirements of bearded dragons.
  • Visit: Go to the PetSmart location to observe the living conditions firsthand.
  • Consult: Speak with a reptile specialist at the store for care tips and details about the specific dragon you’re interested in.

Are PetSmart Bearded Dragons bred in-house or sourced from external breeders?

PetSmart typically sources their reptiles, including bearded dragons, from various breeders. They are not usually bred in-house at individual retail locations.

Can I get a health guarantee when buying a Bearded Dragon from PetSmart?

Most PetSmart stores offer a 14-day health guarantee for their pets, allowing for returns or exchanges if health issues arise shortly after purchase. However, terms can vary, so verify with the specific store.

Will I receive assistance from PetSmart in setting up my Bearded Dragon’s habitat?

Yes, PetSmart associates can provide guidance on setting up a suitable habitat for your bearded dragon. They often have starter kits and can offer advice on the best products for your new pet’s needs.

What specific factors should I consider when selecting a Bearded Dragon at PetSmart?

Physical Examination: Check for bright, alert eyes, responsive movement, a well-rounded body (not overly thin or bloated), and smooth, unblemished skin.

Behavioral Signs: A healthy bearded dragon should be inquisitive and active, not lethargic or unresponsive.

Feeding Habits: Inquire about the bearded dragon’s appetite and diet—consistent eating habits are a good health indicator.

How do I ensure that the Bearded Dragon I choose from PetSmart is socialized?

Handling Frequency: Ask the staff how often the bearded dragons are handled. Regular, gentle handling by store associates is a positive sign of socialization.

Observation: Spend time observing the dragon’s interaction with staff and, if possible, handle it yourself under supervision to gauge its comfort with human contact.

What post-purchase support does PetSmart offer for new Bearded Dragon owners?

Resource Materials: PetSmart provides care guides and resource materials to educate new owners on proper bearded dragon care.

Expert Advice: Store associates, especially those trained in reptile care, can offer ongoing support and answer specific care-related questions.

Workshops and Events: Some locations offer workshops or events for pet owners to learn more about their pets and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Can I find specialized Bearded Dragon morphs at PetSmart?

While PetSmart typically carries standard and fancy morphs, rarer or more specialized morphs are less commonly found in chain pet stores and may require sourcing from specialized breeders.

How does the health guarantee work if my Bearded Dragon falls ill shortly after purchase?

Guarantee Policy: If a bearded dragon falls ill within the guarantee period, you can contact the store for potential returns or exchanges. The policy details and necessary documentation, like a vet diagnosis, will be provided at the time of purchase.

Veterinary Partnerships: Some stores may have partnerships with local vets and can offer direct assistance or recommendations for health concerns.

What accessories are essential for a Bearded Dragon’s habitat, and does PetSmart provide them?

Habitat Essentials: A proper setup includes a terrarium with a secure lid, substrate, basking platforms, hides, and branches for climbing.

Climate Control: Thermometers and hygrometers to monitor temperature and humidity, along with appropriate heating and UVB lighting, are critical.

Feeding Supplies: Dishes for food and water that are appropriately sized for the dragon to access easily.

PetSmart offers a wide range of these accessories, and associates can help you select the right items for your bearded dragon’s size and age.

How can I tell if the PetSmart store’s environment is conducive to healthy Bearded Dragons?

Cleanliness: The reptile area should be clean, with habitats free of excessive waste.

Organization: Supplies and food should be well-stocked and organized, indicating good management practices.

Habitat Conditions: Enclosures should be well-maintained, with proper lighting and temperature settings visible and in operation.

Does PetSmart provide any information on the breeding practices of their Bearded Dragons?

Breeder Information: While specific breeder information may not always be readily available, you can request details about the sourcing and breeding practices PetSmart adheres to for their reptiles.

Ethical Practices: PetSmart is expected to follow ethical practices in sourcing their pets, including bearded dragons, and should be able to reassure customers of the same.

In the event that PetSmart does not have a Bearded Dragon that meets my needs, can they facilitate a special order?

Special Orders: Depending on availability and store policy, some PetSmart locations may be able to place special orders for specific types of bearded dragons or direct you to a reputable breeder.

Networking: Associates may also have information on local reptile enthusiasts or rescue groups that can offer more specialized options.

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