How Much Do Dog Shots Cost at PetSmart?

When it comes to taking care of our furry friends, regular vaccinations are crucial to ensure their health and well-being. One of the popular destinations for pet care is PetSmart, particularly for pet owners who choose to utilize the services offered by Banfield Pet Hospital, which operates inside many PetSmart locations. In this article, we will delve deep into the costs of dog shots at PetSmart, breaking down the prices, what each vaccine is for, and how to make the best financial decision for your pet’s health.

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Table of Costs for Dog Shots at PetSmart

Vaccine/Service Price ($) Office Visit Required
Office Visit 74.95
Office Visit (Additional Pet) 58.95
Bordetella 34.20
DAPP 39.98
Bivalent Influenza 54.13
Leptospirosis 24.47
Lyme Disease 43.92
Rabies 28.41

Please note that the prices listed are estimates and can vary based on location and any additional services that may be necessary during your visit.

Key Takeaways

1. Office Visit is Mandatory

Every vaccination appointment at PetSmart through Banfield Pet Hospital requires an office visit, which includes a veterinary consultation and a physical examination of your pet. The cost for the office visit is $74.95, and if you have an additional pet, the office visit for them is priced at $58.95.

2. Variety of Vaccines Available

PetSmart offers a range of vaccines crucial for your dog’s health. From Bordetella, essential for preventing kennel cough, to Rabies, a legally required vaccine in many places, they have your pet covered. DAPP, a core vaccine, protects against several severe diseases, and Bivalent Influenza shields your pet from canine influenza.

3. Pricing Transparency

One of the benefits of choosing PetSmart for your dog’s vaccinations is the transparency in their pricing. All costs are laid out clearly, and the mandatory office visit ensures that a veterinarian evaluates your pet, offering personalized recommendations based on their health condition.

4. Additional Costs May Apply

While the table above provides a clear estimate of the costs, it’s crucial to be aware that additional services, vaccines, or medications may be recommended during your office visit, leading to extra charges. Some vaccinations may also require a follow-up office visit for boosters.

5. Comparing Prices Can Save Money

Before settling on PetSmart for your dog’s shots, it’s worthwhile to research and compare prices with other pet care facilities, like Petco or local veterinary clinics. Some pet owners have shared their experiences on platforms like Reddit, noting the various costs and services offered by different providers.

6. Consider Wellness Plans for Savings

PetSmart’s Banfield Pet Hospital offers wellness plans, such as the Vital Care plan, which covers unlimited wellness exams and offers discounts on other services for a monthly fee. This can be a cost-effective option for pet owners who plan on regular visits and want to manage their pet care expenses better.


Ensuring your dog is up-to-date with their vaccinations is a critical part of pet ownership, and PetSmart, through Banfield Pet Hospital, provides a transparent and comprehensive service for pet owners. By understanding the costs involved, exploring different options, and considering wellness plans, you can make an informed decision that ensures the health of your furry friend without breaking the bank. Remember, investing in preventive care like vaccinations can save you money and stress in the long run, keeping your pet happy and healthy!


How Do I Prepare for My Dog’s Vaccination Visit at PetSmart?

Preparation is Key: Ensure your dog is in good health before the appointment. A brief examination at home to check for any unusual signs of illness can be helpful. Bring along your pet’s medical records, especially if it’s your first visit or if you’re switching from another vet. It’s beneficial to have a list of questions or concerns ready to discuss with the vet.

Can I Get a Discount on Vaccines at PetSmart?

Leveraging Savings: While PetSmart itself might not offer direct discounts on vaccinations, they occasionally have partnerships or promotions that can lead to cost savings. Consider enrolling in their loyalty programs or checking their website for any current promotions. Additionally, the Banfield Vital Care plan offers unlimited office visits and 20% off other services for a monthly fee.

What Other Services Does PetSmart Offer for Dogs?

Holistic Care Options: Beyond vaccinations and vet services through Banfield Pet Hospital, PetSmart offers a variety of services for dogs including grooming, training, and a wide selection of pet supplies. They also have adoption services for those looking to bring a new pet home.

Is PetSmart the Best Option for Dog Vaccinations?

Weighing Your Choices: PetSmart, through Banfield Pet Hospital, provides reliable and professional veterinary services. However, it’s crucial to research and consider other local vets or vaccine clinics that might offer competitive pricing or more specialized care suited to your dog’s specific needs. Online forums like Reddit provide real-life experiences from other pet owners.

How Does PetSmart Handle Emergency Situations During Vaccinations?

Safety First: Banfield Pet Hospitals are well-equipped to handle emergency situations that may arise during a vaccination visit. The staff is trained to respond promptly and efficiently, ensuring your pet’s safety and wellbeing.

What Are the Risks Associated with Dog Vaccinations at PetSmart?

Understanding the Risks: Like any medical procedure, dog vaccinations carry a risk of side effects or adverse reactions. These are generally rare and mild, but it’s important to monitor your pet after the vaccination and report any concerning symptoms to the vet immediately.

How Does PetSmart Ensure the Quality of Their Vaccines?

Quality Assurance: PetSmart, through their partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital, ensures that all vaccines administered are up to date and stored according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This ensures the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines.

Can I Walk In for a Vaccination Appointment at PetSmart, or Do I Need to Book in Advance?

Scheduling Your Visit: While PetSmart does accept walk-ins, it’s highly recommended to book an appointment in advance to reduce wait times and ensure availability, especially during peak hours or seasons.

What Is PetSmart’s Policy on Vaccinating Sick Dogs?

Health Comes First: If your dog is showing signs of illness, PetSmart’s veterinarians may decide to postpone vaccinations until they are in better health. Vaccinating a sick dog can lead to complications, and the vet will want to ensure they are providing the safest care possible.

What Are the Long-Term Benefits of Vaccinating My Dog at PetSmart?

Protecting Your Pet’s Health: Regular vaccinations help in preventing various contagious and potentially severe diseases in dogs. By choosing PetSmart for your dog’s vaccinations, you are ensuring they receive consistent and professional veterinary care, contributing positively to their long-term health and well-being.

How Does PetSmart Manage Vaccine Records and Reminders for Future Appointments?

Digital Record Keeping: PetSmart employs a state-of-the-art digital system to meticulously document each pet’s vaccination history, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Clients receive automated reminders when their dog’s next vaccinations are due, helping to maintain the vaccination schedule and uphold the pet’s health.

Can I Bring Other Pets for Vaccinations During My Dog’s Appointment?

Multi-Pet Appointments: While primarily catering to dogs, PetSmart encourages pet owners to schedule vaccinations for all their pets, fostering a holistic approach to pet care. However, it is advisable to contact the store in advance to confirm the availability of services for other pets and ensure a smooth experience.

What Is the Protocol if My Dog Has an Adverse Reaction to a Vaccine at PetSmart?

Immediate Response and Care: In the rare instance of an adverse reaction, PetSmart’s veterinary team is well-prepared to administer immediate medical intervention. The team follows stringent protocols to stabilize the pet, providing assurance to pet owners of the safety measures in place.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Vaccinating My Dog at PetSmart?

Age-Specific Vaccinations: Puppies generally start their vaccination schedule at around 6-8 weeks of age, and PetSmart adheres to these guidelines, ensuring the vaccines administered are age-appropriate. For senior dogs, the veterinary team assesses their health and vaccination history before proceeding, ensuring the pet’s wellbeing is prioritized.

How Does PetSmart Handle Nervous or Aggressive Dogs During Vaccinations?

Calming Techniques and Skilled Handling: Recognizing that vaccinations can be stressful, PetSmart’s team is trained in handling nervous or aggressive dogs, employing calming techniques and gentle handling to ease the pet’s anxiety. In extreme cases, they may recommend sedation under veterinary supervision to ensure a safe and stress-free experience.

What Types of Vaccines Does PetSmart Offer, and How Do They Differ?

Comprehensive Vaccine Options: PetSmart offers a variety of vaccines catering to different diseases and health needs. Core vaccines protect against common and severe diseases such as rabies, distemper, and parvovirus, while non-core vaccines are tailored to the pet’s lifestyle and exposure risk, covering illnesses like Lyme disease and Bordetella.

Does PetSmart Provide Information and Education on Dog Vaccinations?

Empowering Pet Owners: Education is a priority at PetSmart, and the veterinary team takes time to explain the purpose, benefits, and potential side effects of each vaccine, empowering pet owners to make informed decisions and understand the importance of maintaining their dog’s vaccination schedule.

How Does PetSmart Ensure a Sterile Environment for Vaccinations?

Upholding Sterility Standards: Adhering to strict hygiene protocols, PetSmart ensures that the vaccination area and all equipment are thoroughly sanitized between appointments. This practice minimizes the risk of infection, maintaining a safe and clean environment for every pet.

Are PetSmart’s Vaccination Prices Competitive?

Value for Money: While prices may vary based on location and specific vaccines required, PetSmart strives to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality and safety. Pet owners are encouraged to research local options and compare services to ensure they are receiving the best value for their investment in their pet’s health.

How Does PetSmart Contribute to Community Animal Health Through Vaccinations?

Community Health Initiatives: Beyond individual pet care, PetSmart actively participates in community health initiatives, offering vaccine clinics and partnerships with local shelters to ensure widespread access to essential vaccinations, contributing positively to the overall health of the pet population.

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