How Much Do PetSmart Groomers Make?

Pets are a beloved member of many families and are treated as such, which is why many pet owners take their furry companions to PetSmart for grooming services. Pet grooming is an essential part of pet care as it not only keeps your pet looking and smelling great but also promotes good health. PetSmart is a well-known pet retail chain that offers a wide range of pet grooming services, including haircuts, nail trims, and flea and tick treatments. But how much do PetSmart groomers make?

PetSmart groomers are considered to be entry-level positions and typically do not require any prior experience. However, PetSmart does offer a Grooming Academy program where aspiring groomers can receive hands-on training and certification. The program includes classroom instruction, hands-on grooming practice, and a final exam.

According to Glassdoor, the average hourly wage for PetSmart groomers is $10.11, with the lowest reported hourly wage at $8.50 and the highest at $15.00. However, it’s worth noting that these numbers vary depending on location, experience, and skill level. PetSmart groomers can also earn bonuses and commissions based on their performance, which can increase their overall earning potential.

PetSmart groomers can also earn tips from satisfied customers. These tips are not guaranteed but are a way for customers to show appreciation for a job well done. Groomers who provide excellent service may see a higher amount of tips, which can increase their overall earning potential.

PetSmart groomers typically work part-time hours, with the majority of grooming appointments taking place on weekends. However, some groomers may work full-time hours, depending on their availability and the grooming needs of their store.

In addition to hourly wages, PetSmart groomers also receive a range of benefits, including paid time off, 401(k) plans, and pet grooming discounts. PetSmart also offers a comprehensive training program, where groomers can improve their skills and advance in their careers.

In conclusion, being a PetSmart groomer can be a rewarding and fulfilling career for those who have a passion for working with animals. With a comprehensive training program and opportunities for advancement, PetSmart groomers can expect to earn a fair wage, with the potential to earn more through bonuses, commissions, and tips. PetSmart is a great place for those who are interested in starting a career in pet grooming to gain hands-on experience and build their skills.


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