PetSmart Cat Adoption Fees

Pet adoption has become an increasingly popular option for individuals and families looking to bring a feline friend into their homes. Major pet retailers, like PetSmart, have taken active steps to collaborate with local shelters and rescues to make the adoption process more accessible to potential pet owners. In this article, we dive deep into the costs associated with adopting a cat from PetSmart, what the fee covers, and the benefits of adopting from a PetSmart location.

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FAQs: PetSmart Cat Adoption

1. How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Cat from PetSmart?

Adoption fees at PetSmart vary based on age and location:

  • Kittens: Typically, the adoption fee for kittens is around $100.
  • Adult Cats: Cats aged 1 year and above are usually priced at $50.
  • Bonded Pairs: If you’re considering adopting two cats that are bonded, you can often avail of a discount.

It’s essential to note that these prices can fluctuate based on the region or specific rescue organization in partnership with the PetSmart location.

2. What Does the Adoption Fee Cover?

The fee you pay isn’t just for the cat. It covers essential care services including:

  • Spaying or neutering.
  • Vaccinations and shots.
  • Health checks and possible medical treatments the cat may have received.

It’s more of a package deal where the cat comes to you prepared for a healthy life ahead.

3. Why Might PetSmart Adoption Fees Be Higher Than Local Shelters?

Some Reddit users have observed that PetSmart’s adoption fees can be twice as much as local shelters. This might be due to:

  • Higher Overheads: Hosting cats at retail locations may come with higher costs.
  • Additional Services: PetSmart often provides more comprehensive care, like full health checkups and behavioral assessments.

However, always compare the value offered. Sometimes, paying a bit more upfront can save on potential medical expenses down the road.

4. Is Adopting from PetSmart a Good Choice?

Yes, and here’s why:

  • Supporting Local Rescues: Most PetSmart adoption centers are in collaboration with local rescues and shelters. This means your adoption fee is helping these non-profits continue their essential work.
  • Convenience: With many locations nationwide, it’s easy to find a PetSmart near you, making the adoption process more accessible.
  • Post-Adoption Support: PetSmart provides resources and support after the adoption, ensuring your feline friend settles into its new home comfortably.

5. What to Keep in Mind When Adopting from PetSmart

Adoption Process: Some locations allow you to complete the adoption process within an hour. This includes filling out a contract and paying the fee.

Application Fees: There might be additional fees, such as application fees, which vary by location.

Vet References: Some PetSmart adoption processes are stringent. They may require you to provide a vet reference or even personal references to ensure the cat is going to a safe environment.


Adopting a cat from PetSmart is not only a responsible choice but also a convenient one. While the fees might be slightly higher than local shelters, the value offered, from health checks to supporting local rescues, makes it a worthy consideration. Always remember to adopt responsibly, ensuring you’re ready for the commitment a new pet brings.

FAQs: PetSmart Cat Adoption

Q1. Why are some PetSmart adoption fees higher than others?

A: The adoption fees can vary based on several factors:

  • Location: The cost of living and operation in different regions or cities can affect the adoption fee.
  • Medical Care: Some cats may have needed additional medical treatments or care, raising their adoption cost.
  • Shelter Partnership: Depending on which local rescue or shelter PetSmart is collaborating with, the costs can differ due to the varying overheads and expenses of individual organizations.

Q2. Can I return a cat if the adoption doesn’t work out?

A: Yes, many PetSmart locations and their partnered rescues have a return policy. However, it’s crucial to speak with the specific rescue organization to understand the terms. Always prioritize the well-being of the cat, ensuring it’s not subjected to multiple re-homing situations.

Q3. Are the cats at PetSmart from reputable sources?

A: Absolutely. PetSmart doesn’t “sell” cats in the traditional retail sense. Instead, they provide space for local rescue groups and shelters to showcase adoptable cats. This ensures that the cats are from reputable, caring environments, focused on animal welfare.

Q4. How long does the adoption process take at PetSmart?

A: At some PetSmart locations, the entire adoption process can be completed in just over an hour. However, this can vary based on the specific shelter’s requirements they’re partnered with, such as home checks or interviews.

Q5. What should I prepare before adopting a cat from PetSmart?

A: Before adopting:

  • Research: Familiarize yourself with cat care basics.
  • Home Preparation: Make sure you have essential supplies like litter boxes, food, toys, and a quiet space for them to relax.
  • Financial Preparation: Understand the financial responsibility, including future vet visits, food, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Q6. Does PetSmart offer post-adoption support?

A: While PetSmart itself might not provide direct post-adoption support, the rescue organizations they partner with often do. This can include advice on cat behavior, health, and integration into new homes.

Q7. Are there any discounts or promotions on adoption fees?

A: Occasionally, PetSmart and their partner organizations may host special adoption events or promotions, offering reduced fees. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on local announcements or check with your nearest PetSmart location for any upcoming events.

Q8. How can I be sure the cat I’m adopting is healthy?

A: All cats up for adoption through PetSmart’s partner organizations are given health checks. The adoption fee often covers vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and other essential health services. However, it’s always a good practice to schedule a vet visit shortly after adoption to establish a health baseline and address any concerns.

Q9. Can I adopt more than one cat at a time from PetSmart?

A: Yes, many adopters choose to adopt bonded pairs or multiple cats. Some locations even offer discounts for adopting more than one cat. Adopting pairs, especially if they’re bonded, can offer companionship for the cats and ease their transition into a new home.

Q10. Do I need to schedule an appointment to adopt, or can I walk in?

A: While walk-ins are often welcome, it’s beneficial to call ahead or schedule an appointment. This ensures staff or volunteers are available to guide you through the adoption process and answer any questions.

Q11. Are the cats at PetSmart socialized or trained in any way?

A: While PetSmart’s role is more of a facilitator than a direct care provider, the rescue groups and shelters they partner with typically prioritize the socialization of cats. However, the level of training or socialization may vary depending on the cat’s background, age, or specific rescue organization’s resources.

Q12. How can I ensure a smooth transition for my newly adopted cat?

A: Gradually introduce your new feline to its environment. Start with a small, quiet space equipped with food, water, and a litter box. Over time, allow the cat to explore other parts of your home. If you have other pets, ensure supervised introductions and be patient, as initial interactions may require time to settle.

Q13. Does PetSmart provide any starter kits or essentials for adopters?

A: While the primary focus of PetSmart is adoption facilitation, they often have starter kits and essential pet supplies available for purchase. Sometimes, they might even have special offers or discounts for recent adopters. It’s advisable to ask the staff during the adoption process.

Q14. How do I know the cat’s temperament or personality before adoption?

A: The rescue organizations generally provide a brief overview or profile of each cat. This can give potential adopters an idea about the cat’s temperament, likes, or dislikes. However, interactions during your visit and discussions with the shelter staff can provide deeper insights into the cat’s behavior.

Q15. What happens if a cat remains unadopted at PetSmart for an extended period?

A: Cats that remain unadopted aren’t left indefinitely at PetSmart. They are typically returned to the rescue or shelter they came from, ensuring they’re in an environment best suited for longer-term care. The goal is always to prioritize the cat’s well-being.

Q16. Do all PetSmart stores have the same adoption policies and fees?

A: No, adoption policies and fees can vary based on the specific rescue organization each store partners with and the region or city’s cost factors.

Q17. Are there specific times of the year when cat adoption is more prevalent?

A: While cats are up for adoption year-round, there are specific times, like right after “kitten season” (spring and early summer), when shelters may see a surge in the kitten population, leading to more adoption events and campaigns.

Q18. How does PetSmart ensure the welfare of the cats in their adoption centers?

A: PetSmart collaborates closely with rescue groups and shelters, ensuring the cats are well-cared for while in the adoption centers. Regular checks, clean habitats, and dedicated spaces for play and relaxation are standard in these centers.

Q19. Can I volunteer or assist with the adoption process at PetSmart?

A: While PetSmart itself might have limited volunteering opportunities related to adoptions, the rescue groups and shelters they partner with often welcome volunteers. If you’re interested, you can approach these organizations directly to inquire about volunteer roles.

Q20. Are there any breed-specific cats available for adoption at PetSmart?

A: The cats available for adoption at PetSmart come from various backgrounds and breeds. While most are mixed-breed, occasionally, you might find breed-specific cats. It largely depends on the cats currently in the care of the partnering rescue organizations.

Q21. How are potential adopters vetted?

A: Partnering rescue organizations typically have their vetting process, which may involve checking personal references, ensuring the potential adopter’s living situation is suitable, and sometimes even home visits. PetSmart facilitates this process by providing space but leaves the vetting to the experts from the rescues.

Q22. What is the policy on returning an adopted cat?

A: While PetSmart aims for successful adoptions, they understand that not every situation works out. The specific return policy might vary between rescue partners. However, it’s generally recommended to discuss concerns with the rescue organization to find the best solution for both the adopter and the cat.

Q23. Are there post-adoption support or resources provided?

A: Most rescue organizations provide post-adoption support to ensure a smooth transition. This can range from advice on feeding and care to behavior tips. Moreover, PetSmart stores offer various resources, from products to informational pamphlets, to aid new pet parents.

Q24. How are the cats’ health needs addressed during their stay at PetSmart?

A: Partnering rescue groups ensure that cats receive regular health checks, vaccinations, and necessary treatments. Additionally, cats available for adoption are usually spayed or neutered. While at PetSmart, the cat’s daily needs, such as feeding and cleanliness, are prioritized.

Q25. Can adopters specify preferences like age, gender, or color?

A: Yes, potential adopters can express their preferences. However, the available selection is contingent on the cats currently with the rescue organizations. It’s important to remember that while preferences are valid, personality and compatibility should be top priorities.

Q26. Do the cats interact with each other in the adoption center?

A: Interactions depend on the specific setup of the adoption center and the cats’ personalities. While some cats may be comfortable around others, some might require solitary spaces, especially if they’re stressed or have health concerns.

Q27. How does PetSmart address potential cat allergies for adopters?

A: It’s advisable for individuals with known cat allergies to spend time with the cats in the adoption center to gauge reactions. PetSmart’s partnering organizations can also provide guidance and tips on managing allergies with specific breeds or cats.

Q28. What are some common challenges new cat adopters should be aware of?

A: Adopters might encounter initial shyness, territorial behaviors, or adjustment periods, especially if other pets are at home. It’s essential to be patient, seek advice from experts or the rescue organization, and allow the cat adequate time to adjust.

Q29. How often are adoption events held at PetSmart?

A: While regular adoptions can occur daily, special adoption events – offering a wider selection of cats or promotional adoption fees – might be held monthly or during specific campaigns. The frequency can vary based on the store location and the partnered rescue’s availability.

Q30. Are there any long-term benefits or discounts for adopters at PetSmart?

A: Often, new adopters might receive a booklet with coupons for essential cat supplies. PetSmart also has a loyalty program, Treats™, which offers members various benefits, discounts, and rewards. Adopters can enroll to maximize savings and benefits for their new feline friend.

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